What type of test for pre-employment?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by DragonShroom, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    I searched around the forum and haven't found satisfactory answers to
    this, so i'd like some answers from knowledgable people. I'm
    going to be a chemical engineer and may have a job interview at Dow
    Chemical next week. What type of drug test will I be facing? The
    only thing i'm worried about is marijuana, which i've used alot of over
    the summer. I smoked pretty much every day, up until sunday, so I
    might have enough time to get toxins out of my system, but I would
    rather be safe than sorry. I found a product called "urine luck",
    and from what I read it seems to work. Anyone have any comments
    on this? I found a source that sells it for $18, so it's pretty
    cheap considering it might land me a job where i'll potentially make
    thousands (and maybe hundreds of thousands if they keep me on after i
    graduate in May).

    I've read about this "urine luck" product and it says it will help me
    pass a drug TEST, but not a drug screening. What exactly is the
    difference? and what will I be up against? Is a screening where
    they simply test for similar substances using a test strip prior to
    shipping your sample out, and don't they need to reconfirm these
    results using a real test before a positive can be identified?

    Any help and information you can give me will be appreciated. This is my first run in with any type of drug testing.
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    Apr 2, 2005
    If you value that job so much, do not trust gimmicks that you drink. Do
    not trust the old "drink lots of water and a shot of vinegar". Do
    not trust any type of adulterant that you sneak in to your
    sample. If you wanted to pass the test with your own piss, you
    should have stopped smoking pot at least 30 days before the test. Less
    time with most any other drug.

    The ONLY sure fire way to beat the test is urine substitution.

    Get a lypholized urine substitution kit, and use it.

    Such a kit comes with two freeze-dried urine samples (in case you fuck
    one up or spill one). You re-constitute the urine with clean
    water (like Reverse Osmosis water or distilled water - not tap water).
    You put it in the bag that comes with the kit, and strap that onto your
    body somewhere under clothing. You then take a chemical heating pack
    that comes with the kit, and tape it over the bag, and tape on a liquid
    crystal thermometer that also comes with the kit. A hose with a
    valve on the end of it is routed to the area of your groin.

    Try to find out if your private parts will be watched by an observer
    while you are giving a sample. If not, the kit described will do the
    trick, just go into the bathroom, close the door, and fill up the
    sample bottle.

    Your urine will pre-screen for the correct body temperature, correct
    creatine levels, correct color, correct type of sexual hormones (be
    sure to order the
    kit in "male" or "female" as applicable), and will pass the test where
    they check for common adulterants. Then the sample will be sent
    off to the lab for testing of metabolites of the "big five" at a
    minimum. Usually employers do not test for anything more, because
    each drug tested for in your bottle they have to pay a separate fee for
    to the testing lab.

    The big 5 are: amphetamines, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and barbituates.

    If you find out you will be observed and you are male, then there are
    kits that include a prothsetic penis, and they even have the penis
    available in different skin colors, the hose and valve are inside the
    prothesis. You just pull out "your willy' and squeeze it to start urine
    flow, unsqueeze it and tuck it back in. If you are female, you
    can usually just hide the hose and it will work, even if observed.

    Such a kit will cost you about $100 without prothesis penis, maybe $130
    with one. They work for fooling such tough testers as the US
    Military, FBI, and CIA, all of which use direct observation of private parts as part of the piss testing process.

    Just spend the money and be safe, what's a hundred buck when you stand
    to make hundreds of thousands?? I'd say it's a cheap insurance

    Well, I can't give you a source here, and have not access to the sources forum to give it to you there.

    So google the words "clean urine" and you'll find it there amoungst the
    links. Or PM me and I'll give you the link to the place I get
    mine from.

    I have a daughter and two nieces who all work in a place that employers
    use for sending people to piss, so I know what they look for.

    Once you get that dream job, if you will be subjected to ramdom or
    regularly scheduled tests, keep a kit around in it's de-hydrated
    state. Keep the kit on standby at the house or in the car if you
    live in a cool climate, but NEVER keep the kit in a locker or desk or
    any other place that is on the property of your employer. The
    kits do have a shelf life, so eventually you'll have to get another
    one. If you will be rendomly tested you will have to keep buying
    new ones of these kits to keep around. Think of it as recurring
    payments on an insurance policy, a policy that you will prolly have to
    keep in force your whole working life. Still, that's cheap given
    how much money you stand to make. So don't be a cheapskate, just
    do it.

