Your withdrawal experiences with opiates

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    Could you share your feelings and what you go through when withdrawing from opiates.
    Last week was what I think was my first opiate withdrawl. He told me he had been using Vicodin for about 3 or 4 weeks almost daily, increasing his tolderence to about 6-8 7.5/325s a day. When he withdrew from this, his first day he felt no real badness but the following 3 days got progressively worse then over the next 3 days or so got better.
    On his worst day he got home from a poor day at work only to argue with his lady friend. He started to feel like he has felt only a handful of times in his life before. Dreams becoming nightmareish and awaking feeling scared. Feeling like he knew deeply about the cycle of life, even thoughts of knowing about his own future death. He told me he doesnt want to get too deeply into specifics at this time in this thread (the thoughts really scare the hell out of him). He suffered a sort of runny nose and cough, but dont know if its just the usual bugs that are going about at this time of year.
    On his worst day he swore never to take drugs recreationally again, this being his usual respose to come downs.
    He is wondering if this was withdrawl or viral illness, would vicodin at this level produce such a withdrawl.
    Please share your experiences.
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    Another thing, it never gets easier. Once you are so familier with withdrawal, your mind plays more into it and just gets worse every time. You seem to be getting a pretty mild withdrawal though.

    I have never withdrawaled from hydro, but heard it can get pretty bad with long addictions. Swim knew people on methadone for a hydro habit, so must be.
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    For sure - Every time one withdrawals it gets progressively worse. That is why, I think, some people are able to kick it in the end - that pain becomes more scary than the pleasure is rewarding. It's what happened with SWIM, anyways.
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    Just wanted to bump this old post. I think it is a good one and could be a very useful resource if it was added to.
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    Here's SWIM's experience, which is somewhat limited:

    (in order from most to least severe)

    Physical Symptoms:
    *Extreme fatigue and oversleeping
    *Sweating/cold chills
    *Runny nose
    *Sore joints and muscles
    *Stomach rumbling, slight diarrhea

    Psychological Symptoms:
    *Vivid, bizarre nightmares
    *Restlessness/mild anxiety
    *Low mood
    *Cravings for opiates

    I have only experienced withdrawals from poppies, which she uses almost daily in small doses. It's pretty unpleasant, but more of an inconvenience than anything, as she can't work or go out when she's exhausted. She would prefer it to quitting SSRIs or stimulants, but that's just her own experience and opinion. Still not recommended.
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    SWIM will give two types of heroin withdrawal experiences, high tolerance and low tolerance.

    High Tolerance (for SWIM, $100 to $400 a day) - About 6-8 hours after the last shot it starts coming on. First you get this little itch in your mind, like you really want some heroin. The complete fulfillment and absolute mental self-sufficiency of heroin dissipates; nothing is interesting to you, you are anxious, fidgety. You immediately sink into extreme depression because you know you don't have any heroin to cure this, and you know what is coming.

    It starts with your taste changing. Cigarettes don't taste good anymore. Your bodily temperature changes, your skin starts feeling hot and cold at the same time, and you feel clammy and gross. You get really tired, but your brain is so revved up sleep is impossible (and will be for days and weeks). It takes a huge amount of effort to move yourself around. The hot and cold flashes start getting really bad. Your mouth starts watering, your eyes tear up and your nose starts running. You sneeze, you yawn. You have to spit every 5 seconds, because if you swallow the spit you will puke up burning stomach acid. Nonetheless you get gaggy, every so often you start wretching. Then the aches come on, all of your joints become inflamed with aches and pains, especially in your legs. Your lower back starts killing you. You get extremely restless. After about 24 hours the worst of it comes on.

