Vaporizer Temp for Cannabis

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Alright... I don't know how many of you own a vaporizer... But those of you that do own one with a digital or some sort of temperature control... Does anyone know the best temperature to vaporizing cannabis (or in their opinion the best)?I havebeen using this range for quite some time now and found great results for cannabis vaporization:

    175C to 200C (347F to 392F)

    SWIMjust wanted to get a second opinion from others to see if this is truly the best temperature rangeto release all the active components possible without creating smoke... Cheers
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    Feb 19, 2005
    from U.K.
    "vaporizers will heat up the MJ using a heating element as opposed to a flame. A flame is over a 1000 degrees, while depending on your model the heating element will offer ideal temperatures between 300-400 degrees. This allows the MJ to heat up and release active ingredients (THC) as a mist or vapor instead of smoke.

    The vapor is a bit dry and can act as an irritant in the lungs, so you will still cough, but the cough will not be a choking smoking cough, it will be a clearing-of-the-throat sort of cough. You'll immediately notice the difference as you can take a nice breath of fresh air and still feel as if you didn't take in anything.

    Other pluses include:
    -A "clearer" high, which partially due to the removal of smoke from the process.

    -Less of a comedown/shot feeling afterwards, definitely attributed to the reduction of smoke.

    -Less weed needed to get high; the vaporizer is more efficient than smoking, as some THC is destroyed by the flame. Here you're not losing any of it to heat.

    -Much more stealth; smoke clings and smells, vapor has a slight smell, but dissipates into the air. It can easily be taken care of with a ceiling/room fan or the waving of a blanket.

    -Excellent taste, MJ tastes like it smells!"

    "Cannabis requires a very high temp of 185C, we do not recommend going over 200C.
    Pure vapor is only assured at temperatures less than 200C."
    -taken from... warrenty info.

    Ok, so now that we know that a flame is extremely hot, and the only thing that it does is burn the weed and give u smoke, and that by heating the weed you get vapor or a mist of THC. The vapor is achieved at a lower temp and only burns the THC off and leaves the weed "dead" but still in lil buds... there is no THC on the buds anymore and all you would get by smoking them is just smoke... they might have some black on them but they wont turn into dust if you have the heating set right... SWIM can tell you this from personal experience..

    So why not make brownies out of what's left over. A simple reason, the weed that you have left over is "dead" and there is no active THC in it anymore it has all been heated out by the vaporizer. So when u go to extract the THC out of the buds into the oil (or how ever u do it) you will simmer the oil and the buds together, and you will maybe get the greencoloring but no THC will be in the oil... You might getthe tiniest bit of THC but i dont think enough to make a difference to anything.

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    May 3, 2005
    Use the Search . . . Vaporizing temps are there.

    I have discussed this before, somewhere (I don't use the Search much either), but I will happy to share the info.

    First, I use the Valve-Set from the Volcano vaporizer. This doesn't especially matter, but just to keep the story straight. In this set-up, the Pot is placed in a short piece of pipe, suspended between 2 metal screens.

    The Heat (and Air) source is a regular HeatGun. A HeatGun is just like a Blow Dryer (in fact I use it as one, if I just washed my hair before I vaporize). But a HeatGun has a variable temperature (from 100 degrees up to at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit), and a variable Air-flow (from a light flow, to a good-sized Blast).

    To Vaporize, place the HeatGun up against one of the metal screens. The Air (and vaporized THC resins) waft out of the second metal screen. So, just tie a Bag around the second screen, and it will fill-up with "Smoke"; Fun smoke.

    After the Bag's full, the Fun can begin. Suck out some of the Smoke in the bag. This is a Hit (and a big Hit with me).

    Store-recommended Temperature. When I bought my Valve-Set, I was told by the sales-person: "Set it for 350 degrees, and leave it there."

    My Temperature Range. I start with 370. I fill up a couple bags. I kick-up the temp to 390. Enjoy a couple bags. 420, 450. I frequently stop at 450. Or I bump it up to 490, and take a farewell-to-this-joint bag.

    The maximum Temp is all a matter of taste. The different temps release different resins. After you try 450 degrees, you may decide that you don't care for it (so, stop at 420). Each of the temps has its own flavor, and kick. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

    The Marijuana Burn-point. One temp to be aware of is 520 degrees. At this point, the Marijuana will start burning (avoid it if you can).

    Some Strains will blow themselves out at 420, and almost nothing comes out above that. This just shows that they don't have certain cannabinoids in them that other Strains Do have.

    HASH wants More heat. When I vaporize Hash, I begin at a higher temp, usually 390 ... and go up from there (520 Max). Because Hash is mostly resin, it does not begin to burn at 520 (instead it burns at about 550).

    Bonus Edit: You can tell if the Vaporizer is still vaporizing . . . smoke pours out of the vaporizing unit. When no smoke comes out, you are done. Then you pour out the de-THC'd pot. It looks just like when you poured it in to the Vaporizer (except the color, it's not green anymore, it's yellow or brown).Edited by: Solidly-here