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    I have some experience with IV Ketamine. If a person is not K tolerant, IV K can be very dicey. It is very possible to lose consciousness before finishing a shot. Also, it's SWIM's opinion that even done perfectly, it's nowhere near as fun recreationally as IM.

    The only time I think it remotely makes sense is after several days of bingeing (which is not suggested) when IM shots are no longer felt.

    Interesting tidbit, when shooting K IV after building a significant tolerance through binging, the effects are almost comical. Consciouness is not exactly lost, but in SWIM's experience, the brain "checks out" for up to 2 min. and though outsiders report no loss of consciousness, there are no memories from this time either. I have actually turned to a sitter and sincerely asked, needle in hand, did I already shoot this? How long ago? Often the answer is 2 - 3 minutes.

    I recommend IM as the best means of administration and IV as not worth bothering with for any but the most extreme user. It's also not worth trying to scare someone into this opinion, as the average user who tries it once is sure to see it as overpowering and over way too quickly.


    - Beltane
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    I have only injected Ketamine one time, and not on purpose. I was at a party and almost everyone there had taken ecstasy (well what they thought to be ecstasy anyway) the pills that were around at the time were called Coco Chanels, they were rectangular in shape and orange (with brown speckles) in color. SWIM asked a bunch of different people what they were like and the responses were all pretty much the same......smacky.

    Well SWIM interprets smacky as 'heroin like' not 'ketamine like' so she decides to treat herself to a blast. Everyone at the party thought the pills were fantastic and very good quality; and at the time I had quite a high tolerance to Ecstasy and usually needed much more than the average Joe to get a good buzz going so I did not consider injecting less than 1 pill.

    The Needle Exchange was a 2 min walk away so I get what she needs and locks herself in the bathroom at the party. After preps complete she sits down on the toilet and injects what she assumes (the mother of all evil) is MDMA with maybe a touch or heroin in it. Well SWIM only just got the needle out of her arm when she was hit by the most intense rush of her life...(I don't remember it as pleasurable either) she knew straight away she had done too much because she had never felt anything so overwhelming in her life. She thought this is it, her times up. SWIM fell to her knees, reached out and unlocked the bathroom door, she was probably conscious for 1 to 2 seconds from the time she pulled the needle out of her arm.

    A friend/associate heard a crash and found SWIM unconscious on the bathroom floor.

    I remember floating around the party from room to room searching for reality, searching for herself, for her body. She couldn’t use the doors though (she didn’t actually try to use the doors but for some reason she knew that she couldn’t) and to move to the next room I had to find a black hole and slide through it like a hydro slide/waterslide. SWIM heard many conversations that at the time she understood but later could not remember. Sometimes there was a bright light at the bottom of the hole, but SWIM always seemed to slip into the next room before reaching it. I was not scared at all, although it was another world, at the time it felt normal.

    I started to come to about half an hour later and that’s when I started to feel scared, her semiconscious mind was now starting to interpret what she had just experienced, and what she was still experiencing, which was the closest to death experience I had ever had. I was struggling to regain consciousness and was scared she would slip away from reality again; and scared that if this happened she may not return at all. A few of SWIM’s friends stayed with her and comforted SWIM by telling her jokes; taking SWIM’s mind away from the now strange place which she was existing in.

    I was so relieved (understatement) when she could open her eyes and see the world again. Reality. Home.

    I found out later that the pills were almost 100% Ketamine (word of mouth, she did not test these pills herself). SWIM’s tolerance to Ketamine was very low, even a tiny line would send her into a k hole usually, so she was surprised that she survived such a huge amount right through the main line. (Her friends were very high from taking the same amount orally, which is usually the least affective administration route for K)

    This story has been shared to show the true stupidity of injecting any substance that has not been tested by mes for contents, purity etc etc…..
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    IV ketamine seems to be getting a bad rep, but SWIM assures smurfs that it is amazing if You has previous experience with psychadelics, dissociatives, and IV injection (experience with all three). my smurf told him that if one sets the mood entirely beforehand it is very pleasant. my smurf also notes that it IV use is not recommended around other people (needles can be a touchy subject and can be the cause of much social anxiety). For use at home by an individual smurf, (again, only those with experience should try without a sitter!) make sure You has at least 2 hours free, ideally the rest of the night (This eliminates anxiety caused by the "when is this going to end, how long has it been" reaction). my smurf noted however, that if one turned down the lights, put on some nice music (dubsteps, sonatas, and romances[i.e. Violin Romance by Beethoven], or some moe.); then IV ketamine use can be quite recreational and enjoyable.

    The onset is rapid, but not any quicker then say IV heroin. The risk of passing out with the needle in You is highly unlikely in a responsible scenario. For one You should not try to reflush the syringe (inject, pull back and let blood in and mix, and reinject) more than once if at all. Any smurf should also take the needle out right away and resterilize it by washing it with isopropyl alcohol followed by distilled water. If time is alloted, recap the syringe, if not set it down and deal with it later. By this point a smurf would be feeling the "wah wah wah" in their ears, and coordination/time perception starts to take effect. (by setting down the needle You wont break the tip trying to force the cap back on, nor will You be able to poke themselves with it)

    my smurf highly recommends sitting down, putting on the winamp "milkdrop" visualization on full-screen on the TV, and kicking back and relaxing. One should also get a drink for once a smurf starts to trip, trust my smurf, one will love oneself if there is nice ice water or grape juice in reach when ones smurfs gets thirsty from in their hobbit hole.

