Opinions - Why is LSD is awsome !!

Discussion in 'LSD' started by AlbertHoffman500mu, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. AlbertHoffman500mu

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    Mar 17, 2006
    Hi there LSD lovers,

    Can anyone tell me why the LSD is so awsome ?
    Since my best friend I got his hands one these...


    i totally lost my way in the real world.

    My best friend Swimm has used lots of XTC, the yellow Bagwhans from the USA. This whas in the 90 'ties these were great but after this period the quality went so deep down under that Swimm wont call it XTC anymore.
    So to drill new wells off pleasure Swimm went to the Boomfestival where Swim met Swamm.
    Great fucking guy, he dropped the first liquid on Swimm's hand and instanlty he fell in love with with the Boomfestival ( Portugal 2004)

    We can only thank Albert Hoffman for giving us his best drug ever found ...

    LSD25 ...

    By the way these "Magical Hearts " were tested on hospital base the results were awsome .. near to 500 mq.
    True getto blasters in my eyes !!

    Greetzzz from the luckiest lover in the world.

    Albert Hoffman
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  2. Jatelka

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    Oct 16, 2005
    from U.K.
    For SWIJ there are many reasons LSD is awesome:

    1) It induces (for her) a sense of child-like wonder and curiosity about the world. Everything seems so damn interesting and shiny and new.

    2) Ideas and concepts explode in her mind/consciousness. Sometimes she get's the sense that she's listening to her brain forge new neural connections.

    3) It gives her the ability to bypass some of her deep-seated psychological issues and experience a completely new SWIJ, with a completely different outlook on life.

    4) Sex (with her long-term partner) has never been quite so interesting ;)

    5) It allows her to reach a point of peace in a world she often finds confusing and difficult. Not always effortlessly but the moment is always there. She never feels so connected to the universe and all of creation than when she is tripping.

    6) Even when the trip is difficult she always comes out of it feeling transformed in a positive way (although sometimes this takes a while to integrate).

    7) She still (at an age where she should know better) enjoys the naughtiness of taking a controlled substance.

    8) LSD changed an entire generation (SWIJ really DOES believe the hype!)

    9) Synaesthesia. Fortunately (after years of practising) this is now easy to achieve. It is the most astonishing thing!

    10) Hallucinating is (mostly) fun/funny. What other drug has You rolling round on the floor, laughing so hard your sides hurt, you can't quite breathe and you're crying so hard you can only breathe through your mouth?

    So she's bared her soul: Anyone else?
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  3. Silence_Inc

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    Nov 5, 2005
    cause it helps you see through the vail of the things you believe that are true.

    i love to transform - to change - to have 'reality' as a hobby.

    i sometimes look arround and feel some kind of pitty for people that think that life is like it is - cause it deffinately isn't! ... it's what you make of it - and lsd is a fantastic tool to get aware of that.

    i love that it made me become aware that love and a relationship can be an 'evertransformingorganism' ... that it's not something stable or definable - it is something you can create or co-create ... it's a process of learning and constant evolution. not just somehting you get and keep and have like that for all time.

    yes - it's awsome
  4. Motorhead

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    Feb 22, 2005
    45 y/o from Canada
    Wow, 500 mic hits! No wonder swims loving it. I think J covered all the bases.
  5. Nature Boy

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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    SWIM loves the session of LSD. A good 12-16 hours sitting in a dark room laughing at random shit is great fun every once in a while.
  6. Solidly-here

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    May 3, 2005
    Soul-baring 101

    Our Moderator has managed to cover the full-spectrum of LSD's goodies. Thank you, Jatelka. I agree with most of what she said. So, the best I can hope to do is go-over some of her list, and give my thoughts about the ones that speak the loudest to me:

    1) It induces a sense of child-like wonder and curiosity about the world. Everything seems so damn interesting and shiny and new.

    This is the MAIN reason I live. To feel like a child. I discovered a powerful child-like state once in a Trip, and then I vowed to integrate it into my everyday life (and I have). And Tripping is the easiest time to Live it completely, then when I come-back, I feel the pale version of it (which is still great).

    Kids feel awed by a lot of things in life. My Spiritual practice is to be WOW'd by a lot of things. Once I feel this way, I am curious about it. When I am curious, that thing is interesting (so it keeps my attention, and the rest of the world fades away: It's just me and this interesting thing). Even if it's something I have seen a 1000 times before, it feels new and fresh. This IS Living.

