Hashish is a purified form of cannabis. The idea of hash is to remove the trichomes (little stalked glands on the flowers and leaves of the female cannabis plant) which contain most of the psychoactive contents in cannabis from the mostly non psychoactive plant material thus yielding a purer product.
Most imported hash comes from north Africa and the middle east, countries such as Pakistan, Lebanon and Morocco. Although in recent years thanks to advances in hashish producing technology much of the high grade hashish comes from Holland and local growers worldwide.

Using Hashish

Ways of administration

The methods for administering hash are the same as for other types of cannabis.

Smoking Hashish

Hash is not suited to neat joints, because it is harder to burn than its herbal counterpart, when smoking in a spliff it is rolled with tobacco. With the higher grade hash such as bubble hash, smoking using a screen can be tricky as when it bubbles and melts it can fall through the screen, this can be countered by mixing it with tobacco or placing it to the edge of the bowl.
The traditional method of smoking charras hash in India is with a chillum, a conical pipe covered by cloth at one end to prevent burning embers falling through, although chillums are used world wide, they originated from traditional Hindu ceremonies.
Using a knife that's been heated very hot.
With pressed hash one may use a pin, with the pin stuck through a business card. *NOTE this is a great way to check the purity of the hash. If the burnt hash stays in a ball of ash, it's good stuff. Burnt hash that falls apart, the adulterants burned away and couldn't hold the resin together anymore. Burnt hash that breaks up & falls off the needle is full of impurities/poor quality (probable shouldn't be consumed.) One could either inhale just above the burning chunk. Also, one may place an inverted drinking glass over burning chunk, use a flexible straw, place mouth end of straw under glass, inhale through straw.

Vaporizing Hashish

People often ask whether hash can be vaporized, the answer is that, yes, it can be vaporized, the psychoactives in hash are the same as herbal cannabis minus the plant material, a vaporizer is an effective way of smoking hash.

Eating Hashish

Effects of Hashish

The range of highs from hashish are as varied as with herbal cannabis, it depends on the extraction method and on the strain used to make it. Generally effects from modern hash (polm, bubblehash, Isohash etc) are extremely powerful, good bud will range from 15%-20% THC whereas high grade hash can contain from 30% to 90% THC.
More traditional forms of hashish contain far less THC according to samples of seizures in the UK. Traditional imported hash contains between 5% and 15% THC, although there have been reported samples much stronger than this.

Combinations with Hashish

Different Uses for Hashish

Pharmacology of Hash

The dangers of Hashish

In terms of danger hashish is no more dangerous than herbal cannabis, however in Europe especially the UK hashish is much more prone to contamination. Also an inexperienced hashish user can find some of the higher grade hash overpowering and disorientating.

Producing Hashish

The most common form of hash, usually used in Moroccan and Lebanese hashish production, is dry sift hash. This is where mature cannabis buds and leaves are rubbed against a fine screen usually linen or silk so the trichomes fall through the small holes in the fabric and the plant matter stays on top. The trichomes also known as "Kiev" when in their loose form are then scraped and pressed together to form blocks of hash.
The second of the traditional hashish producing methods is hand rubbing. This method is found most commonly in India and Nepal. Workers rub the mature buds, whilst the plant is still living, and get a sticky coating of blacky brown resin on their hands and arms, this is then scraped from the skin and rolled into balls. This is most commonly known as "Charras".

Forms of Hashish

Hashish has a range of forms, from solid brown lumps to soft sticky black balls. The purity of hash varies greatly and it mainly depends on how it was made.

Ice-o-lator hash

Ice-o-later hash, is hash made using a cold water extraction and fine screens, also known as "bubble bags".

Soap bar

Soapbar is a heavily contaminated form of cannabis seen mainly in Europe. The most common contaminant in soapbar hash is henna. Soapbar hash also commonly contains other things such as plastic, beeswax and coffee but a range of substances have shown up in soapbar.


Smoking charras is somewhat of a religious practice in India. Most of the exported charras is of a lower grade than what is used in ceremonies.

Legal status of Hashish

Hashish generally shares the same legal status as other cannabis products, it is illegal worldwide although some countries have decriminalized hashish along with marijuana.

United Nations


In the USA along with other forms of cannabis it is a Schedule I narcotic.


History of Hashish

Although it is unclear when exactly hash was first made, it was probably when the first human touched the flowering top of the cannabis plant and noticed the sticky resins on their fingers.

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