Question - Where can i possibly find veins when all of my obvious places have been scarred and no longer work?

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Leigha N Hurd, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Apr 13, 2019
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    I have been IV using drugs going on 5 years now. The entire time up until here recently I never had any problems finding a place to go. Since about November of 2018 My veins that I was able to use have all become unusable in some way whether it be from acidity in the heroin or from scarring due to using the place so many times. I literally set for no less than 30 minutes before ill find a spot that works. Ive set 3 hours even struggling. What could I do to help make it easier to use? My external jugular veins are gone. My legs veins long gone. My arms went first. My feet have nothing and even places like my chest, breasts, stomach and hips are all screwed. Help! Please!! Anyone!?
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    Jul 14, 2013
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    Stop looking for places to bang up. Your body is basically telling you that it's game over. Commitment and persistence will usually result in constant ulcers and abcesses at best and limb loss and death at worst.

    Try getting on a script or maybe smoking your product unless you want to die in your 30's.
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    Hallo @Leigha N Hurd ,

    Either what Serak The Preparer above said - which would be the most sensible way to go - including a new route of administration that doesn't leave holes in your body, that doesn't give you scar tissue, that all in all leaves some veins for the paramedics if one ever needs their help.

    I am talking about rectal administration, also known as "plugging".
    I have discovered that route when I was in the situation you are now, that I didn't have any obvious surface veins anymore, and after half an hour of torturing myself and having my rig full of blood I did not even want to swallow, I decided it was enough of this nonsense, drew the needle of my syringe and squirted the heroin solution up my anus.
    Four minutes on a warm torrent of feelings went through my tum and the high came on to me much like the wave after an i.v. injection.

    You prepare the solution as if you'd do for a shot, insert the tip of your syringe just so far that it is in, no more than 1 1/2", and squirt the fluid inside while you lay on your side, which one doesn't matter.
    You can use a bit of lubrication gel or vaseline or similar for comfortable insertion.

    You'd want to have an empty ampoule to have the solution touch the tissue walls well and not have it soak into eventually present feces and get lost.

    What you do not get is bruises, abscesses and other dangerous infections you can get from injecting.
    what you do get is the full high and the certainty that you have minimised possible harm you easily can catch by the needle.

    Furthermore plugging to some is unbelieveably useful to overcome the habit of sticking needles in one's veins. Many say that the needle lust is worse than the application of the drug itself - I have seen people inject water to feel the gratification through self-harm.

    I'm not saying that you have these issues, I'm only telling you the pros of plugging in comparison to i.v. injections.
    If you want still more info on this topic, feel free to ask.

    or: (thats the 'or' from the 'either' in the second line :D)

    You get yourself a trained medicinal person who earn their money with knowing where veins are in the human body and you let yourself be trained to hit the deeper, bigger veins.
    This of course needs still more disinfection and being careful than using superficial veins, and it takes quite some guts to use the big needles of 0.7 - 1.0 mm x 50 - 60 mm and stick them next to the own bones through the tissue where nerves, lymphatics, veins and arteries run next to each other.
    Without lots of practise on other's arms (I've only seen addicted nurses use these places) and without a doppler ultrasonic I'd not advise anyone to try.
    IF anything goes wrong injecting in these places it will be going wrong royally.
    If you aren't a nurse or practitioner or vet with years and years of experience you'd better leave your fingers off the major bloodvessels.

    be safe