    3) It gives her the ability to bypass some of her deep-seated psychological issues and experience a completely new SWIJ, with a completely different outlook on life.

    A Trip gives me a chance to try-on different perspectives of life, new Positive attitudes about things which have (in the past) been seen as negative. When I can see this while Tripping, a little-bit of it will carry forth after the Trip. And, if I spend the time to fully-integrate this new perspective (write it down, tell myself to remember it afterwards, talk about it while Tripping), a piece of my Life will be changed. Gee, what a deal.

    5) It allows her to reach a point of peace in a world [which normally is seen as]... confusing and difficult... She never feels so connected to the universe and all of creation than when she is tripping.

    When a person achieves Enlightenment, she sees (and feels, and believes that there is) a One-ness with the Universe. LSD can give a form of this feeling. Even though it fades in a few seconds (or minutes), feeling connected to everything (and, so, being a part of everything that happens, or has ever happened) is a wonderful state of being.

    9) Synaesthesia. Fortunately (after years of practising) this is now easy to achieve. It is the most astonishing thing!

    I love it when I can watch Music, as it pours out of the speakers. I love to hear the Sun, as it calls out to me. The taste of driving my car. I, too, have carefully nurtured this aspect of Tripping. In those few minutes of a Trip, I call-on my senses to perform Double-duty for me (and they do).
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  7. melt_000

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    Jan 15, 2006
    30 y/o
    i think the world needs more acid.
  8. raven3davis

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    Jan 6, 2005
    jatelka covered pretty much everything. LSD connects swim the the universe unlike any other drug. It just puts everything right in front of your face to sort out weather you like it or not. LSD will do what it wants with you but normally only good comes from an lsd trip. DAMN those blotters look good. If swims calculations are correct then that is ~125mg of lsd in that picture!!! YUMMY YUMMY. I am surprised to see blotters that strong. LSD is the best drug invented in swims opinion and it is even better when you are getting 500ug per dose!
  9. Dogears

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    Sep 3, 2005
    LSD takes the psychedellic experience to a higher level than any other psychedellic drug can.
  10. AlbertHoffman500mu

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    Mar 17, 2006
    Feel alone ...

    Hi there brothers and sisters,

    To tell u the truth, nobody in Swim's surrounding is up to this, they have kids and things like that.
    For now the setting was as followed:

    Along a harbour but I would camp up on the other side of the water.
    I could see the cranes and the light ... sometimes an huges ship would side by or get on shore to load ...
    This place is called "Ruigoord" and every summer there is a hippy festival aswell. We are in Amsterdam now folks ...

    Because the trips are 500 mq per piece I would normally take half, but before I could take it I had to make sure everything was settled and ready.

    Rolling pure weed joints inside out with BHO on the inside is impossible during the first 8 hours off the session.


    Swim cant do anything for the first 3 hours except trip away on the finest Buddha Bar music this planet offers.

    I would bring lots of wood and his chopping gear, nice juicy allready prepared lambs-chobs, drinks, generator everything ... including the 1000 watt RMS 12Volt stereo. (< I have an old van that is his camper.

    When everything was ready and the moon would set in and the fire was full on I would respectfully cut his acid in two and suck on it untill I would awake and realise I was thursty and tripping away ...

    People !! When Swim drop an 1/2 acid and Swim waits for 4 hours ...and Swim allowes his Dogo Argentino bitch to lick from his forehead or hands or any body part ... she will trip !!

    I would spent all night grilling meat and chopping more wood, then I would take the dog for rabiit hunting.
    Because Swim lives in a shitty neighbourhood I have to go outdoor pretty far ...

    Is that normal, this dog weights 50 kg ......i am 75 kg ....

    Swim will trip on untill the moon vanishes and the sun comes up, then he will drop the other half but it wont kick in the way the first half did. I tested also dropping one the day after and that wont help u either ...

    Best practice every full moon !!

    It was full moon 3 days ago clear sky dry weather but is so fucking cold here .... Swim needs some normal tempeture to go on expedition ...

    Nice all the reactions I feel alone a lot on the lsd ...
    That is not good, but I tried the parties but the lsd is to strong for that.

