Trichocereus Bridgesii Trip

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    Species: Trichocereus Bridgesii

    Amount: ~7"

    Preparation: Outer skin, spines, and core removed. Cacti flesh dehydrated in a low-temp food dehyrator unti cracker-dry. Then powdered in a coffee grinder and packed into '00' gelcaps. Resulting product~25 caps.

    The report:

    (The following is not a real account, only a dream. Any similarities to real situations are completely unintentional and totally fictional)

    >So last night - I was
    > going through the fridge and I saw the cacti caps I
    > had made from the
    > T.Bridgesii I was growing that didnt make it. I
    > thought to myself that it
    > was a good night to try the mescaline/2Ci combo -
    > nice and warm out, etc.
    > So around 8pm I eat the cacti caps, about 30 of
    > them. All I was expecting
    > from the cacti was the mild ride I had in the past
    > from a small amount.
    > After all, 2/3 the weight of T.Pachanoi EXTRACT had
    > provided not much more
    > than a pleasant buzz - a mild psychedelic space I
    > thought would be perfect
    > to try 10mg of 2CI on.
    > Well, an hour after ingestion I get my first alert.
    > A *strong* alert! I
    > thoght to myself that I may all of a sudden be in
    > for more than I bargained
    > for, and smiled a bit, mentally preparing myself for
    > what may lie ahead.
    > Well, I checked the mirror and my pupils were
    > *blown* - nearly the size of
    > my iris. The walls started breathing a bit,
    > woodgrain started to flow,
    > there were slight flourescent spider-web style
    > patterns moving across the
    > walls and floor. My girlfriend got home and I told
    > her what was going on,
    > she started laughing and went outside with me for a
    > bit so I could walk
    > around.
    > The trip kept building in intensity for about 4
    > hours. Also present
    > throughout the entire experience was a kind of
    > 'difficult' body buzz. Have
    > you ever had a 'bad roll' on MDMA? I have once or
    > twice, and the only way I
    > can describe it is that everything is there to
    > produce a sensual euphoria,
    > but your body wont let it happen. Almost like every
    > cell in your body has a
    > nervous twitch, vibrating with energy that for some
    > reason your brain wont
    > let get released. That's what this felt like - my
    > teeth were chattering a
    > bit if I held them together, hands felt like they
    > were trembling but
    > definitely werent. At times I would close my eyes
    > and just try to let
    > myself go, and I would get a glimpse of something
    > beautiful - like my entire
    > body was plugged into some cosmic matrix, vibrating
    > and pulsating with the
    > very fabric of time. But as soon as it would
    > happen, I'd subsonsciously
    > ground myself.
    > Dont know why - maybe because I completely wasnt
    > expecting the full-on trip
    > I was now immersed in and for some reason didnt
    > truly want to be there. I
    > did, but part of me didnt.
    > Then I streamed some electronic shoutcast stations
    > and layed in bed and got
    > comfortable. Closing my eyes, the CEV's were very
    > impressive. Spiraling
    > colors, pixelated images of ancient indian
    > was really cool.
    > Something in me wanted to get up and walk around,
    > but part of me just wanted
    > to lay down and relax. Almost like I was filled
    > with a ton of energy but
    > didnt have anywhere to go, so it was just bouncing
    > around inside like
    > flubber in a glass box:)
    > By this time it was around 2am, and the trip was
    > still going strong - I
    > decided to watch some TV and there was this movie
    > on, "Primary Colors" it
    > had John Travolta in it and was about Bill Clinton's
    > presidential campaign.
    > I became engrossed in the political process!
    > Completely fascinated by Bill
    > Clinton and John Travolta - I kept laughing to
    > myself because it was so
    > ridiculous. Sometimes I'd close my eyes and see
    > some odd, frightening
    > images - monsters and my skin melting away, etc.
    > But it didnt bother me.
    > What bothered me was - here was this 300mg
    > Mescaline trip encompassing me
    > and I wouldnt allow myself to fully enjoy it!
    > I guess its almost like - I didnt expect the trip at
    > all, but once I was
    > there i wanted to go all out - blast right off. I
    > dont think I ingested
    > enough of the drug to fascilitate that, and because
    > of the wishy-washy
    > mental state I was in, wouldnt let the great
    > experience that was unfolding
    > fully become realized.
    > So after Primary Colors another Travolta movie came
    > on about some kind of
    > lawsuit against a big chemical company - I kind of
    > watched that too but
    > spent most of the time falling inward, enjoying some
    > CEV's and grooving to
    > music that was playing in my head.
    > By this time it was 6am, I was still wide awake but
    > completely exhausted - I
    > tried smoking a bunch of herb to try and float off
    > too sleep - but ended up
    > disco napping for another couple hours unable to
    > reach that goal. I opened
    > my eyes again around 12:30, with a slight headache
    > and still buzzing.
    >And this was all from a*seven inch* piece of
    > T.Bridgesii cactus!! Clearly, the little guy was
    > far more potent than ANY
    > T.Pachanoi Ive ever tried.

