Experiences - What does the LSD high feel like?

Discussion in 'LSD' started by Lyssa, Feb 2, 2005.

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    Feb 2, 2005
    I'm currently writing an essay on the how the LSD affects the body and even though the technical stuff is easy to find, it's difficult to find detailed information on what the high actually feels like. Everytime I have done acid and mushrooms I never hallucinate, the more I take, the sicker I get, plain and simple. Is this a physical or physcological thing? Or is it just a really bad source? Anyway, if anyone would like to elaborate on the following common comments, I would greatly appreciate it And if anyone would tell me why I can't get more than a body high, well, you'd be my hero.

    What do you mean when you say that you can see sounds and hear the things you see?

    What do you physically feel like when you are having your best high?

    What type of hallucinations do you have? Are the simply manipulations of what is there, colour and shape, or are they of things that aren't actually there?

    I'm not sure what else to ask but if anyone has some descriptive stories for me, please share! [​IMG]
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    Jan 21, 2005
    Senses crossing is called synesthesia, I think. You
    could check that out on google and get tons of info. I used to be
    really interested in that when I saw an article about it in Nickelodeon
    Magazine in like 5th grade. Ahaha I'm so cool.

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    Dec 22, 2004
    It sounds to me like your source is crap. LSD, although it can
    induce nausea, will also cause you to trip. I can't really call
    the LSD experience "high", since it's not always a specifically
    positive experience. Actually, now that I think about it, there's
    not a really good way for me to describe it. How distored things
    get, and what is real and what is a hallucination depends on the
    dose. Also, some things may seem more significant for some
    reason. Meh. Go find some acid, then you'll know.
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    Dec 11, 2004
    38 y/o from costa_rica
    You don't see any pure hallucinations on LSD, but you rather see
    reality through a different perspective. You get to see things in a new
    way, things take new meanings, the way your logic works starts to work
    differently. You no longer percieve the world through your 5 senses,
    but you percieve the world and your mind simultaneously and

    But it's still reality. You can't really expect to go into a place that
    doesn't exist, but rather percieve the things that do exist in a new
    way. You see everything around you looks good and new, everything is
    beautifull. Everything is interesting, you feel like a curious baby who
    just discovered the world around him.

    as long as you stay away from the dark side.

    LSD is not an hallucinogenic, its a psichadelic.
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    Mar 23, 2005
    i've just recently done LSD....in micodots form, i took three of em. I was always very interested in hallucinations of all sorts. i've done a lot of research on the net about LSD and psychedelics. where i live LSD is not available..it is extremely hard to find one. I used to experiment with ecstasy for it's tiny bit of psychedelic.

    then one day a friend of mine got some from europe...the microdots where very very small, like taking a ink pen and putting a dot on a paper..that small, i took 3 of em and sat down on the couch in my friends house. the feeling first came one hour after ingestion, a slight tingling sensation throughout the body, something like ecstasy but not like it..

    set and setting is a very important thing when doing powerfull hallucinogens like LSD...u have to be in mental stable condition...because once it starts..it opens, everything in your mind will be amplified, deep fears, desires,....

    slowly i started to feel weird...somehow disconnected..like i was there but not there at the same time....Time has no meaning..my conciousness was outside of time to me,

    Then the hallucinations came....Man it was the biggest fullblown hallucination i ever had...words on the news paper started to float...my eyes where bulgingout...i was seeing things....patterns and texture on the walls and floors started to move, staring at one spot for a long time started to scare me as my whole vision started to swirl like a whirpool...i looked at the tv to focus again...my body felt light..like i had no body...my view started the wave just like when u are under water looking up to the surface...but only that it is much much slower, symbols started appearing on the walls....

    i felt as if the filter of my eyes hav been removed...i just stared and i could see the edges of myview..like watching a movie and you can see the corner ofthe screen..the edges of my view started to have tails of color that change and move..like the tails of tadpoles moving very fasti stand up and couldn't walk properly the room was distorted...i saw the colors change, split...my senses where extremely stimulated....i started to see the walls and floor move and causing friction of sparks in extremely slow motion...like diamonds..shining, it's hard to explain

    but one thing i know for sure is that it has answeredcertain phyilosophy questions in my mind...

    now i know what true hallucinations are....

    it's a extremely powefull drug...physchologically...very powerfull it unleashes the unconcious mind...it plays with your beliefs

    for some reason i somehow believe it is a very mysterious drug....it open doors, to the unknown..to the insane...to the corner of the human mind...words are hard to exxplain
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    Apr 23, 2004
    from Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    Look at your friends. See the gears turning inside their heads ?
    Now,look, their faces have red and blue neon stripes on them.
    Look at their eyes, are they whiter than anything you've ever seen ? like big glass marbles staring at you. Look at the walls, it's like looking at a "ever evolving fractile"
    I can hear my heart beating.. louder and louder
    Step outside... everything is "alive" with colors... rainbow "auras" surround everything, people walking by, any movement leaves "trails" and "tracers". Every footstep you take feels like your walking 100 feet at a time (keep on truckin')The cement and asphalt as well as dirt and trees and grass.. all "swirling" with fractile like appearence. The air smells "heavy", almost liquid. Your entire body feels strange... everything is "funny", you can't stop laughing. You try to express yourself but all you can say is "freaky" and "far out" or "heavy man"...You think you are loosing your mind... no, well yes... how long will this last ?

    or something like that.

