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    Dec 2, 2006
    I have notice a cross tolerance between the 2cs and DOxs. I had not done 2cb for 9 days but did use DOB three days ago. I did not really get off on the 2c-b and thinks it is because of the DOB. What a waste. In addition, I has found that tolerance last 7 days for a 2c whereas DOx is at least 10 days. Hey DEA listen up - these Research Chemicals are not addictive, so why go stick your nose into RCs, the cocaine or methampetamine(which are addictive)trade in which DEA intercepts maybe 5% that is shipped into this country needs every agent available to control it. Leave our Research Chemicals alone, don't make them CSAs. They are not dangerous. Don't make us criminals, we are law abiding tax paying citizens. Anyother swims care to comment on their own personal experiences with tolerances. This was about tolerance, sorry to go off on a tangent regarding the DEA but this I feel strongly about this.
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    Nov 30, 2006
    from switzerland
    2c-x and DOx, are both PEA derivates (thus related to methamphetamine)
    so , is very probable a cross-tolerance that lasts 3-4 days.
    like between different tryptamines.

    also ehat you say is wrong, Research Chemical have a psychological addiction potential, and some even physical.
    in particular those amphetamine-like, the phenethylamines(and alpha methylated tryptamines)

    of course, you can be the type of person who doesn't get addicted, but who can tell?