    >I had harvested the cacti after trying to save it for about a month - >its base started to rot and it wasn't getting much light - so there is >definitely some truth in stressing the plant to increase alkaloid >content

    >I dont know if the odd
    > body buzz was from my
    > mental state, the mescaline itself, or some other
    > alkaloid in the cactus.
    > Im inclined to believe it was me all along, having
    > felt similar on E and
    > shrooms when I've taken a stroll through the 'dark
    > wood':)
    > In a way I felt bad, because obviously that little
    > cacti had a lot to offer,
    > and I wasnt prepared for what I got myself into.
    > But in hindsight I did
    > have a good time - just didnt plan on tripping for
    > 12 hours! It was fun,
    > OEV's were OK, CEV's were really make an
    > analogy it was as if
    > Mescalito came to get me and I was like 'no thanks,
    > I'd rather stay here
    > tonight!':)
    > Ah, well, another time perhaps!

    After a few days of introspection, the trip really was fascinating. And despite my constant need to feel grounded, I really did havea great time. This wasthe first 'real' mescaline trip for me- all previous experiences being slightly more than a threshold dose. (although very enjoyable). I think justbeing caughtso offguard and tripping alone -I kind of threw up my subconsious defenses and tried to hold back the inevitable.In the moments that I did letgo though, the experience was downright awesome. And in the moments that I was hangingon by a thread, it was mighty fun, if not somewhatunnerving.

    Highly recommended, just plan on going strong for a good 10 hours after ingestion. Sleep was difficult, to say the least! This is something you want to takearound3pm:)

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    Mar 31, 2005
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    Thanks for sharing your dream Mezza. </span>The fact that it was a cactus “that didn’t
    make it” fits with the idea that stressing a cactus leads to higher mescaline
    content (though I have been doubtful about that theory). </span>Some have suggested that bridgesii have a
    more consistent mescaline level than do pachanoi.</span>

    It’s weird sometimes how when there is the
    opportunity to go for a really big ride, one just really doesn’t want to go too
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    Feb 22, 2005
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    And that's exactly what it was...a great opportunity but (in my dream) I just wasn't ready. Got caught totally off guard and was tripping alone, something I don't normally do. Honestly, I feel that Mescaline is an awesomely powerful substance,and has a lot of 'ancient, gentle' energy associated with it, provided you respect it. Even when I did see some pretty freaky stuff, I felt completely at ease.

    For instance, I can remember one instance when I closed my eyes and saw myself as a skeleton in a desert, with pieces of my skin stretched across my ankle bones. Whilethis seems revolting and may have well been terrifying, instead I felt completely at ease. In factI looked closer at the bones in admiration of their construction.

    I have read that...that bridgesii are on par with peruvianus regarding potency. I've found that the best way to partake of the cacti is to process it as described above, and then estimate what a threshold dose would be. Take that as a test and if you get a mild psychedelic buzz, you know to triple or quadruple the dose for a full, powerful trip.

    In this case, a friend had made a batch of T.Pachanoi extract (referred to in the report), where 20 caps provided a mild 6-8 hour experience. Great body buzz and very mild visuals.I thought that the same number of this straight, unextracted bridgesii would provide similar results. I guess I miscalculated!

    Its a tough call- the potency in the cacti varies so widely. That's why its always a good idea to test for potency.

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    Mar 31, 2005
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    Peruvianus certainly have the reputation of having the highest level of mescaline at least amongst the Trichocereus species. I have read claims of double the level of that of pachanoi, or even ten times the level.

    As you mention, cacti vary widely in potency. My suspicion is that someone compared their experience using a particularly weak pachanoi, with their experience using a particularly strong peruvianus, and that out of that the idea that peruvianus is stronger was born. Take a look at the summary table that I posted awhile back on alkaloids in Trichocereus species –
    *defunct link*

    I’d vote for your bridgesii before an unknown peruvianus. Though I just remembered, your bridgesii didn’t make it. The ideal situation is to experiment with parts of living cacti and when one identifies a particular plant (no matter what the specific species) as relatively high in mescaline, to actively propagate that specific plant using cuttings. There is still lots of room for variability based on environmental conditions and time of harvest; however, this approach at least reduces the variability due to genetics.
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    Feb 22, 2005
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    Exactly. That's been a dream of mine for quite some time, and it is a pursuit that intend to undertake later in life when I can afford the time.

