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Tips to help pass a drug test

Discussion in 'Drug testing discussion' started by ftatrockisy, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. ftatrockisy

    ftatrockisy Silver Member

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    Aug 10, 2008
    36 y/o Male
    Try this, if i could delete or edit my own post that would be nice, but ive fixed all the typos ive found and hopefully that will help it make more since, especially since there are a ton of typos. Sorry guys, hope this one is better, ill use spell check this time : \

    Ok, I am going to share with all of you SWIMS method for passing a drug test which has worked every time for him.

    Firstly, the system cleaners on the market DO work, most failures are because people are using them incorrectly. SWIY must drink the cocktail about 5 to 6 hours before the test, and then the safest bet is to drink 8 oz of water every 15 minutes until the test, urinating as much as possible the entire time. SWIY cant just drink the cocktail, then 15 minutes later, fill the bottle with water and drink that and think they are gonna be clean. Even just sipping on water the next few hours till the test wont work. If SWIY wants to pass, chug 8 oz of water every 15 minutes. Keep in mind that all the cocktails do is help keep clean fluids moving through your body at a very fast rate, basically holding off whatever toxins may be in your body. They are still there, as soon as you stop drinking they will be back in the urine, but it will process the clean fluids first. Your body will still be putting the toxins into your urine during this process, BUT, the ratio of toxins to what is basically water, will be so high, the toxins wouldn't show up on the test.

    Now, im gonna tell you what SWIM has experimented with and figured out.

    The first test he tried, he smoked MJ on monday evening, tuesday, he went out and purchased multiple home test kits, all FDA approved. He set for himself a test time, a time he would have to be clean by....6 pm. Starting at 12 pm he chugged 8 oz of water every 15 minutes. At 6pm when he took the test...He failed miserably! First experiment, 1, either water alone does not work, or 2, it was cause he smoked a dime 24 hours before and the toxins are so high that it wouldnt matter how much you drank, your dirty as hell.

    Wednesday came and went, and he let it pass, thursday he tired something a little different, with excellent results. Achieving the same results 5 more times at different days in the future. This has worked for SWIM in 4 personal tests, and 1 P.O. administered test.

    On the day of the test, test is at 6pm, SWIM drank water leisurely all day from about 7am to 12 noon. No set amount of water just yet, just drink. At 12 noon, 6 hours before the test, take 4 asprin with 8 oz. of water. This is when it starts. Every 15 minutes make sure to drink 8oz of water. (another good tip he found was to take a few tums or rolaids each time you take asprin. All that water can cause a little bit of heart burn.) For the next two hours, keep drinking water. SWIM cant reiterate enough, 8 oz every 15 minutes! What seems to work for SWIM is a liter of water an hour, thats just a tiny bit under 8 oz per 15 minutes. So in that hour just take an extra swig or something. At 4 hours to the test, 2 pm, SWIM took another 2 asprin , a few more rolaids, and kept drinking the water. drink....drink....drink some more. Ok, its got to be like 2 hours to the test now, its 4pm, time to take 2 more asprin, and...of course, more water. Drink...Drink.....Its an hour to the test now, and SWIM is thinking this had better work. AT this point, SWIMs urine is perfectly clear, a DEAD giveaway that something is not right, so, at about an hour before the test, its 5pm now, SWIM takes 4 times the recommended dose of vitamin B. Keep drinking the water, and keep urinating, in about half an hour SWIM started noticing his urine turning yellow again.

    6pm came, and it was time to take the test! SWIM had complete success! Clearly, the line was there on the test kit. Even the shadiest of lines is all SWIM needs to see and the line is clearly there. Thats a negative urine!

    72 hours after last smoking, and he is a regular user, He doesn't know what is considered a "heavy" user, but swim is only about 5' 11" , 175 pounds, and doesn't consider himself very heavy, but he does like to smoke a bowl oh, on average, about 6 times a day. He just beat the test 72 hours after the last bowl was finished. He then did the same thing the next tuesday, one personal test, and one P.O. administered test. A month later, after giving himself a week off to clean up, he did it the same way again, although only personal tested, not P.O. administered, and he did it again the next month, even though that also was not P.O. administered. He has done it numerous times since then, but has since given up on wasting the money on the home test kits cause he is pretty confident that he has found a very useful method.

    SWIM wants NO one to take his word for it tho, test it out yourself, right down the steps need, and follow it to the T. SWIM is sure that SWIY will be successful.

    ALL the store bought system cleaners, all they do is mimick this technique, all wrapped up in a little bottle for SWIY. What one might even consider trying is the above technique, ALONG with a store bought cleaner. It can hurt, cause SWIM has tried that to, with success.

    Just remember, the key to passing is water.

    Keep in mind also, this greatly lowers your creatine levels, which they will test for, the best solution for that, go to your local GNC or Vitamin world and pick up some creatine pills. They test your creatine levels by testing what the creatine breaks down into in your body, creatinine. The store bought system cleaners claim to have creatine in them, and im sure they do, the problem is, creatine takes several days, not hours, to break down in your body. The creatine you take a few hours before the test will not have any effect cause it will not have been broken down yet. If your getting a lab test, not an instant dip test, i would suggest raising your creatine levels a few days, to a week before the test. If its and instant test, dont worry too much about the creatine.

    SWIM seriously hopes this helps SWIY out. SWIM is not some knucklehead making some hypothetical suggestions. SWIM has done his testing, and he has found that this works the best, every time. Good luck to everyone out there trying to be controlled. Lets show em what they can control!;)

    ftatrockisy added 1125 Minutes and 35 Seconds later...

    I would just like to put the steps a simple easy to read list for everyone.

    1. 6 hours before the test - Take 4 aspirin with 8 oz. of water.

    2. For the next 6 hours make sure to drink 8 oz. of water every 15
    minutes. Or, to make it simple, a liter of water an hour. (this is not a
    lot of water to handle, but plenty to work for a negative result)

    3. 4 hours before the test - Take 2 aspirin with 8 oz. of water (you can
    also substitute the water every liter or so with cranberry juice. This
    will help people urinate more frequently, which is what is wanted.
    Urinate as often as possible)

    4. 2 hours before the test - Take 2 aspirin with 8 oz. of water

    5. 1 hour before the test - Take 4 times the recommended does of vitamin

    6. Zero hour is time to take the test, if it was done right it will be a


    + When you take the aspirin take some tums. This will counteract the
    the little bit of heartburn drinking all that water could cause.

    + Try to urinate every time right before your 15 minutes of 8 oz of water.
    urinate, then drink, then wait 15 minutes, then do it again. (more so in
    in the last 3 hours up to the test)

    + Make sure when the test is taken to take a urine sample mid stream.

    + Keep in mind this has only been tested for with cannabis, it has not
    been tested with any other substance.

    If i can think of anything else extra to add i surly will.:thumbsup:
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008