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Too Much Dope

Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by wildbeast, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. wildbeast

    wildbeast Silver Member

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    Nov 16, 2006
    from U.S.A.
    Too much dope:

    After stirring and beatin and mixin and bakin,

    I ate from the brownies mixed in with the Mexican.

    One hour later and feelin less grander,

    Mother told me to go run and pick up my father.

    Nearly desperate and feeling a burden of guilt,

    Languished a bit and started to wilt.

    "Now Lee don't keep your papa a waitin,

    He stands in the cold down at the railroad station".

    Uneasy the car did turn in the snow,

    Down the road to the depot where headed I'd go.

    The car floated precipituously and wandered a bit,

    Like steering a boat I labored with it.

    Suddenly without notice the gates of the crossing,

    Forced me to slow with a considerable braking.

    Two hundred car train would make hours of minutes,

    Am lost counting box cars and tripping like crickets.

    Ten years it had seemed finally the train it was moving,

    If only could remember what the hell I was doing?

    Ah yes! My poor father is down at the station,

    And sorry as hell cuz the train made him late again.

    Momma and Papa have now gone to the sky,

    And this story quite old but it ain't no lie.

    Had papa done caught me he'd have been hurt to the core.

    And mama would likely have hollered even more.

    Yet decades would pass before I'd admit,

    The weed turned me briefly into a half wit.

    Learned a good lesson though I took quite a thud,

    By putting too little chocolate in with the bud.
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