    You are in hell. Your entire body in in agonizing pain. You have this electric feeling in your body which fills you with indescribable discomfort. Your legs are constantly kicking on their own accord, and you are tossing and turning. The bones in your face, around your sinuses, feel like someone has shattered them with a baseball bat. You can't stay still for more than 30 or so seconds, because your whole body hurts so bad that you have to keep tossing and turning. You feel hopeless, you want to die, nothing can interest you, you are so bored and anxious it is absolute torture. Sometimes all the pain gets so bad you are moaning, or even screaming from the physical and mental pain. It's like every cell in your body is in extreme torture. You want to escape your body so bad, because there is nothing you can do, no way to alleviate anything in the slightest. The worst is that the pain makes time pass so slowly. Every minute feels like an hour. And there is no way you can sleep; it can take days or weeks to even be able to get 1 hour of sleep. It is just excruciating in every way possible. SWIM always used to say he would rather be tortured medieval style by the Spanish Inquisition than go through high tolerance heroin withdrawals.

    I have never made it more than 2 days in severe withdrawal, he'd be screaming in pain by then, it was always so unbearable.

    Low Tolerance
    ($10-20 a day) - It starts the same as with a high tolerance, but comes on about 8-14 hours later. Anxiety, an overwhelming itch for more heroin, depression because you know you can't get it. Your sense of taste changes, and cigarettes taste so gross you can't even smoke, depriving you of a form of relief. Your body gets hot and cold, and your skin feels clammy and disgusting to be in. You feel weak, tired, depressed, bored, anxious, and completely unmotivated to do anything. Your eyes, nose and mouth start watering, and you have to spit every 5 seconds. Again, you can't swallow the spit or you will start retching bile. The spit aspect is the most annoying in SWIM's opinion, because you can't lay down in one comfortable position, you have to constantly sit up and spit. Sometimes SWIM will get a tower and just drape it over himself and spit on it, but that is gross and uncomfortable as well.

    The major differences between high tolerance and low tolerance withdrawals are:

    1) The mental aspects of depression and anxiety aren't as severe. You will be extremely uncomfortable, but not absolutely wishing for death. The boredom, lack of motivation, and cravings will be equally powerful however.

    2) You don't throw up as much, or may not throw up at all.

    3) You can sleep.

    4) You don't get the severe pain in your joints. You may get back pain but it is very mild compared to the excruciating pain of high level withdrawals.

    5) You don't get the restlest or kicking legs. This is a godsend because those are torture.

    6) You don't get the electric, crawling feeling under your skin and in the back of your skull, which feels like electric shocks are constantly making you shift and roll around in discomfort.

    7) The hot and cold isn't as extreme.

    8) You probably won't get the extreme sinus headaches.

    9) It doesn't come on as quickly.
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    jesus that gave me chills just reading the shit that used to happen to me, i think i feel my legs starting to ache as i speak!
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    For Swim it usually starts with just an uneasy or anxious feeling, then Swim start's to get a runny nose. After that the hot and cold sweats begin and swim starts getting pains in his back and legs usually accompanied with restless legs. The pain starts to get worse and I am shaking. Loss of appetite and vomiting starts along with Insomnia and not able to get comfy. Personally the worst symptom for I am the leg kicking and the crawling skin and the feeling like bugs or something are crawling through My muscles......its a horrible nasty feeling that makes me shudder.

    In a way I find the psychological side of it worse than the physical. Every min taking an hour, the constant craving and mental torment of it and knowing that it can all go away in a few mins (or seconds if one is IV'ing) if Swim were just go and use. Swim says this because if he is properly ill (as apposed to being in withdrawls) with the flu or something, yeah you feel shitty but you can kinda just deal with the fact that you're ill and it doesn't feel as bad and you just kinda accept it, but when you're withdrawing, you know there is something that will make you feel so much better.

    Its the best feeling in the world when you have been wiithdrawing and you use and you feel yourself going from really sick, to feeling a bit better, to feeling "normal" and then feeling high all in a matter of mins.

    I would also agree with deji that it gets worse each time and that your mind fuck you up. When you know you're gonna be withdrawing, you just sit there and 'look for' and wait for the each little symptom which can exaggerate them and make them worse.
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    cold cold cold. But it's so cold at th moment then it can't be the wds.