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    SWIM deeply believes that the use of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms can have a theraputic effect on people. Their use has allowed SWIM to learn things about himself; to see things in a way he would have never done before; and to enjoy life more. He believes that more people should be able to experience this, and hopes SWIyou will help in that goal.

    Disclaimer (sort of)
    As stated in the threads on this board, set and setting are key to a good trip. If anyone isn't in good mental health, or has a family history of mental illness, THEY SHOULD NOT EAT MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCES. No one has any idea what sort of thoughts will be knocked up during a trip, and it's best not to put SWIyou or SWIthem at risk.

    That said, I have turned a lot of people onto the mushroom experience. We'll go over SWIM's setting, and then technique for a new mushroom user, and then he has some tips to give.

    All of SWIM's indoor sessions take place at his house. The place is very spacious, quiet, relaxed. The room used most often has a delightfully comfortable couch, floor pillows, and a nice entertainment system. It gets sunlight consistantly until there is no sun, and has several different light fixtures to adjust where and how much light is in the room. Everything that will be required for the session is already in the room (toys, snacks, drinks, movies, music).

    What should you have for music, movies, and toys? Talk with with person you are dosing a few days in advance, and see what they enjoy. Have them bring some things along, and you keep some stuff you like handy also. If you don't have a place of your own, or a place that you won't be disturbed, find one. Maybe a friend's house. Another alternative, although maybe a little weird, is a hotel/motel room.

    The Sessions
    Session one, start with a low dosage of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms of a known quality. For most people, a 1.5g dose works fine. This allows the person ingesting to experience the body high, and that coming up feeling. The low dosage doesn't make them commit to a long experience, and they don't experience full-blown hallucinations, or much intensity. This low dosage is usually enjoyed watching an animated film, or comedy, with other activies.

    For the next session, SWIM arranges for two days to be spent with the person ingesting. The first day, somewhere between 3-4 grams of dried mushrooms (the same ones from the previous session), are ingested. SWIM hangs out with the person but doesn't bother their experience. He allows them to interact with different things if they want to, but doesn't force anything on them. He is available to turn the lights on/off/dim, get them something to eat or drink, or do whatever they need. Usually after the trip, SWIM gives the other person a valium to help relax them, and aid in sleep.

    The second day is spent talking with the person, spending a lot of time outdoors (hiking), and learning about their experience. A lot of times, for my friend's, this can be almost as much pleasurable as the trip itself.

    With this method, I haven't had a single person that hasn't tried mushrooms again, and to this day (knock on wood) not a bad experience that couldn't be worked out.

    The Bad Trip
    How does SWIM help someone out of a bad trip once it's begun? Most of the people that dose with SWIM experience the worst part of the trip at one of two different times.

    The first...the anxiety from coming up. A lot of people aren't prepared for that rush of weirdness, gidiness, or whatever. The best solution to this is to let them know before hand that it is going to happen, and that it will stop. Watch their body language, and talk to them. You'll be able to tell if they look antsy and nervous, and help them out before it escelates into something worse.

    The second cause is during the peak, and things start to become overwhelming. They are trying to pay attention to all the visuals going on, everything they are thinking of, and more, all at the same time. It gets too overwhelming, and they get really nervous. A lot of people start crying. The best way around this, again, is to pay attention to body language, preferable before they start crying.

    Get them to focus on one, enjoyable thing. Play their favourite song, talk with them, hold them, allow them to interact with something (a loving dog or cat works great!). Things that they can touch or play with keep their mind focused, and eventually the feeling will pass.

    If that still doesn't work, 5-10mg of valium certainly helps.

    Lastly, there is just that really really bad trip...the thought loop (or whatever you want to call it.) The person keeps thinking about one really bad thing, usually emotional (relationship problems, death, ect). It kind of falls under the overwhelming experience, but they can't stop thinking about this one thing. Feed them a valium, hold them, talk to them about it, whatever they need.

    After dealing with this a few times, SWIyou will develope their own technique that'll work really good for their personality type. Dosing mushrooms can be a very theraputic experience, and with an experienced person; an excellent way to solve problems creatively.

    Trip sitting in the recreational use of mushrooms
    Trip sitters? In SWIM's experience, it is often times very, very difficult to find someone that is going to babysit you for six hours straight, and be sober-minded. Most people are going to want to eat mushrooms too. If so, who is watching out for who? It becomes a difficult situation if both people are freaking out. If you are set to sit for someone, and feel the need to do any substance, keep the dosages very low. They have to sit for you next time anyways, no point in rushing things!

    Mushrooms and Sexual Intercourse
    SWIM also feels something should be said about mushrooms and sexual release. If both parties consent, mess around! The best time for this is after the peak, while you are coming down, and experiencing that amazing afterglow. Just to lay naked in a bed with someone you find sexually appealing; to be able to touch them, enjoy the noises, smells, and tastes of their body...with the increase in senses provided by mushrooms...well...it makes for an excellent close of session. And if you're into it (I am), afterwards, you can fall asleep in each other's arms.

    And that's the end, my friends. SWIM's intentions are that if I posted this for him, hopefully atleast one person will be able to use some part of this information. Please post comments, complains, your techniques, or recommendation. This is in no way a complete set of thoughts, or a finished document.
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    Wouw Swim love that information can Swim also make something like that where one person selvf can do it?, have Swim writed something like this on other drugs

    Swim thanks the other Swim alot
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    This is really excellente I will try it and let you know how it goes for him.
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    Good read! Glad you posted this as it will give SWIM the opportunity to shuffle things together before the trip.