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    May 22, 2005
    I has some cocaine powder but when obtaining freebase the freebase stays waxy.What could be the problem and how to solve it ?
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    Sep 1, 2006
    That's because it is cut with procaine or simmilar anaesthetic. These dont crystalize well as cocaine freebase and stay waxy, with all the juice inside, not letting it crystallize properly. There is a method to go around this, unfortunately using the bicarb method, which swim personally hates (prefers the ammonia procedure, but it's not practical in this case, read below).

    The point here is to make everything as dry as possible, with nearly no water. Follow this method here to make some impure rocks first, that have cocaine and the cuts, then extracting the juice with ether - You can also see this as a way to purify crack if needed.

    -------- Baking Soda Method-------

    1.) Lighter
    2.) Glass Beaker
    3.) Distilled Water
    4.) Baking Soda
    5.) Rubbing Alcohol

    1.) Mix four-parts of coke to one-part of baking soda
    in glass beaker. (Yes, that IS a 4:1 ratio) I've done it
    by eye & found it's good not to exceed a 3:1 ratio.

    2.) Begin adding a few drops of distilled water to the
    mix, adding only enough to turn the powder into a
    muddy sludge-like consistency. WARNING: Do NOT
    add too much water or your coke will not harden up
    in the cooling process. - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

    3.) Drench the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol in a
    thick metal or ceramic dish. Add only enough to
    completely saturate the ball.

    PART 1:
    1.) Use the lighter to ignite the alcohol in the cotton
    2.) While the cotton ball is burning, heat the
    coke-sludge by swirling the beaker above the tip of
    the flame.
    3.) Continue swirling until the substance comes to a
    boil, then remove it from the flame to cool.
    When your substance has cooled it should form a
    clump of solid "rock-bubbles."


    Ok, here ends the first part of this (very known) tutorial. But since the second part of the tutorial says to add more water, thats exactly what we can't do, just like in the ammonia method, which requires a 10% water/ammonia solution, so scrape all the things out of the beaker, chop them up, then add some ether and mix some time. Ether will dissolve the cocaine but not the other cuts. DO NOT USE ANY SOURCE OF FIRE AND DO THIS IN A VENTED ROOM - ETHER IS A BITCH REGARDING SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION - CLOSE AND STORE THE BOTTLE EACH TIME YOU USE IT - Allow any solids to stay in the bottom then pour all the ether in a plate. Evaporate it and scrape the freebase from the plate. Repeat until none crystalizes on the plate.

    It is probable that some procaine will also mix with the ether but it wont be much. Just make sure the resulting rocks in the first phase are bone dry, and everything should go okay - remember to add just enough water to make a paste, not disolving everything!

    Hope this helps - if someone has any ideas on this subject (avoiding "caine" products, separating from cocaine) would be welcome, because more often this happens.

    Have fun