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    Dec 4, 2012
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    I have a couple of meth sores on my arm that have been there for the longest time; when I'm tweaking I cant help but scratch which i imagine is a common problem.

    At times when use is low these patches start to heal with intro of sleep and food into my routine but are slow to heal - direct result of the two elements just mentioned according to a doctor friend. I've tried all kinds of remedies (except quitting before someone points it out as an option....) to no avail until last week when in a moment of desperation I put Bonjella over the sores and within a few days of re-applying they have almost healed up (just for relevance I'm in a heavy use cycle right now). It stings like an absolute bitch the first few seconds after application but then has a decent cooling effect and after it dries leaves a thin layer behind that I suppose could be considered to be protective. It easily washes off too so you don't end up with tons of gunk on your arm.

    Hope someone might find this useful.
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    i use iv.. and my dumb ass x left some cold sore patches here. they are very small circular sticky things that u use on yr mouth.. within 2 days no mark whatsover ( and i am in a heavy usage cycle every two weeks.. ) hope this helps
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    Clearasil cream 2-3 times daily
    Crearasil body wash twice in shower morning and night
    tanning bronzer cream will darken your skin and make the acne/pimples appear less

    Lastly - sun exposure and solarium use will cover and treat the pimples in my experience. Seems to burn them off or kill the acne and prevents it from getting worse. Only get it on top of back. Good hygiene a must. Solarium , sun and tanning bronzer will help cover meth sores as well as stretch marks as well. For meth sores that are very deep and persistently bleed and have scarred you should see a doc and get a cream they recomend which should help cover , soften and prevent from getting worse.

    Do not play with the skin lesions at all. Give time to heal.