    Lay back on my bed, Look at the ceiling and watch it "morph" into a giant clown face, laughing at (with) me.

    I don't think "they" make acid like they used to "back in the day".
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    Mar 29, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    If you are not getting high from what you ingest then stop using it. Peace
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    May 3, 2005
    How do I sense life? How can I tell you?

    The problem with hallucinations is that they are personal. If I can smell good music, or watch it wafting out of the speakers, it is just what I am experiencing.

    If 10 people look up at a cloud, each person will have his own perception of just what that cloud looks like. Now, if I spend a few minutes, describing to you how I perceive that cloud, you still (probably) will not experience it in the same way as I do. So, am I right in my perspective? Yes. Are the other 9 people right? Sure, why not.

    Now, the cloud experiment is with something that we both can see, a hallucination (on the other hand) is something that I see, but that you cannot see.

    I heard a story about 2 blind people. They each walked up to an elephant and touched it. One said: "This animal is a long, thick hose" (the trunk). Another one said: "This thing's like a tree (holding onto a leg).

    Who was right? Well, I guess they were both right. Each one could only experience a piece of the elephant, and they both said what they thought it was. Are they stupid? No. Humans are NOT omniscient (we just know what we know, whether it is true or not).

    As I journey through a trip, it is a very personal experience. The only way to (attempt to) re-create my experience is: Try it yourself. But, of course, then you would be a different person touching the elephant: Remember. It's your elephant.Edited by: Solidly-here
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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    Is it just me, or do a lot of you guys get a complete physical uplift when on acid? It never really effects my body but totally changes my mind.

    Scrolling through these pages I sense that some people get a real physical high off it. I've never experienced anything like that. This uncommon?
  10. Solidly-here

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    May 3, 2005
    Physical High = leftovers from mental high.

    nature_boy puts out the question:"Do a lot of you guys get a complete physical uplift when on acid?... I sense that some people get a real physical high off it."

    When I am zooming through the Universe at the speed of light (the best parts of tripping), I am feeling happy, excited (a child-like innocence). This helps me develop an attitude of happiness: happy that I am living in this special existence ... happy that the world is light-years away.

    This charged state allows my body to be happy too. The little pains just aren't there (they're back on earth). I sit up straight, throw my chest out. With a wonderful attitude, my body is on fire.

    Yes, I get a "real, physical high"; this, in turn, makes my mind more eased, allowing my trip to "kick it upanother notch."

    You are what you think you are. I think my body is doing GREAT. Therefore, my body IS doing great. After all, why not use the power of (at least part of) a trip to improve myself?
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    Apr 19, 2005
    My physical high dies before my mental high. I get a rush of energy coursing though my viens and cannot keep my limbs still, especially my hands.

    That dies down after several hours and I'm left with my hallucinations. When thats all done, I just feel tired and burned out.
  12. lpalien

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    Jun 15, 2005
    I definitely experience a physical high on acid. When I see
    pretty lights and colors, I get these fantastic rushes of pleasure
    throughout my entire body. This is right before I peak, I
    think. Its definitely orgasmic-like but very different because I
    know it depends directly on what I'm seeing. Anyway, its
    completely awesome!
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    Oct 11, 2012
    from earth

    While this is a really old thread, I was very excited reading the questions posed, so am going to try and share my own experience; I say try because it truly isnt easy to explain some of those things that happen to you - man forget explaining, its a big deal if you even recognise it or become aware of it. Such is the LSD trip.

    Many of you have so rightly said it - its not a high. It gives perspective and makes you look at everything differently. But its not always a pleasant trip and thats why many drug enthusiasts prefer the ecstacy and MDMA to LSD. I even go so far as to call it the intellectual's drug (please do not hurl stones at me, its just an opinion). Now to answer the questions posted at the beginning:

    What do you mean when you say that you can see sounds and hear the things you see?
    Imagine looking at the bark of a tree or the tiles of the floor or the pattern on your scarf. What if the bark suddenly starts becoming wavy like the water in a lake. The cracks of the wood make patterns that look like your school teacher, scorpions, flowers, writings, etc depending on who you are and how you think. The wavy bark with the writings on it starts moving towards or away from you if you manage to keep your concentration on it that long;-)

    Your sense of smell and hearing take a wierd turn (I am not scientifically well-informed to explain why, maybe somebody else can). You can smell nothing bad no matter how close you are to it. No wonder we can use dirty stinking public toilets under the influence (this is true for all or most drugs, huh?). But the thing with LSD is, you can smell good things from a very long distance. I could smell the incense stick coming from the neighbours house (not good with metres and other units). I almost fainted with the fragrance of a gentleman's perfume, it was so strong.

