Drug info - Uribe, Colombia seeks money for 'cocaine eradication'

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    Colombia seeks US aid extension


    anewsimg.bbc.co.uk_media_images_41241000_jpg__41241073_soldier_ap203b.jpg Colombia receives $600m a year of US aid to fight drug trafficking

    US President George W Bush and his Colombian counterpart Alvaro Uribe have held talks about how to speed up the eradication of drugs. Speaking at the White House, Mr Uribe said his country had not achieved the best results in the last few years.
    Bogota receives around $600m a year in US aid to combat drugs trafficking - but studies suggest the flow of cocaine to the US has not fallen significantly.
    Mr Uribe, who was re-elected last month, wants the aid to rise.
    Colombia is one of the largest recipients of US assistance.
    Since 2000 it has has received more than $4bn in aid under Plan Colombia, a scheme for combating drugs trafficking.
    Lack of results
    "In the last two years, we have not gotten the results in the areas with illegal drugs," Mr Uribe admitted after the talks.
    "One point we have studied this morning with President Bush is how to speed up the eradication of drugs, because we need to show better results in this area."
    Mr Bush also assured the Columbian leader that the two countries would work out their differences over a bilateral free trade deal and finalise the agreement as soon as possible.
    The deal was inked in February but has stalled over certain technical points.
    The conservative Columbian president is Washington's closest ally in Latin America, and seen by US diplomats as a bulwark against President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

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