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    Jan 6, 2005
    Okay first let SWIM give you a little information about what events took place before this trip because they had a huge impact on the mindstate of this trip.

    Early January a good friend of SWIM died. His name was K. K took oxycontin and xanax and didnt make it through the night. I am unsure of the exact cause of death and the exact amount of each drug taken but he estimates 10+mg xanax and 80+mg of oxycodone. Early in the morning I was awoken by C's phone call. "K is dead," he told SWIM. I was shocked, he had just seen K the day before and talked to him on the phone the previous night. Everyone was shocked. K was gone. A long time friend to many. I had first met K in the 6th grade and they had been very good friends for several years. Just like that, he was gone.

    The day he died K called SWIM. Before he died, there had been some bad blood between the two. One thing led to another, and the both of them were not very good friends anymore. They talked on the phone every once in a while but never hung out anymore. There was a point where SWIM told K that if he would not stop taking xanax then he could no longer hang with him. Everyone had a different way of dealing with his problem, and I thought that he would eventually quit. So K called SWIM and for some strange reason SWIM decided he would go visit K and show him his new bike. So I went over to K's house to say hey and see what was up. They talked for a bit and I went his way. I will never forget the last time he saw K. They gave each other a handshake and SWIM left. K had such a big smile on his face. He was very happy to see SWIM and I felt the same way. This kid was amazing. He just had a personality that everyone could get along with. He was the kid who would walk into a party and everyone had to say whats up to him. SWM rode off having no clue that he would never see K alive again.

    For some reason I went to see K that day. If it had been any other day he might not have gone to see him, might not have felt like it, or might have been too busy. I was so glad that he got to see him for this one last time and everything between them was okay. He was a good friend and I will never forget him. SWIM learned many things from him that will be invaluable for the rest of his life. You know that your personality is formed through interacting with others. I will always have a piece of K with him even if K is gone. I am the person he is now partially because of K and for this reason, he will always carry K with him through life.

    After the funeral SWIM decided he was going to pop an x tab in memory of K. Him and K had spent a memorable summer together and often rolled with one another. K loved XTC. SWIM loved XTC. They were great friends and had great times together so SWIM decided he would take an XO, something he had not done in over 6 months.

    SWIM popped the XO and downed it with a few beers. It kicked in in about an hour but this tab was a creeper!! SWIM2 took an xo about an hour after SWIM 1. It was getting pretty late, and SWIM wanted to just go home so he grabbed 3.5 grams of p. cubensis PES hawaiian shrooms and ate them along with a vitamin C tablet. SWIM figured the shrooms would be kicking in right when he got home so he got in the car and drove to his house.

    It only took about 15 minutes for SWIM to get home but the shrooms were allready kicking in. The usual stuff. SWIM noticed every detail in the carpet and on the celing. Everything had a glossy look to it as if the room had been polished. The world was shining. The classic tryptamine visuals were coming on strong and the XTC was starting to kick in. Like I said, this tab was a creeper, it took a while to come on, but once I ate the shrooms the tab hit him like a ton of bricks. SWIM drank a glass of OJ and went to his room where most of the trip took place.

    By the time he was settled in and put some music on the shrooms were fully showing themselves. The XTC was sending waves of energy and euphoria through SWIM and he started to dance. The guitar and drums were like electricity for my body. Every beat went into my body, giving him the tingles and everything. The visuals had just started to get pretty strong too. The walls were breathing and SWIM noticed a lot of purple hues and also green hues. I was dancing around for a while until the shrooms were fully kicked in. Then he put on his headphones and layed down on his bed. 80% of the trip was spent on my bed.

    This was an amazing experience. SWIM closed his eyes and though about K. It was like a movie of all the times they had spent together was replaying in his mind. Time was not much of a concern, but SWIM layed down for several hours just replaying the memories in his mind. SWIM played music that him and K had listened to together. This made the memories even more vivid. I could remember specific events, like when K taught him a certain song on guitar, and when I had last seen K. This memory kept replaying in My mind. The last time he had seen K. This memory only brought joy to SWIM. I could vividly remember the huge smile on K's face, and with his eyes closed, he envisioned K.