    You can hear any conversation you want. I mean, concentrate on a voice you think you hear and you can hear the words soon enough. You may not feel like concentrating like this but if you do you can hear people from a distance. It could be because your senses are at their best. Or you may just make up your own stuff in the head and think you are hearing it outside. Sometimes you are speaking your thoughts and you dont realise it - Am I thinking or talking or both or neither?

    Now because you’re senses are so awake, you will see movements you wont otherwise see - for example, when you walk down a street you see someone you think you know. You want to smile but you wait for the other person to go first. If the other person is on LSD, he would have already seen the beginning of a smile in the corners of your mouth and the eyebrows coming together in caution, taking away the smile. So you see? You can read minds or feel the other person too – But you could be completely wrong too and your imagination can drive you crazy too.

    What do you physically feel like when you are having your best high?
    Physically, I think you become aligned, one piece, very light and something about the spinal cord. It vibrates. If I have music then the music enters me – I can move as quickly as the fastest beats with jerks and sharp movements unlike ecstacy or mdma on which the body sways, jumps and has flow. LSD makes me rhythmic but jerky and I don’t jump I get rooted. Other than that, when you are at the peak you don’t even know what’s going on with you body. You just cant concentrate on anything at will so you also cannot just remain in the same place – you may wander away. All you senses are heightened. I can feel someone passing by behind me (I can feel the air movement, I can smell them and I can sense their emotions or so I think) No physical discomfort whatsoever. If very large dozes (something like an OD) then you can get severe cramps and catches, that’s something you don’t want. Also on LSD, if I feel pain in any part of the body, then it means Ive a problem there (this is just very personal and I’ve no scientific reason to back it)

    What type of hallucinations do you have? Are the simply manipulations of what is there, colour and shape, or are they of things that aren't actually there?
    Both. The lights become bigger or smaller, brighter for sure, appear in places where lights aren’t even there. Then depending on the state of mind you are in you may see things that don’t exist. For example, if your mind is thinking about safety, you might see that all people are staring at you, making signs at you... they might have demonic faces. If you are feeling good and comfortable you might walk upto a very hostile person (like a cop) give him a hug and a kiss and walk awayJ
    As many have already stated, LSD is a mind drug. What happens to the body is simply because of what it does to the mind. And the drug itself can only intensify what you already ARE.
    But if you felt nothing mental, its not LSD. Dont think it will like a 3D animation thingy and you will be in complete consciousness to enjoy the hallucinations that you come across – it will all be very confusing and very deep. It will take a few days after the trip to realise what it is that you saw/experienced and what that means. Effects of LSD can last for a considerable period of time after the trip is over (months, sometimes years)
    There are definite times during the trip when one feels 'please, god stop this thing now' but it will go on and on if we sit and wait for it to go. I think it works real well to start doing what you want to do after LSD before the drug takes effect - dancing or meditating or whatever... then you will effortlessly move into the trip n enjoy the action better giving you an indication that you are tripping. but if you wait, the whole trip might be just a wait session....

    If you just cant handle the trip, try a small line of coke. In my humble opinion and experience, it gives direction to the LSD trip and makes it enjoyable. But I only do this when I simply cant handle the trip.

    All you LSD lovers out there, more is not merrier when it comes to LSD (any drug for that matter, perhaps). Enjoy and experience it in small dozes and then increase when you are ready and if you need to. Also, in my opinion, very commercial guys who are intent on the money dont usually keep LSD. I have found very good stuff from the 70s hippies(many a times for free!) in vials and blotter sheets and they have never failed me )
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    Mar 4, 2013
    from Canada
    I found this post very interesting because I have experienced many different highs when taking LSD.

    The first 3 times I tried LSD, I only did about 1/4 - 1/2 a tab of acid, also taken with 2 capsules of MDMA. Each time I did this, I would experience an extreme body high, stronger than the feeling you get by consuming just MDMA. It made me want to just sit and not dance, like I would on M, but the intense feeling did feel good but it also made my lower body feel almost numb. I still candy flip with low doses of acid because I do really enjoy this body high. For this type of roll, I have experienced no hallucinations, just colours seemed brighter and sounds seemed louder.

    The other times I did a slightly higher dosage of LSD (with little - no MDMA). My tolerance is not very high so each time I do only one hit of acid, that is when I start to hallucinate. Colours not only seem brighter, and sounds louder but walls and floors morph, images wobble and colours appear that are not there. The most amazing effect I get each time I trip is that walls/floors look like they are breathing and light up for every breath. For example, a bathroom stall, a fridge and a street all looked like the were breathing when I tripped. Building also looked like they were a still painting that changed colours. I also experienced little - no body high while doing more acid. For some reason I feel almost completely sober except for the visuals. o_O

    That is the difference between the highs I get on LSD. Has anyone else experienced the same things?