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    Nov 23, 2006
    Swim and his bud are planning on tripping this weekend.
    The kind of shrooms my dealer says they are "megaman"
    anyone heard of this nickname for any type of strain? (sorry i dont know the strain)
    he says they are blue and you can have a decent trip three times on a half track, which sounds kind of bull...

    Also I was wondering, is there any MAOI's that arnt dangerous to mix with them to take before the magic?
    Swim just wants a perfect trip. and wants some good feedback

    P.S. Swim and his friend both weigh around 125-135 lbs, I has tripped twice but almost half a year ago, and swim's friend has never.

    What do you think the experience or at least "level/plataeu" they will reach?
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    Feb 21, 2007
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    Re: Help...I need big advice

    Well, what you really need to do, is ask this "dealer" of you's, exactly what type of Mushy's Megaman are!! NEVER EVER EVER take something that you don't know exactly what it is. "Dealers" are extremely shady most of the time, and are just looking to make a profit at any cost.

    If You and his friend are gonna do it anyways (which i recomend against), Don't take it with something else. only do the one thing, even just as a test to see the effects. if it's all fine and dandy, then you can consider taking something else with it.

    Use your common sense, it will keep you alive longer!
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    Jul 3, 2004
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    Re: Help...I need big advice

    You needs to tell their 'dealer' that You wants to know what KIND they are, not some silly name he attached to them. Ask him if they are cubensis, cyanecens, or auzeracens? Those are the most common psilocibin mushrooms sold. Blue? As in bruised, or as dyed? lol Be careful buying shrooms from a shady 'dealer' who knows nothing about shrooms. Sure, maybe they got lucky and found some for sale somewhere cheap and are re-selling them ignorantly not learning anything about them. But just as likely, from somebody who doesn't know anything real about shrooms, maybe they are a shady fuck who at best bought some shrooms at the local store or at worse found some random shrooms on the ground and dyed them blue with food coloring trying to sell them for a quick buck.

    If somebody tried to sell swip shrooms and called them blue megamen and didn't know shit about shrooms, swip would probably kick him in the nuts and run away. lol
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    Feb 1, 2005
    Re: Help...I need big advice

    Or dye the knocked-out "dealer" blue and tell some tripping morons the dealer was a mushroom...

    Do not go mixing any MAOI's with an unknown substance - regardless of what form it may be in (mushroom, little purple pill, blotter...). Regards the only MAOI that should be considered along with actual Psilocybe Sp. would be harmala alkaloids. Such as found in the seeds of Syrian Rue. And then in MUCH smaller amounts than would otherwise be typical. Gradual titration of dosages would be mandatory to avoid self-poisoning. This ain't no party, this ain't no disco - this ain't no foolin' around.