    I did not pay much attention to the open eye visuals but they were pretty strong. The walls were strongly pulsating to the music. They were insync with each other. Each beat, the wall would move and surges of energy were sent through SWIM. Everything was perfectly syncronized.

    I could feel K's presence. It was as if the two of them were together again. SWIM just held onto his blanket tight and kept his eyes shut. With his eyes shut, him and K were still together. The memories went on and on in My mind. Every memory of K was a great one. The music was vibrating My whole body and during the peak my body was heavily tingling. I was imoble. He was rolling so hard and his body was tingling so much. It felt like he was being electricuted with euphoria. At one time during the peak, I tried to stand up and it was very difficult. my body had gone numb and his arms and legs were heavy.

    I thought soley of K and himself during the trip and the times they had spent together. This trip was in memory of K so this felt acceptable. SWIM knew that they had ended their friendship on good terms and K was with him the whole time. He could feel his presence and it felt like K was adding to the experience. He could see K in his mind, and feel K in his body. Him and K were together once again. He apologized for everything that had happened between them and K forgave him. This combo was perfect for this occasion. The body sensations were amazing. The euphoria was amazing. The visuals were like home-movies replaying in my mind. This was an eye opening experience.

    SWIM learned many things from this trip. Life is prescious. Love the ones close to you and show them that you love them. Anyone at any time could leave this world. You dont want to end your relationship with someone on bad terms. I am lucky. If he wouldnt have picked up the phone, then their friendship probably would have ended on a bad note. Forgivness is one of the best characteristics a human being can have. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Forgive those who have done you wrong. Never hold grudges, it just isnt healthy. The entire experience lasted maybe 5 or so hours. S called SWIM about 5 hours into the trip and told him that the XO was the shit. S had been rolling his balls off at a party and had just gotten done dancing with som girls mom!

    Life is short, but for some of us it is way too short. K should still be alive today. He should be having the time of his life, but he is gone. It just goes to show how prescious life is. Cherish every moment because we are all goners anyways. Make the best of it and make lasting relationships and you will never be forgotten. K is dead but he still lives in SWIM. K left many friends behind but they will never forget his smile.

    Its been about a month since this experience and a month since his death. SWIM can still remember that grin on his face like it was yesterday. This experience really had made SWIM realize how short of a time we have here. Since then, I have been trying to stregnthen his relationship with his mother and father. They raised him and although divorced, they have a lot to do with who I am and where he is now in life. I have also been trying to stregnthen his relationship with his friends. WHo knows, one of them could die any day. Its sad to say but we are all going to die. Its just a matter of how and when. K could have died in a car wreck, could have gotten cancer. It sucks because it could have easily been prevented but atleast he died doing something he enjoyed. He died with a bottle of pills in his hand which was unspilled. There was no struggle, he went peacefully.

    To anyone who read this, SWIm hopes you enjoy this report. SWIm wasnt going to write a report but realized that there havent been many reports like this.

    I love you K and I am truly sorry that you are not with me right now. I too will perish one day and maybe I will see you again. Maybe not. Maybe once you die that is the end....complete nothingness. If this is the case, then we had a good time together and I thank you for all the moments we shared. If not, then maybe we will meet again.

    Cheers my mates. Enjoy this report, and enjoy life, because this is probably the only chance we are going to get. Be safe too. Drugs can do amazing things, but they can kill too. Learn from K's mistake.
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      very moving post, and especially relevant for those of us who play russian roulette with substances and forget the consequences. glad to hear you made peace with his memory
      Aug 16, 2012
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      a beautiful, in-depth & well-written report
      Oct 12, 2009
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      A beautiful report with tinges of almost prophetic knowledge. Peace.
      Jun 3, 2009
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      great tr. very detailed. thanks.
      Mar 15, 2009
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      Posthumous rep for a beautiful post. RIP
      Dec 28, 2008
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      this is a most-incredible, peerless post. you'll truly be missed forever. RIP.
      Dec 20, 2008
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      Beautifully written report of an intensely personal experience. Thank you!
      Feb 17, 2006
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    Your right - there's not many reports like that! Thank you Raven, that brought back a lot of memories of good people who've burned bright and seemed to have passed too quickly, but will never leave my side or heart.

