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Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by bdraftee86, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. bdraftee86

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    Mar 5, 2005
    hey whats up. newbie pot smoker here. i've smoked
    maybe 4 times in my life starting maybe 3 months ago. My first
    experience was absolutely horrible. I smoked a gram with my g/f
    at the time in her bathroom. I felt nothing at first i was
    like..oh thats it??...then i felt verry light and relaxed for maybe 30
    seconds. After that..my face turned ghost white and i started
    shaking violently. I had this horrible feeling off loss of
    control..ii felt powerless and i couldnt even hold a thought for more
    then like 7 seconds lol anyway i woke up baked the next morning
    and i passed it off as bad weed or a bad experience. The next two
    times i smoked dont really count cause it was like 1 hit. OK my
    last experience is pretty much why i'm posting here. This
    happened yesterday at around 3:30 P.M. and now its 5:30 (following day)
    and i feel as if ive pretty much come out of it. I got this
    blueberry smelling weed from this kid at school in the morning. i
    went for alittle drive to this culdasac (spelling?) where no houses
    have been built.. I took maybe 3 big hits. as i started driving
    away again i got that really relaxed feeling. but then i started
    losing it again and i knew i had to pull over. I pulled over into
    a school parking lot and absolutelY BUGGED out for maybe 10 - 15
    mins. this like extreme nauseous/dizziness but i couldnt pass
    out. felt like i was having a seizure.. i layed down in my
    back seat and that horrible nauseous feeling went away..but then i felt
    like my entire body was violently shaking...as if my nerves were
    pulsating all over my body. within 5 mins of smoking it my hair
    was drenched in sweat. i came to enough where i was able to drive
    home..anyway the rest is history...layed down..went to sleep ..feel
    better today. OK wtf..people say weed is sooo amazing and
    i want to have a good experience from smoking!! why does this
    keep happening to me??? i would pass it off as..oh..well ok the
    weed could have been laced...but this has happend before. is it
    me?? someone help me out. thanks
  2. Herbal Remedy

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    Oct 31, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    smoke less next time, i've been there
  3. Creeping Death

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    Jun 29, 2004
    The same thing happens to me when i smoke too mutch. It's like an anxiety attack or something. But it doesn't look like you had too mutch of it. Maybe you're allergic or something?
  4. korky8097

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    Feb 27, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    try taking 5-10mg of val 30 min before you smoke. Sounds like an anxiety attack.
  5. MaFi0s0

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    Dec 13, 2004
    theres a thing called being 'dose sensative' ive heard of it for MDMA but never heard of it forpot, although i believe i am dose sensative to pot, because if i have alit bit im relaxed, but if i have one or 2 puffs too many it sends me over the edgefor a period of 2-6 hours(depending on amount)and for that whole time i will be living a nightmare, i will get a bad case of jamais vu(oposite to de ja vu), where everyones face and all soroundingswill look unfamiliar although i know i know them, even my own home willseem really strange, infact my whole existance is as though im in one bad dream, worst thing that could ever happen, and ive had some bad stuff happen to me. so best thing to do man is to either quitpot all together or beextremelycarefull, and i mean, find out how long it takes to hit you completly once you start puffing it, say for example that time is 3 and a half minutes, then take 1 puff every4 minutes until you find yourself at a 'sweetspot' where your high but not panicing, keep in mind some weed will be stronger then others, ive had some really good experiences with weed, although just because one batch gave u a good experience doesnt mean that same batch wont mess u up next time(been there done that) so everytime you smoke make sure to take it slowly, and dont let people pressure you into puffing everytime it gets passed your way.

    your experiencemight not been as bad as mine mentally because you only had 3 big hits, and you say it lasted a short time,1st time i had a bad experience i held in2 cones until icouldnt hold my breath anymore.. and it was5 whole minutes before it hit me all at onceand i was trippin for 6 hours straight,and because i had somuch i had relapses for 6 months afterwards,and if by any chanceit happens to you (touch wood) dont worry too much because it will pass in good time its not perminent, and dont believe that "some people should just not take drugs" bullshit because pot(a psychadelic/mild halucanagen)hates me but CNS stimulants such as coke and speed go great with me, never had a bad experience on them.

