Combinations - Tramadol,Kratom,Kava,Valerian root,tizanidine mix.

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    Alright, I got a script of tramadol, the amneals to be exact. The amneals have always made me feel anxious so I decided to take a few other things with the tramadol.
    I started out this morning with 100mg followed by 25mg half hour later, then another 25mg half hour later. So
    total 150mg so far. I will continue taking 25mg until I reach about 200-250mg.

    Right after I took the first 100mg I took 1.8g of a 30% kavalactone extract stirred in water and I took a heap of peanut butter to get some fat in my belly(I was out of milk and cream).

    Right after downing the kava I mixed 5 grams of Green Malaysian Kratom, stirred in warm water with lemon juice.

    To top everything off I took 8 valerian root capsules which were roughly 500mg each so about 4000mg of valerian root, and 4mg of tizanidine.

    EFFECTS: I feel very good right now, mild euphoria probably due to the kratom and tramadol mix (kratom and tramadol is a very good mix in my opinion). More euphoria than just kratom or tramadol alone.
    My anxiety has been lifted away, almost feels like I added a low dose of a benzo. The tramadol is not giving the usual stimulation that causes anxiety probably due to the kava and valerian which is a very good herb combo to combat anxiety. I don't know if the tizanidine did anything.

    But overall this combo is very good, The kava and valerian take the nasty stimulation out of the tramadol and mellow you out. And the kratom potentiates the tramadol or vise versa.

    If using tizanidine be careful not to take more than 4mg with the tramadol because I don't know what type of interaction high doses of tramadol and tizanidine would have.