    Some souls do not have much time in this life, but the time they do have is full and touches many. K sounds like one of those souls. Long may he travel with you, and may you never forget his smile!
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    That was beautiful Raven, teared up reading it.

    I have never wanted to live fast and die young, but for some that is the only option.

    Much love x
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    SWIM just remembered something about the visuals. As he closed his eyes, images took over his field of vision. The music had a lot to do with these visuals. When the song started to rock out, the visual in my mind would dissolve and another would appear. It all happened so fast. It was like the vision in my mind exploded into a million pieces, and out of those million pieces formed another vision. It was an eye opening experience. When the vision dissolved I could literally see each piece of is break down and then form another vision. It was marvelous. It was a lot like some computer animation you would see. For those few hours, SWIM and K were together again and SWIM truly could feel the love they had shared. I have hippy flipped many times but this time was truly magical. Its a great combo but this time topped all others.

    Normally, I like to drop the XTC after the shrooms kick in so that they will be peaking at about the same time. Even though he dropped the X first, the two chemicals had such synergy. The X completely numbed my body and made the visuals go straight through him. The body sensations were unbelievable. As good as sex. All the times they had shared together were revisited in those few hours. All the happiness he had brought I had been summed up into those few hours. The euphoria was among the best I have ever experienced.

    The XTC tab was pretty good too. It felt like a mixture of MDA and MDMA. There might have been a bit of speed in the tab but it only added to the effects. Some people dont like XTC with speed in it, and SWIM usually prefers pure shit, but this was good X. It might have had speed, but only positive effects were felt from the speed. It was very mellow and rushy at the same time. Very lovey dovey and hallucinogenic too. The MDA added a nice phenethylamine touch and it seems like it might have even increased the visuals. The shroms made the walls breathe and the X made them pulsate. They were swirling, breathing and pulsating at the same time. Always shifting.

    It was just a great trip overall. SWIM sure does miss K and it seems like just yesterday he left our world. I like to think that this isnt the end though. We are simply a part of something much more complex. From the sun, we were formed from dust particles. We again will become dust particles. Its just an ongoing cycle and we are a part of this cycle and always will be. SWIM seriously questions what happens after death and this thought goes through his mind every day. The more he learns about psychology, astronomy and sociology, the more I think about this stuff. The universe is just so complex. The mind is so complex. We as human beings are very lucky to be able to communicate and share our ideas. Through socalization, we become who we are by interacting with others. I will take a piece of K with him throughout life and so will my friends. Its just a phase, and it will be over soon enough. Enjoy it while it lasts and just be an overall good person. That's all SWIM really cares about. This trip was such an opening experience though. SWIM misses K but knows that death is just a part of life.

    peace everyone.....have a good weekend.....hopefully another trip report will come soon!
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    wow, kind of creepy.....who would have think this would have happened to Alex.
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    This bit made me cry :cry:

    This is a perfect example of presentiment which seems to happen a lot more often than chance says it should. People often get phone calls and make up with people just before they pass on, Radin has documented many cases.

    There is no death, only a change of worlds. They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.

    May he RIP.
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    That was beautiful... almost prophetic.

    So graphic, so honest... and a massive, massive heart.

    Thank you very much.

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    When someone can write something and cause the people to read it to feel emotions, to truly feel them, it's art. This trip report has to be one of the most powerful and beautiful pieces of art I have ever experienced. It is because of people like Alex who wrote this that I have hope for humanity. This is raw, strong, and pure essence of how humans should be. I know that this thread has not been replied to in a long time but when I get tears because of reading something, when I admire what I am reading as much as I am now, well, I have to say something. I think anyone who reads this comes away, regardless of being sober or intoxicated, with something better than they had before. If not for the tragic irony of Alex's thread and then passing away, it would still be very damn good, but when you read the importance he puts on a persons time being's amazing even though sad.


    You will be missed by people that were not even members at the time you were honoring us with your presence. You will be known as the wise soul you were.
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    excellent post, moving, informative, gives perspective to those of us who forget what kind of impact our actions can have on friends and family.
    good to hear you had one last unforgettable experience with your friend, may he rest in peace. serves as a warning to those of us who need it; a real eye opener.