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Other - Using mescaline as a tribute for lost loved ones

Discussion in 'Peyote & San Pedro' started by KingTussin, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. KingTussin

    KingTussin Silver Member

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    Sep 22, 2012
    from Wisconsin, U.S.A.
    Hey guys, kind of a depressing topic here but I thought I'd give it a shot.

    Little bit of background here:

    My grandpa is very close to dying from liver failure, and he doesn't have much time left here on earth. I was wondering about your thoughts about using mescaline after his death to possibly.. heal the pain of his absence. Maybe get in touch with him, who knows. My grandpa means a whole lot to me, I had no dad growing up, (well I did but he's never been there for me, therefore he's not a true dad) my grandma took his place and taught me all I need to know about how to be a man. Taught me fishing, hunting, lots of stuff. Anyway, I will be a wreck without him, I mean real bad.

    I've used mescaline as a tribute for my dog who got put down, he was my baby, my son, really. Mescaline worked wonders for healing the pain. I no longer bawl my eyes out every time I see his picture, now I just smile.

    Does mescaline have the ability to help me through this leap, or will this just turn into one big bawl fest?
  2. Cameo

    Cameo Newbie

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    Feb 28, 2013
    from The Netherlands
    Just a personal opinion, I do and don't agree with the idea. The mescaline gives you what you need, not exactly what you want. To possibly abuse its spiritual powers may cost You more emotionally than without it. However, if You wishes to seek answers about onesself after the death of a beloved, a high concious awakening may help, yet may become a disaster.

    It is up to You whether to allow this to be a learning experience or a crutch. Alcohol is a better crutch for You in my opinion but that may lead to abuse itsself.

    My regards and sympathy
  3. source

    source Palladium Member

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    Apr 24, 2010
    from england
    This doesn't really help KingTussin, or answer his question with any information and/or opinions from personal experience. You're kind of saying, "You can do it" without explaining why and then immediately counteracting that statement, again without giving any reasons why.

    KingTussin is about to lose someone he holds dear and close, to advise him to drink alcohol, one of the worst known depressants you can get, is both reckless and very stupid.
    Not only that, but drinking alcohol will not give KingTussin what he wants - to ease the pain caused by his Grandpas death and to also somehow try and connect with him spiritually.

    (The use of You or I am also against the rules and has been for quite some time)


    I have only experienced mescaline once or twice through cacti, my knowledge and experience is therefore not great but I have read that it is also used to treat depression, so this would possibly alleviate the resulting bawl fest that you fear might happen, and also would make sense of the fact that it helped you alleviate the pain when you lost your dog. So in that respect it would hopefully be beneficial.
    I can also see you 'getting in touch' with yourself while using this, but not necessarily getting in touch with your Grandpa; maybe another member has experience with mescaline and this kind of field, but my experience tells me that although it might help you deal with the loss, it might not really be the psychedelic that you need for feeling at one with your Grandpa.

    I would also be very careful if you are going to use any psychedelic whilst grieving. The wrong mood going into a trip has all the ingredients for a pretty rough ride, and bereavement is one of the worst.

    Maybe another member has more knowledge and information on mescaline that will help you decide if it is best for you or not. I just wanted to chip in mainly to ward against using alcohol when extremely depressed; it only makes you worse!
  4. WackyJ79

    WackyJ79 Silver Member

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    Mar 4, 2013
    39 y/o from U.S.A.
    I don't see how Alcohol is going too help Tussin... If anything he will only be delaying his experience in grieving this man. Obviously this man meant the world too him. I doubt that his grandpa would want too see him drowning his problems in booze... or drugs for that matter. But I think the TS would gain much more from a few sessions with Mes. than he would by downing a few bottles of whiskey.

    Its a proven fact that booze has caused more deaths, health issues, and addictions problems than ANYTHING. Too send him down that road in his time of need just seems dangerous too me.

    Also, he stated that he has used Mesc. to grieve his lost pet that meant a lot too him. And it worked for him then.

