Virola theiodora/callophylla resin powder

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    Hi Spicers,

    Virola theiodora or Virola callophylla resin powder seems to have a
    high amount of tryptamines inside. It is also called Epena from some indians in south america. According to a investigation of
    Holmstedt there is up to 11% of alkaloids in the resin powder, some
    ethnobotanical shops write up to 8% in their description. They probably
    all refer to similar information sources...

    Mainly 5-Meo-DMT should be the content of the alkaloid mix, beside also
    smaller amounts of N,N-DMT, Tryptamine, N-Monomethyltryptamine,
    5-Methoxy-N-monomethyltryptamine and
    2-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-beta-carbolin (which might act as an MaoI).
    Source (Sorry I found just this German website, but probably there is
    also english material): thei odora.htm

    It should even be possible to smoke it, about 100mgs of the resin powder should give a 8mg 5-Meo-DMT high...

    It is a quite interesting product, because it would be one of the cheapest sources of 5-Meo-DMT if the high content is correct.

    additional english information:

    Does anyone has experience with this material?

    Did anyone made an extraction out of it?

    Which yields were found?

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