    SWIM keeps a kit around at all times. When the kit is getting
    about 2 months away from it's shelf life, I am looking for a homey
    to sell it to that needs to do a pre-employment test, or a random test,
    and sells it to the homey for his immediate use, and takes the money to
    by me a new kit to keep on standby. I have never had to throw
    away a standby kit, because someone is always getting tested that SWIM

    Also most employers, it you have any kind of on-the-job accident, will
    send you to piss in the bottle right after you have been treated for
    your injuries. Or even if you are not injured, but cause
    accidental damage to company or customer property, most companies now
    will send you off to go piss. SO keeping the kit on standby your
    whole working life is a must.

    Either that, or work for a company that does not piss test. Lists
    of such companies are found on the internet with a Google search.
    Microsoft is a non-piss testing company, there are many others.

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    Well this is just a job, and I was under the impression that they don't
    observe you piss, that was only for very high profile jobs (like for
    the government) or people already in trouble with the law (drug rehab
    and probation). My friend works for the company so I can always
    ask if they watched him piss. It seems that with keeping the
    sample warm, and keeping it hidden in my pants and trying to piss from
    it has the potential for me to fuck up big time. Like having it
    leak all over my pants, having the temperature grossly wrong, or
    dropping a fake penis on the mens room floor (all sure fire ways of not
    getting hired).
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    Apr 2, 2005
    You tape the bag to your torso someplace, like under the armpit. You
    need gravity to make the piss flow after all. The bag, heater, and all
    is very slim, like 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. So a reasonably loose shirt
    with an opaque fabric will conceal it. You will be asked to
    remove your jacket and leave any bags you brought with you in the
    lobby, even for an un-observed test.

    You cannot get the temperature grossly wrong. The heaters are
    very low temp, and only work for a while. The kit comes with a paper
    thin flexible liquid crystal thermometer that is highly accurate.
    You go from the interview/jobsite to your home, prepare the kit, and
    then go to the testing site. It takes the heater about 15 minutes to
    get it at the right temperature, after that you have about 5 hours
    before the temperature of the piss in the bag gets too low.

    As for fucking it up, that's why they give you two piss samples and two
    heaters with the kit, so you can practice before you go to the test.

    Take my advice or not, it matters not to me. I been getting
    around piss tests since they were invented, but what would I
    know. I been pissing clean despite daily or nearly daily use of
    pot for the last 25 years. But like I said, what would I know?

    Why you asking for help if you won't take it?

    Shit man, maybe I'm fucking up by sharing my secret. Too many people start doing this, and it too will become illegal.

    Another thing some sneaky employers do, is test for medical problems or
    pregnancy. The kits are guaranteed drug free and free of any
    evidence of medical problems. Why would that be of concern?
    Because the cheap bastards at corporate headquarters don't want to have
    to pay medical leave of abcense, or other shared medical
    expenses. They don't have to give you a reason why they didn't
    hire you. It could be because you are ugly, have an accent the
    boss can't stand, you test positive for diabetes or cancer, or for
    drugs. Dude, get the piss kit.

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    Well nothing personal, but i'm trying to get as educated on the subject
    as possible. And wouldn't you consider me a fool to blindly take
    you're advice when I have no idea who you are? Don't get me
    wrong, your advice is greatly appreciated, but like you said I would
    rather be safe than sorry, so i'm trying to find out everything I can.
  6. BrugmansiaBrujo

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    Apr 2, 2005
    OK, good luck in your quest for knowledge.

    But I have no reason or motivation to bullshit you.
  7. the blue letter

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    Oct 26, 2005
    A drug test is a dip stick kind of test where they use color change
    responses or some such to test your urine. I drug screen usually
    uses a GC/MS or LC/MS which require only a small amount of sample and
    are highly accurate. Most companies use the first test but thats
    no gaurentee. You will probobly get a referal to an outside lab
    for the test and they'll ask you to schedule your own
    appointment. Unless they do it in house but thats very rare just
    because most places have no need for a full time lab
    facility. On your referal it will generally have a test
    code or something that you can call and ask about if you'd like they'll
    usually give you more information over the phone, or you might be able
    to look it up online if its a big testing firm like labcore or quest
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    Jun 15, 2005
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    My buddy works at one of these companies, and he said they just sent
    him in the bathroom and told him to fill the cup. So they did the
    collection on site, but I think they sent it out. Either way none
    of the companies have called me for an interview. [​IMG]
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    How well does "Quick Fix" syn. urine from U R N luck by Sprectum Labs work on test that are sent to a lab?

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