Tools for quitting amphetamines

Discussion in 'Amphetamines addiction' started by bcStoner420, Jun 28, 2005.

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    Jun 2, 2005
    im gettin hooked on amph and fast, i have a very addictive personality which makes it pretty hard for me to quit anything, even certain foods sometimes. i once went about 4 days with eating nothing but sushi all those days for every meal, kinda wierd but i couldnt get enough of that shit and i still love it. neway back on topic the point is for something like amphetamines im definatly going to need a slight substitute, something that just wouldnt make me want to do it so much, and it cant be another harder drug or nething because then i might as well just do the speed. only thing i could think of would be drinking coffee alot but i would probly have one in my had 80% of the day, but if im hooked on coffee i could care less. but i can tell that if i dont do something now i wont be able to stop, cravings arent horrible or that bad really yet but ther bad enough that i can tell this will suck me in and i wont be able to get out if i dont act soon.

    oh and also. i might as well just say that its not like i just started using them i just used them very occasionally and after taht last very occasional time i have had real cravings for it since and have done it alot more recently in the few days since then.

    and im also not saying coffee would by any means beat the addiction im just thinkin of things that might help, of course i could mabey just smoke my buds since ill never quit that, but that also does not substitute an amph high at all.Edited by: bcStoner420
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    Jan 24, 2005
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    high dose l-tyrosine with b6 and vit-c. You may as well use the caffeine with Pseudo-ephedine which is probably OTC.
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    Jul 1, 2005
    energy drinks + cannabis

    melatonin to help you get more sleep hopefully

    if that doesn't work, don't relapse, go out and get DXM(or what have you), do it, and that should give you a good week before the thought to use comes back. If an urge arises, go online and read about drugs, about how bad meth is, and how cool mushrooms are. get new drug using ideas. get bad drug using ideas out.

    Exercise after a month not using amphetamines, your heart needs recovery time. But once exercising, you develop a greater appreciation for your body


    be strong, you can do it![​IMG]