The European Coalition for Just and effective Drug Policies (ENCOD) is a network of European non-governmental organizations and citizens concerned with the impact of current international drug policies on the lives of the most affected sectors in North and South. Since 1994 they have been working to advocate more just and effective drugs control policies, which include an integrated solution for all problems related to the global drugs phenomenon.

ENCOD has three primary objectives:

* To improve understanding of the causes and effects of the drugs trade;
* To contribute to the elaboration of just and effective drugs control policies;
* To bring about greater consistency between drugs control efforts and economic and social policies.

ENCOD is implementing these objectives in three ways:

* it facilitates coordination, information exchange and joint analysis between its members;
* it carries out joint information campaigns, aimed at the general public;
* it carries out joint advocacy activities, aimed at policy-makers and the media.

ENCOD is a pan-European network of currently 140 NGO's and individual experts involved in the drug issue on a daily base. We are the European section of an International Coalition, which consists of more than 200 NGOs from around the world that have adhered to a Manifesto for Just and Effective Drug Policies (established in 1998). Among our members are organizations of cannabis and other drug users, of health workers, researchers, grassroot activists as well as companies.

What ENCOD wants
Our common concern is that citizens are particularly disadvantaged in confronting the effects of the drug trade and the negative side-effects of drug control policies, and at the same time, they are excluded from the (inter)national fora where decisions on these and other related policies influencing drug control, are made. Therefore, our goal is to obtain more transparency and democracy in the drug policy-making process.

What ENCOD believes
We believe that drug control policies should be subordinated to guiding principles of sound governance, such as those laid out in the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on Biodiversity. In particular to those principles which guarantee respect for social, economic and political rights, and the cultural diversity of all human beings, and those which take into account the sustainability of the planet.

What ENCOD does
ENCOD facilitates an effective information exchange, shared analysis and co-ordination of actions between a network of organisations that defend the interests of millions of people, many of whom do not dare to express themselves.

Where ENCOD comes from
ENCOD was set up in 1993 thanks to the support of the European Commission, as an NGO counterpart to the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction. However, the Management Board of the EMCDDA later decided to ignore any NGO involvement in the work of the EMCDDA. We are a self-financed and completely independent network. The association is legally based in Belgium, and is steered by a Committee of 6 people from different EU countries.

How to contact ENCOD
European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies
Lange Lozanastraat 14
2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
Tel. +32 (0)3 293 0886
Mob. +32 (0)495 122 644
[email protected]

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