Effects - weird experiance was it caused by spice diamond?

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by mashed, Jan 13, 2009.

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    sorry if this in the wrong board I didnt know wether to put it in herbal highs or drug combinations.:s

    anyway I had a really weird experiance today,I had a few bags of spice diamond delivered this morning through the post,I has tried all the spices except diamond,anyway today I smoked about 3 joints in the morning,and felt fine.as bad as this sounds swim huffs solvents....a lot swim knows I shouldnt do it but anyway, I usually uses a whole can of lighter refill at a time,and usually never ever trips today I used about quarter of a can and instantly started tripping a lot and not nice trips either scary as hell ones.it felt like taking a nightmareish dose of acid it was so strong,at the time siwm hoestly thought it was god telling me if swim done it again I would die,and the effects were me being punished for using drugs....off quarter of a can!addimitly I have been using more over the last few days (about ten cans since saturday)but swim still cant work out why.could it be cause by the spice?