What not to do with a lot of Adderall XR

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    May 23, 2005
    So awhile back i received from a freind a substantial amount of
    Adderall. Something along hte lines of 170 mg. For some reason i
    didnt end up doing it for a long time, it just sat in my room, which is
    actually rather weird for me because i fucking love speed. Wel
    yesterday i finaly got around to takign the stuff. My original plan
    was to take like 50-70 mg a day for a few days, however, after
    taking 60 mg at about 2 oclock, as i showed up for work as a
    lifegaurd I soon felt an urge to eat a few more.

    2:00-Ate two 30 mg XR adderall. XR is essentialy extended release
    adderall, meaning that when yo take 60 mg of it, you do not get it all
    at first, it slowly absorbs into your blood giving you a steady long
    period of happy moods.

    2:15-I begin to feel a bit anxious and twitchy. Unfortunately at this
    point i am on duty lifegaurding and will be stuck in a chair for the
    next 15 minutes.

    2:30-I get down from the chair and go to see if there is any
    maintanence work to be done around the pool. I am feeling the
    beginings of a speed rush, something i am not used to geting with
    extended release adderall.

    2:40-Help out the person in the snack bar. The business of doing
    this snackbar work is really enjoyable to me, as i am doing it i begin
    to get a full blown adderall rush. For those of you who dont know
    what this feels like, it is sort of like a surge of energy, mixed with a
    surge of a really good mood, and acompanied by shivering
    sensations throughout the body and a warm expanding feeling in my
    chest (a very pleasurable feeling).

    3:00-I go out for a ciggarette and enjoy the rush which is still going
    rather strong, the ciggarette feels abnormaly good adding to the
    rush of the adderall.

    3:45-At this point the first downside to using extended release
    adderall, the waves of intensity. Because the adderall is coated in
    beads, some which disolve at different rates then others, the feeling
    of the soeed tends to come on and off. It has been my experiance
    that there are normaly about three large peeks, followed by an
    extended feeling of being very "up" which lasts for a few hours
    making sleep impossible. Well anyways the first wave begins to wear
    off a bit and the rush subsides.I would not describe my mood at
    this point as depressed, because i still feel good, however i miss that
    rush i felt earlier.

    4:00-I know that the experiance is nowhere near over, and that i still
    have quite a bit more tweekin to do, but something in my head tells
    me to keep pushing. So i decide to take two 10 mg XR pills,
    bringing my total up to 80 mg.

    4:30-After going back up on another half hour of lifegaurding i go
    to a deck and read a book for school. I find myself underlining quite
    a bit of the text. The book, which is about the violent transition US
    went through when going from an agricultural society to an
    industrial one. The book, while normaly interesting, becomes
    absolutely fascinating to me, i tear through the rather long chapter,
    underlining everything i think i should know. I do all the underlining
    because i have noticed that my memory retention is not very good
    when im on speed.

    4:50-I am feeling really good right now, no rushing feeling, but my
    mood is great, im feeling really productive, and im optomistic
    beyond what i can soberly imagine. However, deciding that today is
    going to be a tweek day i decide to take two more 10 mg Xr pills,
    brining my total up to 100mg.

    6:00-I go back up on the stand to do anotehr 30 minutes of
    lifegaurding (at my work there are like 10 gaurds so i tend not to go
    up very often). At this point the last two pills i took are starting to
    take effect, tingles are going up and down my body, mostly
    concentrated in my head. It is very hot oustide, but for some reason
    i feel cold, in a way. No, i wasnt cold, my body was simply tingling
    all over, plus i was sweating rather profusively, which obviously
    cooled me down quite a bit. I also notice that i am become very very
    horny. I am normaly a pretty sexual person, but as im sitting up
    watching the swimmers, i begin to find almost every girl very
    attractive. All i could think about doing was fucking, so for those
    who say speed kills libido....well, bullshit.

    8:30-Have dinner with family, talke anotehr 10 mg pill (110) I dont
    really have any apetite, but it has been my experiance that eating
    something helps the comedown.