    The advice that I am going to give is this.... If you think it will help, and you can back out without damaging yourself, or your family relationships, then by all means.. go for it. Some folks could compare this akin too someone seeing a shrink or councilor after the death of a loved one, and getting something for the depression.

    If he is aware of what works for him, and can accomplish the same result with this non-conventional method, then I would do it.

    I know that I have an addicts mind, and can justify just about any drug use, I have always een alcohol as super dangerous after seeing what it did too my grandfather after his 6 tours of duthy in WWII and Korea. He was once a major in the US Army. Parachuting into normandy a Sgt. and flying out of berlin a MAJOR. He could hold his head high as a war hero, but as a civialian, he just couln't cope. and drank himself too death.

    Good luck Tussin, and keep us posted.
  5. Cameo

    Cameo Newbie

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    Feb 28, 2013
    from The Netherlands
    Im sorry for my hasty reply, I wasn't thinking.

    I don't think its a good idea to use psychoactive substances, even psychadelics, when morning. Self reflection can be achieved without any substances. When you take them in a pain filled mindset, like when suffering from illness or in a state of sadness, you may experience anger and have negetive consequences.

    A friend of a friend lived a lonelier than average life and had a pet cat, the only pet he ever had, and it died like all living beings must do. At the time, he used cannabis and lived in an area full of cattle farms. Well, he decided to take some cubes and called me when he was in an experience and i came over to keep him company. He told me that the trip had taken a turn for the worse. He found benefit in purging negetive energy from his psyche, yet the manifestations of his sadness and anger and confusion was more than overwhelming.

    Now, i would never compare the man in kt's life to a cat because he is obviously a great man to have his grandson prepare for mourning. However, no substance can substitute the healing power of family, friends and expressing yourself to those one holds close. As well, the experience you have may not turn out into something you can handle and be emotionally detrimental. If you are an experienced psychonaut, then you know your own limits. I also recognize that psilocybin is not mescaline.

    I made a claim to alcohol which was misinterpreted, my fault. I did not mean alcohol is good for anything but a quick buzz at a party. I meant that if you want to search for a substance to help you through the morning period, you might as well drink because you are replacing human interaction with spiritual solitude to find answers. Mescaline would be better than alcohol, sure. Cannabis might even be better comfort but less of a learning experience.

    I'm honestly sympathetic and apologize for coming off as cold if i did.

    As well, i hope you stay safe and my condolences.
  6. shwinehund

    shwinehund Silver Member

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    Sep 18, 2005
    from Canada
    Hopefully I am not too late.

    My grandmother died recently, and for most of my life I didn't really enjoy her company...mostly internal family bullshit; me being a selfish little prick, and her being a bitch to my mother...

    Anyways, after many years of denial, injuries, memory loss and caretakers, the death of her brother, she reluctantly went to an assisted living place (really nice actually, and close to family). More family bullshit, her being worried about her house, and money....

    I became friends with her. I don't know why, but one day I realized that she (and I) didn't have much time left together. Somehow I forgave all the bullshit (both given and taken), and spent my time with her calming her, and letting her know that she had nothing to worry about, and that everyone would take care of each other. I would tell her about my plans for the future, and let her know what everyone else was up to...

    One day, she calls my aunt and they go out for dinner, my aunt walks her back to the room, and notices that my grandmother had packed all her belongings back into her suitcases. She tell my aunt that she is really happy with everyone, and that she loved her family, and thought that they were all great. They say goodnight, and my aunt leaves. 10 minutes later, a nurse comes to check on her, and she was gone.

    She was the last person on the planet that I would expect to leave like that. Her whole life was full of drama, gossip, game-playing, but somehow, in the last moment, she righted everything. When I heard this story I was both laughing and crying, amazed, and humbled to have known such a person.

    Anyways, enough about me... I think you should spend as much time as you can with your grandfather. Make sure you let him know that he has helped make you who you are, let him know that you will miss him, and that you are scared about it... All you can take from this is the memory of a great man, who took on an enormous burden, who you, one day, might be able to live up to.