TR: An Early Start with Rectal Polypharmacy

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    First, just wanted to add just a tiny smidgin of credibility to this long, detailed, anal experience report in polypharmacy. Of course, it was not ME who did any of this!! It was my FRIEND who actually *did* this STUPID SHIT! But he wanted me to let you know that according to, "The efficacy of codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and dihydrocodeine can be increased by at least 10% by taking them rectally. " With that in mind, let's see what this stupid dipshit did to pass the time today...

    My FRIEND'S TRIP REPORT (in his own words):

    "8:00am I woke up, yawning and alone. Bored because there's no job to attend as today is a national holiday.

    8:20am took 10mg Hydrocodone, .25mg xanax, 1 tsp of iceolation product from decent opium poppies, and 10mg adderall. Dissolved them into hot water (as best as possible--made a thick brown muddy soup). Filled up a 3cc syringe WITHOUT a needle, and plunged the warm soup into my inviting asshole.

    8:24am beginning to feel 'clumsy.' just knocked something over and spilled some water... not much 'feeling' yet (not even the urge to dookie)

    8:26am feeling warm, content, more relaxed.

    830am mood definitely lifted. a feeling of wanting to do nothing in a slacker-type depression has become more like a productive feeling. Depression is definitely lifting. Pain in shoulders melting away. Still nothing profound or mentally amazing.

    833am this is a pretty rapid ascent. I'm starting to feel a speedy 'rush'--even jaw-clenching, but no need to hurry. Just chilled and full of logical thoughts.

    8:42am things have changed a bit. I've been wrapped up for the last 10 minutes working dilligently on something I wanted to write... perhaps the adderall has taken charge of this combo, but I don't want to speak too soon--there's something else creeping up. I can feel it. Something's different than normal adderall-induced mania.

    8:50 am oh yeah, I'm obviously more relaxed than I would normally be. I can feel the muscles in my face have all but totally relaxed, and I just don't care that much about anything external... just what's going on in my mind, and trying to take care of some tasks. Not pressured to complete tasks, just more like I'm genuinely interested in tidying up a bit here and there.

    9:05am Much more relaxed than before. Still feeling the effects of the adderall. Can't tell much difference between 10mg taken orally and 10mg plugged. At this point, I cannot discern any opiates despite the plugging of 10mg hydrocodone and a heaping pile of iceolated opium pod extract. I'm considering re-administering an additional dose of opiates... not that I want more opiates, it's just that I absolutely LOVE putting things into my anus! and it's OK!! it's OK TO KEEP INSERTING HARD PLASTIC THINGS UP INTO THERE!!! WHOO HOOO!!! Thank God for the things we do in the name of scientific research!

    9:28 Was feeling fine, but couldn't help re-administering that precious, dirty brown polysubstance-laden elixir. This time, my enema was heavier on the poppy extract and again tossed in 10mg adderall, 10mg hydrocodone, a soma, and 60mg of norflex (the first and only time I've ever even tried this one... some kind of muscle relaxer. recommended on as an opiate booster. Specifically, they say:
    "Orphenadrine Citrate (Banflex, Norflex, Norgesic) -- This muscle relaxant works by much the same mechanism as scopolamine and the ethanolamine antihistamines and by itself is a mild euphoriant, although this euphoria is mainly appreciated by experienced anticholinergic users. Orphenadrine has many of the same systemic effects as cyclobenzaprine but tends to metabolise more quickly. It can be used, by itself or with a standard dose of a strong antihistamine like diphenhydramine, to enhance the euphoria of both codeine and hydrocodone to equal extents, and it is assumed oxycodone as well. A full dose of orphenadrine should be taken with an 80% dose of narcotic; if available, a half-dose of scopolamine, or 75 mg of diphenhydramine, provides a massive boost to the above mixture. Alcohol in low to moderate amounts does tend to increase the overall euphoria but should be added in small amounts after the full effect of the two or three other drugs is known."
    OK! I was going to stop listing things shot up my ass with that, but I must also admit that a Tagamet was ground into the mix as well (for shot #2). Here's the excuse: (from same site) "A dose of Tagamet an hour before a hydrocodone/oxycodone session will make the drug last longer and have a better effect." He didn't have an hour, so he assumed that the anus would assist him in traveling backwards in time for a quick 60 minutes. BTW, this is not an unreasonable expectation of the human anus. It has been said that we humans only use 25% of our bung-hole's true potential. Really quite sad, if you think about it.

    9:40am. Tired of sitting at home typing about how I feel and the dirty, defiling things that I've done with various powders and syringes. However, I do really feel SO much better. My headache's gone. Depression has lifted. Mouth is starting to feel dry (from anticholinergic effect of Norflex?), and I'm definitely on the edge of what might prove to be a good buzz. I'm headed out to do some shopping and possibly grab some art supplies. I am leaving with the full intention of NOT wasting money or time on needless bullshit... however, since this is usually my gauge of how fucked-up I am, either way will provide an interesting story, I'm sure. I just pray that I will not finish this 'trip' report from the inside of a maximum security prison.

    9:45am. goodbye, sweet world, goodbye.

    10:05am. OK. now I'm REALLY leaving. Couldn't tell you what the hell I've been doing for the last 20 minutes. Something here at my house. But absolutely NO worries! Just taking forever to make it out the door. BTW, this is absolutely amazing. Don't know why I never discovered this before... no I'm off the the store--as I grapple with my newfound demons of my new and forbidden pleasure.

    10:18am. Very very purposeful w/everything I'm doing, but for some reason, I STILL haven't left my damned house! must be just a really extreme adderall-induced episode of obsessive compulsive disorder... mixed with the amnesia of some xanax. makes me take forever to finish doing whatever it is that I forgot I was doing!

    10:50am FINALLY left the damn house!

    <missing from 10:50am to 4:00pm>

    4:15pm. What the hell did I do today?"


    My friend was obviously experiencing some amnesia and could only remember that he had gone to several stores for some 'important' things but couldn't really tell me where he went nor what he had bought.

    8:00pm. (it's me, Richard again) Friend looks kinda tired. He was just blabbering away about something kinda trivial/stupid and now, all the sudden he's tired. I just ate dinner with him. This was his first meal of the day and now he's exhausted. He's trying to make me take him back home.

    8:30pm. I take him home. I see him crush up 2 10mg norcos, throw in some poppy concentrate, and he's off to the bathroom again.

    Some people never learn. This is it for now. Part of me doesn't even want to know how tonight's experience goes--that is, not unless he gets hit by a train or something cool like that happens. As far as I go--I've had it with being a 'sitter.' No wonder parents tell their kids to just say no!

    I'm very amazed at how quickly he ascended to near-peak within the very first 5-10 minutes after sucking up the medicine with his colon.

    Also funny that it took about 1 hour and 10 minutes from the time he decided to leave his house until he FINALLY actually left! I'm assuming this is from OCD brought on by adderall and forgetfullness from benzo's. (?)

    This seemed to be a very enjoyable experience for SWIM. I don't think he'll agree with this post tomorrow, however, when he awakens penniless, with lots of arts and crafts memorabilia lying around and model airplanes all still in the boxes!
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    That was a very well written report. Opies rule. But man you talk alot about ass.
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    i hope he washed his hands...
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    SWIM worries about the polypharmacy. Full Stop. (Period, for her American friends)
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    Well written report.

    However, swim seconds swim (from jatelka's post. )