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    Please add yous experiences with Whole Leaf Korth Kratom here.
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    Male - 31 - Physically active, works outside in a park and takes Kratom because it is both soothing to sore muscles and soothing/stimulating to the mind.

    Jim typically takes "Premium Powder Kratom" from his normal vendor, takes 2 tsp (about 7 grams) mixed in lemonade/citrus fruit juice, stirred and downed altogether, leaf and juice. Other than a bad experience with very low grade Kratom tea and a few times with capsules for convenience this has always been how he takes Kratom.

    Jim received some Whole Leaf Red Vein Korth Kratom, because it was on sale so he figured he'd try something new.

    He powderized 7 grams in a coffee grinder and mixed with grapefruit juice, downed the whole thing. It took more than typical (20-30 minutes typical for Jim, with full effects at 45minutes to an hour) to set in, at an hour he felt slightly effected. He had a gin and tonic - he often finds a small amount of alcohol increases absorption and synergizes.

    He finally felt high, but it wasn't fun. His normal dose of Kratom (see above) starts off with 2-3 hours of euphoria, relaxation and energy, followed by a decrease in stimulation and an increase in relaxation. This 7g dose of Korth was just sedating, lacking in euphoria or energy. Effects lasted perhaps 5-6 hours.

    One week or so later he made tea with 5 grams of the same Korth. He followed a TEK he saw Ianzombie post in which you soak chopped leaf in water and let the water get close to freezing (this took a little over an hour for a cup of water in Jim's freezer) before you brew the tea, the frost breaking down cell walls and making alkaloids more available. Juice of a whole lime added before brewing. He brewed open in a pot at a simmer for 15 minutes, let cool for 5, strained with a wire strainer, soaked leaves in a quarter cup of cool water and re-strained, pressing all the liquid out of the leaf mass.

    Result was a brown, warm drink that tasted EXACTLY like hot puke after margaritas...Jim mixed this half and half with strong grapefruit juice, chilled. The juice masked the flavor well and he knocked it back in about 5 minutes.

    Within 20 minutes he felt good, and within 40 he felt just as good as he dose with his usual dose of Premium Leaf at 1 hour. Effects diminished after 3 hours but he still felt quite nice when he went to bed 4.5 hours later, and slept very well. He had a drink at around the same time this round, for symmetry and fun, and it had it's typical effect - seemed to intensify the effects all in all.

    As usual he felt good the next day, no hangover, just felt rested and centered.

    Both trials have been at home, after work, in a very relaxed environment, alone for the first half, with his girlfriend for the second.

    It seems that the first dose was an overshoot for what Jim wants out of Kratom - he likes the stimulating lower doses as opposed to the more knock-out doses. 7g for him was too strong, he missed that exuberant euphoria and won't be over-shooting his dose on Korth again.

    He will try mixing it with his normal stuff and see if it's any better, but for the money it doesn't seem worth it over his normal stuff. It was a great deal because it was on sale but otherwise it doesn't seem like it produces a better high, just the same high with less material.