    goodluck and take it easy
  6. joemomma

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    Jan 21, 2005
    that happend to me a couple of times when I was just starting we used
    to call it getting geeked It hasent hapend in years maybe you should
    just smoke less until your body gets used to the high

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    Nov 25, 2004

    i totally agree, because sometimes things like this would happen to me, just not to that extent. i think maybe your paranoid from your bad high, or your just really anxious about whats going to happen with your next high..like how its going to be/nervous it will suck again. i usually took 1mg of xanax about 30 minutes before smoking and everything went fine. im not sure how much valium is equal to that, but it can never hurt to try this.

  8. P!MPJU!C3

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    Jul 13, 2004

    U r smoking bad stuff. Good stuff should bring Paranoia, which is clearly what u had.
    One might not want to jump to conclusions right away on the allergic factor. Its not unusual 4 ur brain to blow up to THC 4 the 1st few times. Everybody has a different experience. Some feel nothing, some feel regularly relaxed and stoned, some get horney and happy and some get sick. I might like to ad that it may not even be the THC. It maybe that ur lungs are weak and all the tar they get in makes them sick. Therefor i would like to ask u the following questions.
    Do u smoke or have u been around people smoking for a long period of ur life?
    Are u allergic to many other things?
    How tall are u and what is ur weight?
    How powerfull is ur mind in ur opinion? Would it be possible for u to make urself feel things that arent really there?
    In what circumstances did u smoke the weed?
    Would u have a reason to suspect ur weed was laced with stuff like salvia or kratom?

    Please post the answers and i might not even have to tell u what exactly happend.

  9. bdraftee86

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    Mar 5, 2005
    no..its good stuff trust me. I agree with mafioso. since
    that time i've smoked 3 or 4 more times with the thought in the back of
    my head.."remember what happened last time" because how mafioso
    described it is exactly how i felt..its one of the scariest feelings in
    the world. it goes away thankfully. so i did what people
    have been telling me..take hits and then wait. and i did..and i had a
    really GREAT experience for the first time. i was at the beach
    with my g/f then went to my friend house. it felt so good.
    everything felt great. just like smelling the ocean air it was
    amazing..cant describe it. I have a new question now. weed
    is great..but its gotta be fucking up my mind. how much damage does pot
    really do to your brain. I'm a smart kid i dont want to end up a
    pot head.
  10. bdraftee86

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    Mar 5, 2005

    -im allergic to everything ( i really dont think weed though )

    -i was anxious and smoked by myself wen i had that bad trip (go figure)

    -I'm 55 120 lbs (lightweight)

    -the weed was not laced i talked to and trust the kid i got it from

    -i smoked cigarettes for a long time

    ive pretty much narrowed it down to an anxiety attack..its gotta be it.

    btw i used to take xanax for high anxiety..i think i might still have some left.
  11. pokeymcsmot420

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    Mar 19, 2005
    the xanax should counterbalance your anxiety perfectly

    if you would have mentioned your previous history with anxiety before im sure everyone wouldve came to a quicker conclusion about this.

    and if you dont have any anxiety from smokin, takina couple xanax and a few bowls will make for a killer high.

    just relax man, anxiety disorders run inswims family and ive seen this happen alot, in fact one ofswims cousins andswims uncle actually quit because they got too "panicky" when they smoke. Both are prescribed to xanax. glad to hear you had a positive experience, remember that from now on. good luck and enjoy the bud.

    p.s pot isnt that dangerous, dont worry...in fact it doesnt do any harm to the brain, makes cells go dormant for awhile i guess, but yea, id be more worried about the "i smoked cigarettes for along time"