    I believe most natural hallucinogens' active constituents depend heavily on genetic and environmental factors. Take LSA containing seeds, for instance. Ive had LSA trips that were absolutely spectacular, and conversely Ive had LSA trips that made me feel sick as all hell and I thought I had poisoned myself:)

    As for the alkaloid concentrations of various cacti - thanks for the link I have seen that page before. But, you also have to consider - how many cacti were used in that report? Was it the alkaloid levels for a single specimen from each species? If that was the case, it really dosent carry much more weight than the anecdotal evidence in trip reports.

    Here's a very interesting page:

    Its huge list of cacti with their alkaloid contents...although dosent say anything about concentration.

    From all the subjectiveevidence, I would think that the average peruvianus *does* , on average, contain a higher concentration than the average pachanoi. Bridgesii as well, supposedly, but I really havent read too many reports of Bridgesii trips to confirm.

    That dosent mean you couldnt stumble on some potent pachanoi, though! The best way: process and take a small sample, to gauge the relative potency of the batch that you have.

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    Apr 27, 2005
    I think that mescaline should be done out in nature. There is something about this magical chemical that puts people in touch with the earth and nature. I have felt the lifeforce within tree's, plants, the whole forest. Many of these perceptions remain and the sense is there inunaltered consciousness.

    It sounds like you had a good time anyway, but always consider the set and setting when taking psychedelic drugs. It is SWIM's opinion that mescaline is a very gentle material, although he has never tasted Trichocereus Bridgesii, he assumes it is similiar to the other Trichocereus cacti. Peyote on the other hand is a different story.

    I cannot tell from your post if you did also take 10mg 2C-I in your dream. I have combined 2C-I and mescaline a number of times, and finds that the mescaline can really overpower the 2C-I. Its great though because I think that the visuals of 2C-I are better than the color enhancement and other subtle visual effects mescaline has. So the combination gives awesome colors and overall awe inspiring visual effects.

    This reminds me of a time when SWIM and some friends did 25 mg of 2C-I and mabye ~1 gram san pedro extract. To illistrate the nature thing, four travelers were sitting on the edge of a cliff smoking cannabis, facing east to watch the sun rise. This was about 8 hours into their experiment. Suddenly SWIM and his companions felt something causing SWIM tostartle just before he actually saw the hawk fly about8 feet over his head from behind and glide over the edge of the cliff. My friends and I ooed and awed and then broke out into a fit of laughter.

    Anyway, SWIM prefers to do psychedelics with a small group of people. This way if the introspection is unnerving or unsettling, it is easy to get distracted away from the inner monologue by interacting with fellow travelers. Also I find the group energy of tripping people to be intoxicating and euphoric, and generally has muchmore fun this way. (I should say when in good compnay [​IMG].) I guess I think that taking psychedelics alone is a much more serious expierience, and he doesn't do this for fun, but instead for spiritual or self healing purposes. I don't feel the need to do these materials alone anymore and he pretty much exclusivly trips with other people.

    Welcome to the world of mescaline, which I would have to say is the weirdest, hardest to define, most subtle psychedelic materialhe has tasted.

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    Hi Sloppo -

    Thanks for the great reply! I agree with you that Mescaline is best done in a nature-setting. Also would bea great idea to take this long-acting psychedelic in the afternoon so that you can appreciate the effects of tripping at night and during the day.

    I had planned on combining the two, thinking the small dose of T.Bridgesii would be nothing more than a nice boost to the 2CI...but decided to hold back on the 2CI when he realized he was going on an unexpected adventure.

    I have never tried Peyote - and although not fully tripping on T.Pachanoi or T.Peruvianus, agrees that the T.Bridgesii experience would be similar, as they generally contain similar concentrations of actives. I think that a mind-blowing trip can definitely be attained with Trichocereus cacti, but some sort of extraction method would be necessary to attain the desired amount of mescaline. From reading other reports, SWIM estimates his dose of Pachanoi at around 300mg of mescaline. Amoderate psychedelic dose.

    I did spend some time outside under the stars. And it felt...ancient. Very taken aback by that part of the experience. When I could give himself over the the experience completely, he defintely felt connected to the fabric of the cosmos.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! However - I am at a point in his life where all of the friends that he trusts to go on these voyages are very far away. Although they all make it a point to get together an explore the vastness of inner space a couple times a year, SWIM laments his time in hyperspace and occasionally likes to touch the sky on his own. Usually with a very light dose - he dosent need much to appreciate the effects. This time, he was completely taken off guard - he did not expect a full trip at all. Despite that - he did have a very pleasant time. Just wishes he would have given himself over the the experience in its entirety, rather than try to keep a foothold in reality.

    Thanks! Glad to be here:)

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    Apr 10, 2005
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    I have very good results with 8 inches of bridgesii. It can take 15-18ft of
    pachanoi depending on strain, time of year and who knows what else. It
    does seem consistent that the more blue and glaucous, the more potent it
    seems to be.