    Greetzz ... from the land off possebillities .. BHO & Marijuana

    Albert Hoffman
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  11. big-lester

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    Apr 26, 2005
    from The Netherlands
    I recently found the power of acid and it was love at first sight.
    A big smile on my face for 12 hours and the feeling of being in perfect balance with body and soul, did it 3 times now, first time on a underground psytrance party with about 30 people on acid and about 6 first timers (without us), 1 albert hoffman blotter they said it was around 160ug.

    second time 1 shiva and just went outside and explore the world, was not as good as the first time but the next day we still had the acid so we thought it would be a better idea to take them then so we wouldn't have them for a while. So we did 2 shiva blotters because we read about tollerance here and on erowid. Only there was not much tolerance. The stimulation and the awsome happinese wasn't there but we figured out that it had to do with the serotine loss of the day before. But since I never experienced with high dosages of psychedelics 2 blotters where a bit heavy, but to make the trip harder (because we thought we would have some tollerance) we bought some ice hash (strongest around here) and smoked that while trippin. after the first joint I knew we would have a stunning evening that night.

    Only two hours after ingestion and I was trippin as hard as I did the day before. we went to my place and chilled there for a while and we where trippin BALLS. I was constantly focused on the lava lamp I have and a glitter lamp (something like a lava lamp but instead of lava in contains litlle square mirrors. certainly +++ experience and in the end somewhat ++++ (loss with reality because sometimes there was no difference between CEV or OEV) but the thing is that I NEVER had somekind of experience with psychedelics because I wan't to wait with high dosages untill I'm really full grown (physicly and mentaly) and I must say that the oev where sometimes too overwhelming but I found acid soooo controllable that i just had to wach to a calm place in the room and take some deep breaths and it would be calm again at that is why I love acid.

    I've done many shrooms, 2c-e 4-aco-mipt 2c-b and salvia (altough it never worked) and none of these chemicals gave me any good sense of controll that acid gave me. Another thing is that acid makes me want to talk and socialise wich I never experienced with any other psychedelics. Maybe it's because I don't have that much experience with different psychedelics but acid is my favorite drug of all (except MJ maybe).

    gonna try some liquid LSD soon, I've heard from people that that is the shit
  12. redpoppy

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    May 24, 2006
    from earth

    I think all bases covered here. Answers are illuminated and true, just like I think LSD is.

    Sorry for posting on a relatively old post. But I'm new here and thought this thread worthy of celebration.

    Also I have never felt unhappy or low after LSD as I has experienced on Drugs such as E. I think it cleans, expands and sharpens the mind for other creative tasks and duties. Such as life itself.

    Also laughing like a maniac is surely good for you.

    SWIM's other half has never tried LSD and she worries whether she may appear like a scary freak to him hence damaging some part of his liking of her albeit a subconscious part? Although surely after so many years of compatability and happiness with him, SWIM must just be feeling overly paranoid and a tad nuerotic....
    right? I mean, is it possible for SWIM to turn into a figure from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" unknowingly!?!
    I have seen her friends faces distort in unnatural and scary ways but has never worried due to the lack of sexual chemistry or interaction with dsaid friends.

    Must stop.
  13. Antidote

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    Nov 9, 2004
    32 y/o

    where should I start...
    SWIM love the way acid blows away his inhibitions in a very good way... he loves the way that when he's on it, he feels compelled to pursue something creative... SWIM loves the fact that he can spin poi for 8 hours and not get bored, and to put it simply...... he loves the way it makes him feel.
  14. Philomel

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    Jun 3, 2006
    Spinning poi whilst tripping is awesome and SWIM highly recommends it! SWIM especially loves to spin the LED-lighted poi's in the dark so it's like waves of vibrant colour flying all around her! I like to watch her friends who are also tripping try to spin them even if they don't know what they're doing. The only bad thing about it is SWIM tends to accidentally hit herself a lot with them and wakes up with all kinds of bruises on her body the next day. One of SWIM's friends said that he spun fire poi on acid once - I think that is kind of stupid and dangerous and wouldn't trust herself to do such a thing, as she probably wouldn't be able to tell if she was on fire or not! Perhaps if you were a really experienced spinner and there was at least one sober person around to make sure you didn't burn yourself it would be okay.