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    Oct 16, 2005
    Dont blow up if i spelled it wrong or something like that

    i just have a few questions

    1) has anybody heard of this drug

    2) is it legal

    3) is it any good

    from wat i personally kno this is a red (in color)marijuana type effectwhich can be smoked or eaten. originally from the middle east (also india).

    can anyone help me out
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    May 3, 2005
    Saffron is deep Orange (Redish), and it's from the Middle East and India.

    In my distant past, Iheard someone saying that Saffron was like marijuana. I just went: "Yeah." I haven't thought of it much since then. After I read your Post, I went over to Erowid and read a little bit about it. Here are a couple quotes about it (I hope it helps):

    Opium and laudanum (a tincture of opium and saffron) are making inroads among would-be Samuel Taylor Coleridges and Elizabeth Barrett Brownings, while at absinthe gatherings artists, writers and just plain partyers are raising illicit tumblers of the potent woodworm - infused liqueur to past devotees like Rimbaud, Wilde and van Gogh. "People are romantically attracted to Victorian-era drugs,"

    Banana peel: A sixties con-trick, banana peel and the other con of the period, saffron inspired
    Donovan's hit record, Mellow yellow. Neither substance has any psychoactive
    effects whatsoever