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    Jan 14, 2003
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    Re: "The war on drugs meets the war on terrorism, hit the dying Americans"

    To the Editor of the Columbus Free Press:

    Kudos to Valerie Howland for her outstanding column: "The war on drugs meets the war on terrorism, hits the dying Americans" (6-25-05).

    I'd like to add that in 1904 Coca-Cola contained cocaine instead of caffeine and sold for 5 cents a bottle. In 1904 the term "drug-related crime" didn't exist. Neither did drug lords, drug cartels or even drug dealers as we know them today.

    In 1904 pure pharmaceutical grade Bayer heroin sold for about the same price as Bayer aspirin. And deaths from recreational drugs were very rare. That's because the drugs were of known quality, known purity and known potency--just the opposite of today's black market drugs.

    America and the world does not have a drug problem: we have a drug prohibition problem.

    Kirk Muse

    Mesa, AZ
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    May 2, 2005
    fdsa, everyone here thinks you are a little bitch. only punks who get no pussy try to give virus'.

    and right on to the above post. we need to change how the next generation views this problem.maybe when they see alot of friends and family members in prison with violent offenders the leaders of our world will change this bullshit!Edited by: BrandonAA
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    Jan 10, 2005
    i tihnk in the future people will look back at drug prohibition and the
    leaders of the movement as ignorant tyrants who accomplished nothing. i
    tihnk it will be taught in text books that it was a dark age of
    misunderstanding and fear of the unknown, a bit like the salem witch
    trials. in my opinion the DEA is no better than the spanish
    inquisition. the war on drugs is a war on our own citizens and a job
    opportunity for criminals, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Feb 27, 2005
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    http:// virus110.virus/ring /9.html is what comes up under properties,
    nice stealthly name. As far as the topic goes there is no greater
    truth as far as drugs go. Although i sure dont know if i trust just
    letting america buy all the drugs they want, there would have to be a
    system labeling people as responsible users or not. Like getting
    a drivers lisence kinda, go into a lab to make sure you dont have a
    condition that will adversly effect from a certain drug, then run tests
    on addiction potential, all sorts of stuff. Get a little card
    saying "i am a safe opiate, benzo, weed user. But am effected
    adversly by amps". We cant just trust those addicts on the street
    with all the heroin they can get. I feel bad for having to label
    people to get certain drugs, but its the only way in my eyes.
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    Jan 25, 2005
    The addicts on the street already get all the drugs they want!

    I honestly don't see legalization causing an explosion of use initially, except for stuff like X and weed. Eventually people will begin experimenting but I would hope they could handle it.

    I lived in a country where morphine was OTC, and paragorgic and laudanum were on the shelf next to the plant extracts in the pharmacy. I did not see a lot of use, that country did have a problem with coke however!

    I remember an academic paper which showed alcohol consumption actually went up during prohibition, something to think about.
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    Jul 20, 2005
    its not the drugs to blame. its the abusive behavior over
    them. from both sides of the line. users use too much and
    anti users put a little mental black mark on users. its more the
    issue of religeon still dominating the government. the christians
    got into a loop where they think its ok to persicute everyone on
    drugs. like the story of moses and the 10 commandments.
    when the people start warshiping the golden object. only instead
    of being a golden object, that object is jesus who was a man in the
    first place. they warship the glory they think they are, and
    persicute what is not up to par to them. so this religeous CULT
    takes over the government. its all about power and control, with
    an excuse like "god told me to." they dont realise that the more
    pointless laws thare are, the more people will break serious
    laws. everyone needs to tune into the religeous channels on
    tv. they are not human, they are FREAKS. i look at the
    government like its a joke. they just want fat people and money,
    not freedom. so tax them pay checks, im not going to work for
    them. god told me to....... [​IMG]