the war on drugs and ideologies... what if...

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    Aug 3, 2006
    its clear and evident that the war on drugs isnt working as planned.
    millions of dollars are spent each year and drugs ARE STILL HERE!
    police will bust a lab, but another will pop up at the same time... wouldnt it be more logical to spend that tax money on drug prevention/education or for those seeking addiction help?

    in amsterdam, as most people know, drug policy is liberal. while not legal, possession for personal use will in most cases not be punished. and while the legal framework authorizes the police to arrest for drug possession, netherlands police only seldom arrest for possession.

    crime there is rather low with petty theft and burglariers being in the forefront of crime... a rather calm place if you consider all the murdres/rapes occuring in the u.s.

    studies indicate that most drug users start at a young age (teenage years).
    studies also indicate that its during those years that most teenagers feel 'rebelious'... the need to stand out and do something different. many of those teenagers resort to using drugs to rebel... to fight mommy and daddy... to do a 'bad' thing.. to stand out.... we've all been there im sure you can relate.. i know i can.

    i mean the entire process of getting drugs is kinda taboo.. first they have to know a dealer. and in most cases, he'll be the 'bad' guy.... so the thrill is amplified even more. then, they have to find a place to use the drugs without anybody finding out.. .then, they have to keep it a secret as exposure to their parents/peers would most likely cause major problems. part of the rebellion is to GET AWAY with those 'bad' things. and lets not forget the legalities of drug use.... the combination of the abovementioned factors give the 'rebel' a direct invitation to drug use.

    but what if those drugs are legal?
    would teenagers still be so tempted to seek those 'hard to find' drugs?
    it wouldnt be a rebellious thing anymore would it?

    remember, its risk vs. reward.

    would abuse be higher? lower?

    anyhow, just thought id let it out.....
    i believe this topic is dormant as, since the 80's, govt's's stances against drugs have been narrow minded and objective... and lets not forget the simple fact that the 'war against drugs' has not done much other than spend billions of tax payers dollars.