Urine Test Using synthetic or dehydrated urine for pre-employment screen?

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    A friend (really, a friend) of mine has an upcoming pre-employment drug test. He's perfect for the job, but the issue is that he is a regular mj smoker. He's got a little over a week and there's no way that he could test clean by himself, even if he stopped immediately and followed all the quick detox steps like exercising, diet, etc.

    So it seems that the only option he has left, besides failing the test, is to get one of those kits online that are for "educational" purposes only. Being the helpful friend I am, I offered to help him out in researching this option. We both read that labs test for synthetic urine these days (or is that just a rumor?) so we're not sure about this being a viable option. I noticed a few companies selling "real" urine. Is this a real, undetectable option?

    Looking for real-life experiences, preferably fairly current, on the best way to go about this, hypothetical if need be. Thanks.

    EDIT: Here's a hypothetical question. If he subs urine from a female, will the gender difference be detected? Furthermore, what if that female were pregnant? You hear stories about this sort of thing being detected, but I suspect that there must be laws against checking gender and pregnancy at a drug test appt.
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    While this question is old, my answer may benefit others. Do NOT use synthetics like QuickFix. I lost a great job opportunity over this. The lab tech took my sample and shook the container repeatedly. Apparently, real urine foams up a bit when shaken. She wrote "Suspect Adulteration" on the form and they didn't even bother to test the sample when it was sent off.

    I did pass one using freeze-dried but for the last several, I have concealed the clean urine of a friend. Of course, that will only work as long as they don't do unobserved collections.

    Thanks, Reagan for decades of intrusive and worthless testing that do absolutely NOTHING to screen out problem employees. People with addiction problems will have hard time doing their jobs while escaping detection. I'm OK with testing based on reasonable suspicion, depending on the occupation. If your job performed unsafely could cause injury to others, give up the MJ. Sucks, I know because the testing threshold is 50 nanograms per milliliter and people metabolize at different rates.

    I also object to testing as it can cause disability discrimination. I take anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. I know people with awful chronic pain conditions who have to take opiates to survive a typical day.

    I don't know if gender can be detected in most pre-employment screens because it requires extra steps and is purportedly more expensive, but I wouldn't risk it, personally. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if they tested male applicants for pregnancy.
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    Gender can most definitely be detected. I can't say whether they do that for a drug screening (although I can't I imagine why they wouldn't). Same goes for synthetic urine, if they don't have controls in place to detect it, that's pure luck, and nothing to be counted on. Substituting female or synthetic urine would carry roughly the same risk as taking a chance with using his own urine--maybe even a little higher because those are so obvious. It is sheer incompetence in the testing or pure luck, if you can buy something off the Internet or at a head shop and pass a drug test.

    To wit, if it's only urine without drugs in it, you could have a dog piss in a jar, and use that.

    In the end, though, it's all luck because it is going to depend on the company doing the testing, the controls in place, and the type of testing done.

    Real male urine that is clean delivered via an unobserved collection is the lowest risk option, if trying/able to cheat the test. His options are limited and...suboptimal. I wish him the best of luck.

    Oh, and I don't recommend or condone cheating
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