Other - Why isn't Kratom doing anything for SWIM?

Discussion in 'Kratom' started by billy1nk, Nov 3, 2010.

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    May 22, 2009
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    SWIM ordered 4 grams of Kratom 20x Private Reserve Extract online. SWIM put two grams of it in milk and drank the entire thing. SWIM waited a few hours and never felt anything. I tried smoking a bowl full of it and didn't feel anything off that either. I have been in rehab for the last few months and has only done heroin one time since his return, so he has almost no tolerance. Why isn't Kratom doing anything for SWIM?
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    Jan 6, 2009
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    I had the exact same experience with a product termed, coincidentally, Kratom 20x Private Reserve Extract, purchased from an online vendor SWIM knew to be reputable. He had obtained from same vendor Kratom 15x, Red vein or something, (Cannot remember the exact name), two times, 80 grams both times (not cheap). He was very happy, Kratom was wonderful.
    He wanted to try something different and also use less for desired result so he tried the Private Reserve. The stuff had absolutely no effect even when consuming 10+ grams. (3 or 4 g of 15x was almost enough for a "strong" effect).
    Knowing the vendor was stand-up, SWIM e-mailed about it. The reply was that the Private Reserve was "hit-or-miss", some people loved it while others reported same as SWIM. Vendor promptly replaced, at no cost, the order with the 15x that SWIM knew to be good.
    So contact your vendor, they may replace you's order with a different strain. After all, they are in business to make money, and if there is a Kratom product that You likes, he/she will likely be a repeat customer.
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    Smoking Kratom will not produce any effects.
    Did You take the Kratom on an empty stomach, it makes a big difference.
    But the Dr. would guess that the extract You used was just plain bad, like the majority of extracts. Leaf is a much better option in terms of cost and effect. If You can locate a good source then Leaf is the way to go.

    There are a few extracts or enhanced products that are worth looking into, UEI or Ultra Enhanced Indo is one of the stronger enhanced products available and apart from a small number of vendors selling bunk goods if bought from a reputable source it should be consistently effective, although it is pricey.

    2 grams of most extracts will do very little. 20X means very little without knowing what the original leaf material that was used to create it was like. If it was a batch of old, week, poorly stored leaf then making it into an extract will not improve it.

    UEI is standardised, so what you get is always the same.

    The Dr. would still recommend sticking to plain leaf though, tolerance can rise fast with extracts and lead to another addiction.
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    my not a fan of extracts. They just don't do ANYTHING for him. It's sad considering they cost so much.

    But with extracts (and even within extracts) - like was already said - it's hit or miss. It all depends on your specific biochemistry and metabolism. I used 15x with decent effects. I used rock resin, full spectrum, and a few others from a VERY reputable vendor with no effects at really high doses. The body wants what the body wants.