    9:00-Began writing a paper on the chapter i read during work today.
    Writing is not hard, but i am not very satisfied with the quality of the
    work. I probably would have been helped by the adderall when
    writing the paper had i not taken so much, but at this point i was
    jittery full of energy and i couldnt keep my thoughts together.

    10:30-Finish the paper, considering taking what is left of my
    adderall,(60mg) but i decide not too because i will just be in my
    room, probably bored. But then a freind calls asking if i want to
    hang out, i say yes and decide taht i will indeed take what remains of
    the adderall, bringing my total up to 160 mg.

    11:15-The effects of Adderall tend to be greatly diminshed when
    you ahve been up for awhile. The rush and euphoria felt when i took
    this same dosage earlier today was nowhere to be found. Instead i
    simply felt like i was maintining myself at the level i was at
    previously. I am still rather jacked up, and feeling really good, but
    my adrenaline glands are depleted and while im feeling very up, part
    of me is feeling exhausted. At this time my freind shows up and we
    smoke a few bowls. The high takes a very long time to come on,
    and as it does i notice that I am getting exceptionally high. Normaly
    when i get as high as i was at that point i am not quite able to
    function, when i try to express what im thinking i end up getting lost
    and forgeting what i was talkign about. However this time, though i
    felt rather stoned, i was still very aware and awake, due to the

    From this point two about 2:30 me and my freind walk around for
    awhile and smoke some mroe bowls. At about 3 am i return home
    and lay down, surprisingly enough i fall into a pseudo sleep,
    probably due to the weed. Basicly my body was so exhausted it was
    shutting down, as my mind was also doing, but i was not really

    I wake up from my "sleep" feeling mentaly,physicly and emotionaly
    exausted. As the morning goes on i am feeling worse and worse, no
    energy, completely out of it and a minor pain in my stomach. I
    decide that i am feeling this way due to my extreme tiredness and
    that i havent eaten very much in the last few days. So i get a bagel
    and 60 mg of adderall from a freind. I am trying to keep myself
    awake until about 10, at which point i will colapse in an exhausted
    heep on my bed.

    The time right now is 3:20 pm, i took the 60 mg a few hours ago
    and i am feeling its effects, not nearly what it was like when i took
    this amount yesterday, but whatever, im not as tired. I have a very
    weird feeling through my body right now, part tingling,part floating,
    and part focused. My lips are very chapped, and i feel some minor
    hunger pains, but hte thought of eating is sorta unapealing.

    After today i plan on going a two week sobriety period, try to nurse
    my body back into shape. Its not like a hurt it all that much though.
    My final milligram count is 220 mg in about 24 hours. It has been a
    rather long day and i am looking forward to getting some sleep. But
    for now i will just enjoy the speed and get some stuff done.
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    yeah, from what i know, that much is just excessive unless you have a ridiculous tolerance. if that ever comes up again, my advice would be to force yourself to hold out for at least 6 hours between doses, but doing 60 at first is usually cool. it feels like you want to do more, but with the xr it is completely unnecessary. you probably felt the way you did the next day because of dopamine depletion. it happens with pretty much anything speedy and euphoric, especially cocaine. the dopamine is the biggest reason you feel good on speed, but it is also a factor in feeling good when sober, so taking so much to the point where your brain is low as hell is going to bum you out the next day. i would try to limit yourself to 80 or 100mg over a 24 h period. from my experience it makes the next day somewhat easier, but then again, i don't really worry about anything ever, so any negative mental effects tend to go unnoticed.:thumbsup:
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    May 30, 2006
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    I have had similar experiences (although he had some tolerance) and the morning after is a disgusting feeling. Some of this can be avoided by eating, drinking water, and taking a multivitamin. However this will not remove the feeling completely, only reduce it. When taking that much amphetamine so near to sleep it is nearly impossible to get decent sleep. Because of this swiy's body does not have time to do all the normal maintenance that it normally does during sleep.
    Lastly, I am fairly sure that amphetamine is a mild MAOI. Therefor the more You takes the longer it will last.
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    i'm not sure if amphetamine is a mild MAOI. i haven't actually researched it yet (but will sometime soon now that it's been brought up) but as far as subjective evidence goes, my buddy SWIM just ate some mushrooms while on adderall the other day and it was relatively weak. every report i have read suggests that MAOIs increase the effects of psilocybin. i'm sure this wouldn't make a noticeable difference if the amphetamine is MILD, but it seems like it would do something at least.
    don't get me wrong, from what swim told me the trip was good and fun, but was exactly what could be expected from the amount consumed. no big surprises.

    rev 766 added 8 Minutes and 54 Seconds later...