    my smurf should also note a difference in effects via the given current state of yous smurfs glutamate activity; that is, a small amount of activation increases effects greatly. (a couple sips of coffee would do the trick [adenosine modulation increasing glutamate levels])

    my smurf is unsure about effects of grapefruit juice(P450 enzyme inhibition) with ketamine. my smurf has combined it with DXM and the effects were longer lasting, especially the peak. From what I have read, the P450 enyzme group is responsible for the breakdown of ketamine into norketamine. I am not sure however about potency of ketamine vs norketamine or about its breakdown past that step. It seems like it might be fruitful, but IV ketamine use is already very intense. Unless You is a very well traveled psychonaut, I don't recommend that combination. There is also the added note of caution that this could lead to increased dopamine and norepinepherine levels as well. The former isn't much of an issue (other then being the precursor to norepinepherine), but the latter will raise your blood pressure and in general excite yous cardiac state. I recommend a light alpha inhibitor/blood pressure controller, especially if it becomes a binge habit. (cardiovascular effects would grow gradually with time, and be compounded logarithmically if combined with stimulants such as amphetamines.) my smurf keeps some Clonidine HCl on hand as a gentle comedown (CNS comedown not psychadelic comedown).

    As mentioned perioidically through the site forum, cannabis ingestion is wonderful for enhancing visual imagery during ketamine use. SWIM reccomends You packs up the vaporizer instead of their glass though, as You could very easily shatter their bong, and potentially hurt themselves on the broken glass. Plastic bag types, such as the volcano, are advised for saftey and ease of use reasons. (cannot break the plastic bag, there is no flame or burning material, button activation system)

    my smurfs second time IV was amazing. The dosage administered hypothetically by the smurf was on the magnitude of 100-150mg ketamine, dissolved into an aqueous solution.

    Time dissolved altogether, past present and future were all one (anything from approx. 3 years beforehand up to present was all superpositioned into one single unit of time). my smurf had been playing some Call of Duty online all day beforehand, and once disassociation had reared its head, the smurf no longer was using its eyes to see. Instead, vision went to memory, where my smurf kept trying to line up headshots timed exactly with when the bass dropped in the dubstep. The smurf was not playing the game at the time, but nonetheless was in the game in the smurfs head. The smurf described it not as scary, as one might interpret a first person shooter game might be. Somewhere in the back of the smurfs head, the general knowledge existed that this was a game, although without understanding of how or why.

    From what my smurf can remember, after that it was mostly reexamination of the fabric of reality and existence. my smurf felt, as crawling out of the k-hole, as if he were operating some type of giant complex robot (the smurfs body), and every time some type of natural intuition about how to exist or perform any action occurred, my smurf would become very pleased, amazed at the level of compatibility and how they were able to perform such actions. The smurf then realized that they had the most experience with this particular robot, then the realization that only that smurf had ever used the robot before. The smurf became quite pleased and felt accomplished for this feat. The music playing seemed to take the form of the laws of physics and nature themselves- that is, it was an unquestionable and driving force, dictating how everything must be through vibrations. The fact the solids exist became a bewildering notion. They may be touched but passage is not allowed, and the sensation of the collision is unfelt, as all limbs feel as though they are filled with a mix of warm honey and Novocain.

    my smurfs first time with IV was sort of a test run (as any good smurf should do when trying something new). The dosage was low, probably the size of a small bump on a key (likely between 5 and 15mg). Disassociation was not felt, but since the smurf could still feel their body, activation of opiate receptors was felt and welcomed. The smurf told SWIM that it felt like the first time they tried IV heroin, but without any presence of nausea. The smurf also informed SWIM that the comedown of immediate withdrawal was not felt, as one can expect from typical mu-opiate agonists such as heroin or oxycodone. (The smurf is very acute to those sensations after having dealt with a certain bad IV opiate habit) There was also an underlying warm glow, reminiscent to if the smurf had taken a low-medium dextromethorphan dose.(~45mg DXM HBr) All in all my smurf found it incredibly gratifying, which was of course what led that smurf to take part in the 2nd IV trial (the first described in thread with disassociation.)

    Since this post is quite lengthy, I will end with the brass tacks of IV ketamine use.

    + For IV use, a social setting is not recommended.
    + Do play music (helps one to not get too lost in their head as they might without any external stimuli).
    + Don't reflush the syringe.
    + Do put the syringe down right after
    + Do have a drink and atmosphere ready beforehand.
    + Do remember the LD-50 for ketamine is absurdly high, and won't fit in a typical syringe.
    + Don't freak out.
    + Coffee may help kick-start the experience if taken right before injection

    It should also be noted that if a smurf makes an aqueous solution on a spoon and uses a cotton to draw the solution through the syringe, that in the interest of an extended plateau of inebriation, one may split the said dose in two parts. This is ideal for higher doses as it is split. One part is drawn through the syringe to the desired level and is for IV use. The other part of the solution (the part the cotton is soaking in) is for sublingual use. A smurf may use the cotton like a ketamine laced chewing gum, which also gives that smurf something to do while around the k-hole. The injection would take place first, and then the spoon. A smurf told SWIM that this method is awesome and fun. (note that playing with cotton in your mouth is markedly more interesting whilst under the influence of ketamine.)

    Good luck to any smurfs who decide to take this venture inside the fabric of reality!
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    That is a very good point, in that one should be seated when administering dosage, with no need to physically travel distances. Of course it is also hard to prepare for a K-trip when one doesn't realize its ketamine. My smurf once laid on the floor on his back, and was one with the turtles after IV ketamine. Although not dangerous, in a public setting it may be construed as odd. SWIM hopes your smurf will have many great experiences in the time to come, if they so choose to embark.
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