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Experiences - Weird first LSD trip

Discussion in 'LSD Discussions' started by abuseforapie, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. abuseforapie

    abuseforapie Titanium Member

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    Jun 13, 2010
    Male from Canada
    So this was swims first time on lsd. He went to this guys house, a really sketchy man. It was fairly "potent" stuff (overpriced like hell), but swim took it anyway seeing as lsd hardly ever comes his way (rare as hell around here). It was a fairly small square tasteless, colorless tab, and they said it would take about 2h to peak.

    After 2h swim never got any visuals, just weird body sensations, but he just passed it off as placebo or a bad marijuana high (swim, et al were smoking tons of weed in the meantime). Swim got mainly body and perceptual distortions, it is hard to put into words the exact feeling, but it was like stimulation, but of nausea, like oneness with the enviorment, and just tuning out. He had a strange perception, as if nothing at all even mattered at the time. About 30 min later swim and his friend dipped and walked to the mall. Thee both felt ripped off; swim overpaid for a crappy blotter and he got gypsied on the amount of weed he bought. By the time swim got home about 30 min later, he was very anxious, and sort of depressed. He was also very confused, and reading anything seemed impossible. He went upstairs to make food, and his girlfriend told him that his grandfather died and the family would be leaving tomorrow to make the preparations. At the time, strangely, this made no impression on him, and it didn't even seem to make any sense to him. It must have been awkward because it just didn't "click" into swims mind at the time. He remained in this weird state till he slept about 4h later.

    tbh, swim doesn't even know for sure if it was lsd, maybe he didn't take a high enough dose.
    Oh well, swim is going to bury his grandfather now, be back Wednesday.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  2. zerozerohero

    zerozerohero Titanium Member

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Male from earth
    All the space rodent can say is the following:

    - swiy probably got ripped off / bloters where dosed low. Many people won't get any clear visuals at all from LSD unless a certain threshold is met.

    - the effects of marijuana, especially the greenhouse/strong kind, although often completely overwhelmed by the lsd when the dosage is suffcicient and the threshold is hit, can sometimes lead to the common smoker's paranoïa, thus not helping one to achieve a good trip - hashish should be preferred since often less pro-psychotic (especially if one is in morocco).

    - the setting is of foremost importance in the experience with psychedelics and if one starts the experience with mixed feelings and gets such bad news shoved in his face on top of it all, the space rodent can imagine that the eperience may not have been what one expected.

    - Heat (and the rodent knwos how warm it can get in Morocco in spring) is not a friend of LSD and quickly deteriorates even the best blotter.

    The rodent would also advise to report the weakness of the product to the dealer and ask him for a better price next time, as well as better stuff.
    Sometimes a batch can be bad or low-dosed and the dealer himelf will not know before users actually complain. And even the shadyes looking guys can be quite receptive to critic towards their product.

    Finally, the rodent would like to present SWIY his condoleances and wish SWIY all the best for the hard time to come. The rodent would also advise to renew the experience in a well prepared setting, without any unpleasant exterior interference (as far as they are predictable - in SWIY's case it wasn't) and with plenty of food, drinks, music and good friends, and why not a nice plae to go to and trip without being bothered.