Effects - Unexpected Effects From 10 Grams Of Red Bali Kratom

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    My brother has been using Kratom for a while now and has had a wide range of different effects at different doses.

    Last week my brother took 4 grams of red bali kratom he felt the usual euphoric and warm effects. This week he took 10 grams of the same red bali kratom and the effects were very different to his surprise, he tells me that the hasn't tried kratom in a dose like this before.

    He felt stimulating effects like he would feel with some white vein kratom variations, with a slightly trippy edge like he would feel when smoking weed. After about an hour he felt the common red vein kratom effects like relaxation and head warmth.

    My brother also told me that if he tried to sleep within 10 hours of consuming kratom regardless of the vein he would experience auditory hallucinations just before he fell asleep. This prevented him from sleeping.