Combinations - Worst Combination OD Ever: Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin & Codeine

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    Dec 7, 2005
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    My Worst Combination-drug-Abuse OD Ever

    Last week a friend of Swim put this to paper:

    Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin & Codeine

    by Swimf (someone who is my friend)

    Swim finally have decided to submit a report from a massive drug overdose, Swim almost died from. It happened 2 years ago. First a little background information about Swim: I was at the time a senior in high school (male-18y). Great shape, excercising about five times a week at the time. I had/have great grades and consider Myelf intelligent. I have always (since junior grade) used stimulants (ephedrine, caffeine and at times meth), later I have tried MDMA, shrooms etc, but never on the 'druggie-head-level'.
    I was at the time on a field trip to Geneva (physics class to CERN, etc.). The night before I was at a bar and was drinking quite heavily. The morning after I had a hung over. I had a few TREO (a total of 1000mg aspirin + 100 mg caffeine). Swim also had a few kodimagnyl (additional 1000mg aspirin + 32mg codeine), because of the very heavy headache, from the day before. Before breakfast I wanted a little 'pick Swim up', so I did about 10 ephedrine pills (herbal ephedra, not very potent). I have done this dose of ephedra many times before (7), and is quite suitable for Swim. At breakfast I was feeling a little better, but quite lightheaded. Swim still don't know why I did this, but never the less, I did a additional 500mg pure caffeine at breakfast. At this point I was looking quite normal, but I was very lightheaded. Swim guesses I had forgotton the kodymagnyl I had done before, so I did another two (=1000mg aspirin + 32mg codeine). My were on our way to CERN (the particle accelerator). On the way there, I could not stop laughing. It was so imberrasing, because My physics teacher (which Swim respect very much), was with Swim in the bus, along with My classmates and some researchers. Swim guesses Swim thought 'what the hell', this is fun and did a couple of more ephedrine (4 or 5) and a couple of caffeine pills.
    A little later Swimmas went down in the CERN (100 meters underground) for a tour. There where researchers, which gave a very interesting presentation, but I could not sit still (I REALLY COULDNT). Swim kept falling off My chair and laughing. Swimmas went for a small tour, and suddenly I went VERY dizzy. Swim sat down at a table and passed out. I was behind a crowd, so no one noticed. Swim awoke about 3 minutes later, and I feltlike something was soooo wrong with Swim (physically). My heart pounded about 220 bpm, very very irregulary and Swim sweated like a pig. I could not see or stand. I was sure I would have a heart attack. I wanted to shout for a doctor, but I was not able to talk (I am glad now, it would have been very imberrasing). Swim dragged Myelf outside the room and induced vomiting (which probably more or less saved Swim). Swim calmed down a little bit and had a good friend held Swim up to the surface. Swim sat down in the sunny weather and had an ice cream. My head felt so wrong (the hangover was a blessing compared to this).
    It was aching, pounding and My vision was very blurred. Swim thought I had permanently hurt Myelf. The day finally dragged itself to an end and I got home to the hotel. I could not sleep before 5 in the morning and felt bad for the three last days.
    Swim swore I would never touch ephedra again, but now I have a controlled use (eg two pills, before a party) maybe once a month, and Swim never combines it with any other drugs. The morale of the story is: THINK! I was unforgivably stupid that day. I had no idea what I was thinking. Swim knew the dangers of ephedra, etc. Swim just hope My post, can prevent others from redoing My mistake!
    Good luck

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    Feb 1, 2005
    So, now that I have been hired by CERN as a natural for the head position, how much money will SWIM be making a year after taxes?
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    Apr 12, 2005
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    uh, after SWIMMING through this report (feel like i need to dry off now) i wonder why a bright young thing would go off on abusing hepatotoxic and corrosive OTC medications to get hi. perhaps Myelf should reconsider the above statement?

    anyhow, this should serve as a warning for all thinking of getting hi off supermarket medicines.

    also, folks, can we try to be a bit more creative in describing the experience instead of the constant repetition of the word 'swim'. keep in mind that the trip reports are about the effects of the drugs, not about the swim.

    example - instead of saying 'I got fucked up' you could try 'the drug's effects were becoming apparent' - see, no swimming needed!
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    Jan 20, 2006
    Good suggestions Nanobrain!

    EVERYONE: Listen to this man!!!!!
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    Sep 14, 2005
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    SWIM binged on Meth and Took oxycotin

    Good trip laying on a couch.Then breathing seemed to have stopped, did 4 lines of coke and ate some home made brownies. Sank into the couch and watched the colors around him turn colors.Then everything went blank and to rise to a screaming bitch trying to give cpr and so I did more meth to keep him going to wake him up.All a blur after that.