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Other - What to tell my doctor to get the medication I want?

Discussion in 'Downers and sleeping pills' started by Unsolved Mystery, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Unsolved Mystery

    Unsolved Mystery Newbie

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    Sep 14, 2010
    25 y/o Female from new_zealand
    *apologies if in the wrong category*

    This is an e mail I just received from my mermaid and she'd like to share it with all of you too:

    This is a bit ironic but i'm a classic story of an ex junkie getting addicted to prescription pills three years later genuinely for neck and shoulder pain.

    I moved to New zealand ten months ago and due to the two 10 hour long flights to get here, my neck and back were in excruciating pain. They were always a bit sore but I never worried about it too much. Any ways I went to the doctor and they gave me a prescription for 120 15mg diclofenac and 60 15mg codeine, and loads of paracetamol and ibuprofen. I remembered that when I used to do drugs 3 years ago, diclofenac and codeine can be quite fun. So I just used the paracetamol and ibuprofen if I actually had neck and shoulder pain. And the first two recreationally. Now I'm always in pain. Even the diclofenac and codeine in stronger and bigger amounts don't fix the sharp pains in my neck.

    I've been trying to tell the doctors this the past 2 months but they won't do anything about it. I've been trying everything I can get otc but none of that works either. On top of it all I've had the flu (or flu symptoms) the past 1 and a half months. There are many reasons for them not going away but all I'm concerned about is how much of my pain is just because of feeling sick. I'm really beginning to freak out and I know my body is being poisoned from all this stuff i'm using to try feel better again. All I want is a drug that takes away the pain and flu, but that is also a little bit recreational.

    I regret getting started in drugs again but it's happened and I don't want to end it yet. I have no idea what drugs they may prescribe but maybe some one here can tell me what they were prescribed if they have neck and shoulder pain? Just wondering what it will be. I've sort of written a letter to my doctor to get an idea of what I want to say to him. He doesn't know me too well yet (changed gp), so I think it may be a good idea to really have a big heart to heart with him about all this so that he actually understands how I feel and how much pain i'm going through. But I have no idea if it makes sense or is a good approach to take etc so let me know what you think:

    “My cold hasn't gone away which is adding to my pain. I can't tell which parts are the ones that normally feel sore or if it's the extra pain i'm feeling because of the cold. Nothing is working for me right now. I feel like i'm polluting my body from using so much stuff and having it not even work, I think that is what is actually making me sick. I had to extend an assignment this week because all i've wanted to do is sleep because living is unbearable when you're in pain like that. I just want to go back to feeling normal. I've had so many appointments here in like the past two months, it makes me seem like a whiny spoilt brat but it's not like that, I just really need to feel back to my normal self. My mom died because of a surgery on her shoulder go wrong. The more pain I feel, the more I think i'm going to end up dying like my mom so it makes me not want to live. Yeah I don't really have anything else to say. If that doesn't make a doctor listen then I don't know what will. I do not believe in prescribing anti depressants though, if that's on your mind. I've tried a few of them and they pull me even further away from my real self and I get more depressed. All i'm wanting is medication that will get rid of my neck and shoulder pain and I can just get on with my daily life. My daily life is really great, I know it is, so that doesn't have to change I just need to appreciate it. And I can't appreciated it and enjoy it if i'm in so much pain.”

    but what if they then give me stuff that has no recreational effect because of how I worded my speech?

    I'm just stressing out... hope everything is making sense.

  2. Haanbcostfu

    Haanbcostfu Newbie

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    Feb 13, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Treatment depends on the cause of the pain. What were your doctor's thoughts about that cause? It would be irresponsible of any doctor to give opioid pain medications without evaluating the etiology of pain. The goal is not simply to cover up all bothersome symptoms.

    If the pain is musculoskeletal then opioids are not the best treatment. If the cause is more significant then a more through evaluation is needed before a treatment plan can be devised.

    A desire for recreational medications will complicate the process of evaluation and treatment and generally detract from it's own goal. Honesty and a non-biased view of the treatment are more effective. If you have already decided on a treatment then why do you need a doctor?

