AM-2201 is a highly potent synthetic cannabinoid that binds CB1 and CB2 receptors and produces effects consistent with naturally occuring cannabinoids such as THC. It is closely related in structure to the better characterized cannabinoid JWH-018, though AM-2201 is reported to be several times more potent with active doses beginning in the sub-milligram range. It is known among users of synthetic cannabinoids for its unusual potency and steep dose-response curve, creating an especially high risk of overdose for naive and even experienced users. It is typically laced onto a smoking substrate then smoked or vaporized. AM-2201 has been identified in some batches of herbal smoking blend products such as K2 and other "Spice" like products.

Using AM-2201

It should be noted that there is a significant variation in the reports people make as to the dosage, duration, effects and appearance of AM-2201.

The cause of this could be vendors mislabeling other drugs as AM-2201, intentionally or accidentally.

Ways of administration

current dosage and duration information is speculative



Column 1 Column 2
Light 250 micrograms
Moderate 500-1000 micrograms
Heavy 1-2mg
Those with cannabinoid tolerance will be able to do higher doses.

Onset: Immediate

Comeup time: 3-5 mins

Peak: 20-90 mins

The onset can be disturbingly rapid for some, and peaceful and evenly paced for others.

Some report that the vapor is comfortable to smoke, whereas many others report that it is harsh or extremely harsh and painful.

Some users report that when vaporized, the AM-2201 turns into a red liquid, others that it turns transparent, others that it turns first yellow and then orange. Others report no liquid, only evaporation. It is suggested this could be due to the amount of heat used.


Other oral duration suggestions:

Onset:t+1 hour

Comeup time: t+2 hours

Peak lasts 1-1.5 Hours

comedown 1-2 hours

Effects of AM-2201


Body high
Enhancement of colors


Dry mouth
Increase in appetite


Especially high potency creates a high risk of overdose
Psychosis and delusional thoughts (overdose)

Combinations with AM-2201

Different Uses for AM-2201

Pharmacology of AM-2201

Chemistry of AM-2201


Column 1 Column 2
Systematic (IUPAC) name: [1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indol-3-yl](naphthalen-1-yl)methanone
Synonyms: 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole
Molecular Formula: C24H22FNO
Molar mass: 359.44 g/mol [2]
CAS Registry Number: 335161-24-5
Melting Point: 93.7 °C [1]
Boiling Point:
Flash Point: no data
Additionnal data:
Notes: aspect : white powder

The dangers of AM-2201

Many users report that the intensity of AM-2201 in high doses can be overwhelming. This may in part be due to the extreme potency, thereby making overdose a significant danger. AM-2201 seems to be very unforgiving in high doses compared to other cannabinoids. Extreme anxiety, breathing difficulties, vomiting, blackouts and convulsions have been reported. Some user reports have suggested it can cause uncomfortable distortions to reality and hallucinations so people with pre-existing mental health conditions could be at risk of exacerbating symptoms.

Proper scales capable of measuring the sub-milligram range are necessary to avoid this.

AM-2201 is reported to have a high abuse/addictive potential, with withdrawals.

While tolerance builds up fast, some report that it dissipates quickly as well. So, if you have built up a high tolerance to AM-2201 and take a short break, you must take care and start with a very low dosage.

Producing/Growing AM-2201

Forms of AM-2201

United Nations


Will fall under the analogue act due to structural similarity to JWH-018


The parent drug of AM-2201 is currently uncontrolled in the UK as haloalkyl substitution of the indole nitrogen is not explicitly listed as a derivative that contravenes the 2009 order on synthetic cannabinoids.

This is however more of a legal loophole/oversight rather than chemical wizardry on the part of the manufacturers. If the UK government forges ahead with its plan to weaken the role of the ACMD in legislative amendments then this loophole could be plugged at very short notice.

Some unfluorinated synthesis impurities might be class B controlled substances, so purity is potentially critical to ensure that this compound is legal to possess in the UK.[1]


Other Countries

Uncontrolled in Poland (July 2011).

History of AM-2201

Popularity of AM-2201 over time

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Drug testing for AM-2201

It is probable that AM-2201 will give a false positive for JWH-018 in a basic drug test.

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[1] AM-2201 monograph
[2] Calculated from Atomic Weights of the Elements, 2007

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