    Among the materials which may be dangerous in combination with MAO inhibitors are:-

    Sedatives, tranquilizers, antihistamines, narcotics and alcohol) any of which can cause hypotensive crisis (severe blood pressure drop); and amphetamines (even diet pills), mescaline, asarone, nutmeg (active doses), macromerine, ephedrine, oils of dill, parsley or wild fennel, beer, wine, cocoa, aged cheese and other tyrosine containing foods (tyrosine is converted into tyramine by bacteria in the bowel) ) any of which can cause hypertensive crises (severe blood pressure rise).
    i just found this. apparently it is dangerous to take amphetamines along with MAOIs, so adderall couldn't be one.
    not trying to be a dick, hope i'm not coming off as one, just trying to spread knowledge.
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    Sep 11, 2007
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    Er... amphetamine is not an MAOI, and even if it were, wouldn't only the inhibitory effects on monoamine oxidize last longer?

    Even so, drug elimination generally follows a radioactive decay, which is why the half life of a drug is important, so of course the more one takes, the longer the effects last, but the duration should increase logarithmically.

    That's not to say that no MAOI causes dopaminergic activity similar to amphetamines, some do.
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    May 30, 2006
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    Thank you for the correction. I had intended to make clear that he couldn't find any research to support his belief and that it should be taken with a grain of salt. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Good job checking swim on that.
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    Jan 5, 2010
    k my lucifer has a question. he has a prescription from his shrink for 15mg Adderalls b/c he has ADHD, he has been trying to abuse them (stupidly, but what can he do he is a drug addict), but everytime he takes them he doesnt feel good at all, he feels normal and does more work (7 hours of a math textbook). in fact he does not really enjoy taking these pill b/c they give him an incurable case of insomnia. He snorts 2 and pops one once a week, no rush, just an OCCAISONALLY a slight 30 second head rush, but when he gets it, its so intense he cant stand straight, he is wondering if there is somehow his body has a slight immunity to some of the effects of adderall, if you understand what he is talking about or if this applies to any of your experiences please give me your informed answers if possible.

    -See you in hell,

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    Apr 1, 2005
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    So this patient keeps doing something they don't like, doesn't work, makes them sick... Really? How about not doing that?

    As to why. who knows?
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    Dec 20, 2009
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    Not so much an immunity, as the drug might be acting on You as it was designed to do. Such is the nature of drugs, we as a human population might get the general idea of what's going on but in reality have very little clue as to the specific actions of the drug, especially when applied to the individual.

    What SWIM means is that it affects everyone differently and what might cause somebody without ADHD to 'tweak' might have quite a different effect on somebody that actually suffers from it.

    But if I am reading your post correctly, once a week You insufflates 2 pills and swallows one at the same time? And the rest of the week You follows the correct dosage schedule? If so, the lack of desired effects might be simply due to tolerance of the drug. More than likely, attempting to up the amount taken/snorted on you's "fun" days would most likely only increase the negative side effects of the drug... however, if the pill isn't taken on a regular basis than it's likely that You needs more to actually feel the desired effects...

    Other than that, it's really dependant on you's weight, metabolism, natural resistance, and even natural body chemistry...

    Hope that made sense, it did in SWIM's addy-filled mind at the moment :)
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    Aug 25, 2009
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    Dear sweet baby Jesus, You has some kind of tolerance. If I takes so much as 1mg over 60mgs she gets SICK. Like, vomiting and omg-my-left-arm-is-numb and all sorts of other icky (overdose?) effects.
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    Jan 28, 2009
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    I was once in the middle of a deep mushroom trip and did some lines of coke with his friend. Very quickly all the visuals left completely and the mind-fuck was turned down a bunch. Might be the upper fighting the poison