Unusual drug effects: Tramadol, LSD, Cannabis, Opiates, Stims & Ambien

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    It seems as though I experience a lot of rare/unusual/unheard of effects from certain drugs. With MOST drugs, SWIM usually gets about 1 and 1/2 to 2 times the effects of his peers, judging by their words and experiences read- sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. He is going to try and list what ones come to mind.

    The absolute most bizarre:
    -I have experienced VERY intense, VERY crazy and wild hallucinations and dream-like surroundings. His dose was just 10mg, his perscribed dose. The first night he took it and was on his computer when he started seeing the words kind of flitter around. Then he looks at his stuffed monkey and it is GRINNING and rubbing his hands together (which I have always seemed to think was forshadowing of the craziness that was about to ensue. "hold on to your hat, muthafucka!"). Anyway, this monkey became my trip friend and was named Garth, and I would vaguely recall (he remembers about 20% of the experience) walking around his neighborhood with the monkey strapped around his neck, talking to each other.
    He would talk to two headed plant people, plants with pistols, the tree god... he would see lions chained up... and eventually... in all honesty.. became a 'superhero' like figure in his own world. He eventually could controll his hallucinations, and he remembers the event that this happened. I was thinking to himself 'I want to see the titanic!' and magically an ornate golden gate appeared, and people would come into focus behind the gate, with the titanic in the background.. I was watching everyone board the titanic!
    my friends, a few of them, tell SWIM how he called them and say how they were in the room with SWIM, how they were about to go on a rollercoaster, etc etc. He does not remember any of these events.
    Nor does he remember why he would wake up with his bed shifted out from his wall, waking up between the two on the floor.
    He would slide into open eyed dream-trances... and would suddenly find himself, for example, on a pirate ship... I was some sort of slave, and he was throwing spears over this wooden wall. Weird shit like this.
    I could go on and on and on about his month long superhero voyage, but there are not enough words to describe what had happened. Believe him or not. This tale is not embellished. (also, he never got the same effects when taking it with people. Definately had the most bizarre experiences when being alone)

    -Experiences EXTREME sedation after about 5-6 hours. Non fightable, pass the ef out sedation. He has read that most people get an energy kick! It is uncanny how sedated he gets.
    -His dose is usually about 100mg

    -every time: I will take the same amount as 5 of his friends. They all have similar experiences while I have about 3x the intensity, and always has VERY VERY strong visuals. SWIM always finds himself lost into some picture, travelling through a crazy vortex (this seems to be a theme to all his trips) with odd things passing by. Just generally much much more intense than his friends trips. Nothing THAT crazy, though (as far as TRIPPING goes ;)) - same with mushrooms.

    -One strange thing SWIM always experiences on higher doses of valerian is that his head feels, literally, the size of a marble. It always feels sooooo tiny, but enjoyable. He gets slightly loopy as well.

    -Nothing unusual, but SWIM definately gets more intense effects.

    -This is a tough one for SWIM to be sure of, as he only got kicks out of it once. He experience, on 250mg, VERY intense head pain (bringin SWIM to TEARS), but when it subsided -- OH GOOD GOD SWIM SAYS IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING TIME. Again, this could have been caused by something else, he can't really say - as he only tried it once.

    -Again, usually much more pronounced effects... and the sedation is usually much stronger than other peoples. Or in hydrocodones case, stimulation occurs, somewhat.

    -This probably isn't as rare as I think, but he definately experienced wicked psychosis a few times. Once I thought there were soldiers downstairs so he locked himself in his room, didn't show up for work, and somehow ended up with a big "X" on his chest made from metallic tape. Not fun at all. my downfall drug.

    I know there are more, and will post them as I remember.
    Does anyone else get these type of effects? I know some do, but from what I've read, most people do not.

    my brain chemistry is probably a bit different than some of yours, though. He has been diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar disorder (although it hasn't been drastic recently) and slight psychosis/schitzophrenic-like symptoms (these haven't been intense recently, either)
    He has been perscribed Lithium, Zoloft, Seroquel, Abilify, Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and a few others he doesn't remember. Currently he is just on valium.
    Before you attack SWIM for doing drugs with these symptoms, let me tell you that he knows his body and mind, and now knows what he can and can't handle. Stimulants, for example... I should steer clear of most of them.... even though they are his favorite (at the time of being high)

    Anyway, I suppose that's it for now... just wanted to share what I thought to be rare effects experienced by me. Perhaps it's his brain chemistry? I am a very artistic(crazy ;)) person. This always seems to be linked with different kinds of brain chemistries (or whatever you want to call it)

    Aright, I need to end this post somewhere! (there will be updates when I think of more. He knows there are a multitude of them, but can't think of them right now) How bout here? :) peace.
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    SWIM and every other SWIM I know would like to tell swiyou that they envy swiyou.

    I am pretty sensitive to cannabis compared to a lot of people he knows, but he's not sure if it's a psychological reverse-tolerance thing he has going on. I don't know. Some people are just blessed like that.
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    This made SWIM laugh out loud! You is an awesome, unique and inspiring individual! It's always so fascinating to hear of different people's reactions, and I have found that You has awesome reports, keep it up man!
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    Heh, wish I was you. I am almost the complete opposite. SWIM can take pretty much anything and not get too fucked up, it seems I have an unusually high tolerance to any drug, especially cocaine, snorted or smoked.

    The only 2 things ever to fuck SWIM up quite bad are smoking a bong after being out all day on the piss. But SWIM rarely ever smokes the stuff. And taking 120mg of Temazepam caused SWIM to forget 4 hours of his life, but waking up the next morning was damn refreshing. :)