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  1. hazeinmybong2

    hazeinmybong2 Newbie

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    Mar 5, 2005
    32 y/o
    Man, I am tired of seein scrubby little pieces of shit tryin to sell people xylazine. I have seen it at least three times and he is suprised no one is dead yet. He saw a kid last night he was like, "I got some horse tranq." Swim knew it wasn't gonna be K. It was xylazine. The young'n was sure that it was a good feeling because he mainlined it. He was also carrying a vial of epinephrin, good, if someone finds him on the verge of death he has that on him incase the person that finds him knows how to save his life.

    Swim knew that it was just an anesthetic with no real euphoric properties. In fact about 5 mins after injection the animal will experiance 5-15 mins of hypertension. I have never done xylazine but he has experienced hypertension. It is not a good time.
  2. Aaron

    Aaron Silver Member

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    Dec 21, 2005
    Ugh, that is really sad. I have not run into this myself, but can see it happening easily. The times when you could buy something and reasonably expect to get what you paid for are gone.

    It's a twisted cycle. Because the substances are illegal, you have to go through shady sources to obtain them. People die from bad drugs, and this only fuels the urge to "crack down" on drug use, furthering the problem.

    But lets not legalize and control these substances, no...drugs are the devil.

    Sorry for the rant, I realise I am preaching to the wrong crowd, but situations like this bug me.