X and anti depresants

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    May 23, 2005
    im sorry if this post has already been done by someone else, if so feel free to delete it, i will ahvae no hard feelings.

    I have never tried X. I have done countless other drugs in the last few years but for some reason i have never had the oportunity to use it. Being the adventurous person i am i am very curious about it, but at the same time a bit nervous.We all know that person who uses X too much and is either brain dead or is constantly depressed, and i for one would like to avoid that happening. I am a pretty stable person, but mainly because i take anti-depresants, which means that i myself, without medicine am not a stable person i guess.

    And speaking of anti depresants, does taking X while on SSRI or MAOI's run the risk of causing seratonin syndrome. I know that using DXM while on them is a really bad idea but i have never heard of anything regarding X.

    And as a final note, i have heard that each type of X has its own personality, whether its mixed with speed, heroin, coke or whatever.Which of hte well known kinds (ie dolphins ext.) contain which?Edited by: Dexy Mcfukfuk
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    Apr 26, 2005
    XTC and anti-depressants don't mix. You'll want to be off your
    anti-depressants for at least a few weeks before taking XTC, especially
    if you are on an SSRI.

    As for different types of E containing different chemicals, there is no
    way to determine what you have without testing the pills using a test
    kit or eating them and determining for yourself what it contains.
    There is no rule for pill contents, ie. the dolphin you buy tonight
    might contain mdma and caffeine, while the dolphin you buy tomorrow
    might contain mdma and meth.
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    Jun 24, 2005
    Not that I want to contradict OiledMandible, but i'm afraid he is wrong
    about the SSRIs (i'm saying this from my own experience). The
    only thing that will occur from taking E on an SSRI is nothing at
    all. Since they both act on the same set of receptors, the MDMA
    will be effectively useless. There are several studies done on
    this, and the general consensus is that the mixing of SSRIs and MDMA
    will not have any long lasting or signifigant effects. When I
    took MDMA for the first time (not very long ago), I was on celexa (a
    potent SSRI). I felt NOTHING from the E, and had no phycholigal
    effects afterwards. Even though its generally 'safe' to mix the
    two, I dont condone the action of mixing two neuotransmitter mediating

    As for MAOis you DEFINITELY DO NOT want to mix the two (maybe
    OiledMandible got the two confused). Not only will doing so lead
    to a signifigantly more intense roll, but the biochemistry of MDMAs
    effect lead one to conclude that the lack of functioning monoamine
    oxidases would have widespread implications on serotonin,
    norepinephrine and dopamine equilibrium. MAOs are found in the
    nerve termini, and once the neurotransmitter has done its job in the
    synapse and has been reuptaken MAOs break them down. Without a
    functioning MAO enzyme (as is the case of MAO inhibitors) when
    serotonin is finally reuptaken the next day (after a night of all the
    serotonin inside your nerves being leeched out into the synaptic cleft)
    it will not be broken down and will ultimately lead to the destruction
    of the nerve it came from ... or worse the diffusion back across the
    nerve termini membrane leading to a complete loss of serotonin balance
    (aka serotonin syndrome). Very bad ... do not mix MAOi's with
    MDMA!!! Dancesafe has a contraindications page stating the drug
    interactions of MDMA:

    </font> http://www.dancesafe.org/documents/druginfo/contraindication s.php

    Anyways, once again, though I may state its 'safe' to mix SSRIs and
    MDMA, I certainly do not condone this action. And besides, it
    wouldnt even be worth the money cuz you would have little to no effect