  3. rxbandit

    rxbandit Gold Member

    Reputation Points:
    May 19, 2006
    Male from U.S.A.
    Swirx thinks the best way to approach doctors is from a position of ignorance. Do not act as if swiy knows much about these substances. Stress that swiy just wants relief and will try whatever works. Any terribly undesirable medicine... insist swiy has tried it before with little relief. Let them come to there conclusions, act grateful, express concern over potential side effects (addiction etc., not to much though). Take what they give swiy.

    Come back a week or two later. Explain how the medicine is not working, or name some common side effects that are not tolerable. Talk about how it interferes with schooling or working (they regard these activities as ones worth helping preserve). Tell them someone at some public place noticed swiys discomfort got to talking to them and surprisingly they suffered similar problems as swiy. They said out of many treatments tried, insert drug name was the only one that worked for them, and they encouraged swiy to ask swiys doctor about it. It helps to use a non-suspect trade name for the medicine (example ask for vicoprofen rather then hydrocodone...).

    Tormented but not theatrical is a good approach.

    Swirx would also recommend looking into Pregabalin. Swirx has heard good things in regards to pain management without the addiction. Further non-traditional treatments such as acupuncture or massage could help.

    If swiys hitting a dead end with his doctor in regards to treatment it might be time to find a new doctor who will be more sympathetic.

    All of this said, find a effective treatment rather then just searching for recreational medicine, it sounds like the inner addict may be influencing swiys motives. Just be aware that opiates are only a temporary solution to pain and can often complicate the problem in the long run.

    best of luck.
  4. Pieces Mended

    Pieces Mended Silver Member

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    Oct 9, 2009
    Male from California, U.S.A.
    The letter poses a very serious question.... is the mermaid interested in relief of the pain, even if that means no recreational value of the treatment- or does the mermaid want something to play with while also treating the pain?

    Without knowing the exact reason why the pain is there, it's hard to say exactly what the right course of treatment is. There are very strong muscle relaxers that no doctor would start with as a shot in the dark, but in some situations would be much better than any opiate/opiod for pain relief. The issue could be something that needs therapy to heal- something that is unlikely to happen if the pain can just be dulled to manageable levels for indefinite periods of time. From the experience of a friend who has serious chronic issues in a joint and his back, just throwing pain meds at pain doesn't always work- regardless of how strong they are, eventually tolerance goes up and the underlying issue is still there. Codeine wouldn't even take the edge off of his pain, so I'm sure my friend would empathize with that.

    The best way to get any real help is for the mermaid to go in, throw up their hands, tell the doc the pain is intolerable, and say they don't want anything "stronger", just something the doctor thinks might be more effective, since there is no relief coming. That might net the mermaid something recreational, it might net them something that isn't but cures the pain, it might net something that is both- or neither. However, it will give the doctor confidence in the legitimate nature of the pain. From there, leverage comes to explain the tiny bit of relief from the codeine was more than the non-existent relief from the new non-opiod.

    Doctors are generally (and obviously) above-average in the intelligence department. They also deal with people all day, everyday. Any attempt to walk in and steer them directly into a particular drug is going to be recognized before the patient is even done talking, exception possibly being a Mensa member who works in sales and has an acute understanding of all available pharmaceuticals and how they function.
  5. Code9

    Code9 Titanium Member

    Reputation Points:
    Sep 15, 2010
    Male from Canada
    Swim feels a little odd about giving advice because of this. Not because he thinks there is anything at all wrong with recreational drug use but he thinks that swiy's two objectives are in conflict; the latter will make it hard to accomplish the former.

    Swim also doesn't know much about the legal and social climate in New Zealand so hes not sure his advice will be valid but he will try anyway.

    In general, the only times you can make a specific recommendation to doctor over what drug to prescribe is when they have absolutely no recreational value at all. If you meet with a doctor, especially one that you've never met, be prepared to be refused or, if the doctor is sympathetic he will recommend something else to try first. If its a doctor you've never met before, be prepared to run through all the diagnostics again; it might be better to not tell them what condition you have. If you can be followed by a single doctor, you'll be guided to find something that works. Be prepared to be titrated on various meds.

    However, Swim does not recommend Swiy lie to doctors, lest she does not want to be believed when she has a real problem. Doctors are an infinitely valuable resource, use them wisely!

    Swiy should check the Kratom forum as a possible solution. It's said to be a mildly euphoric stimulant with analgesic properties. Swim does not know it's legal status in New Zealand but it is legal in North America.
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