Drug info - Trifluoperazine/ Stelazine

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    is a calmer/downer can be used to stop anxsiaty caused by useing other drugs eg. e or coke be carefull though as it make you sencitive to sun light and you can burn esaly

    *Stelazine is a typical anti-psychotic. Not a "downer"*
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    It should be noted that Trifluoperazine can have some very unpleasant effects, and should only be used where it has been prescribed. Extra-pyramidal effects occur more frequently with this drug, so much so that compliance with treatment can be poor. These effects include parkinsonian-like tremors, abnormal movement of body and face, restlessness, and involuntary rhythmic movements of the tounge, face, and jaw. Heart rate and blood pressure can be effected, and other potentially lethal events such as neuroleptic malignant syndrome are a possibility. Source: British National Formulary March 2012.

    There are a host of other adverse effects associated with trifluoperazine, and it's use to combat drug-induced anxiety seems unsafe to me. There may also be a risk of falls or other accidental injury arising from lowered blood pressure and drowsiness.