High Blood Pressure

[][/]High Bd Pessue "Hpetesi" s it is kw i the medi fied desibes diti whee the tt bd iutig i u teies d eis exist i bm high mut f fuid pessue. High bd pessue is stdd sideed thig be 140/90 mmHg.
[h"1"]Itduti t []PGEME[/][/h]
Bd pessue is eded i tw umbes: The uppe ssti pessue, whih epesets the pessue exeted duig the hetbet, d the we umbe is shws disti pessue, whih is the pessue s the het is estig betwee bets.[FTTEhttp://www.eedheth.m/hpetesi/udestdig/tpes-f-hpetesi.spx][/FTTE]High Bd Pessue "Hpetesi" s it is kw i the medi fied desibes diti whee the tt bd iutig i u teies d eis exist i bm high mut f fuid pessue.
Thee e see diffeet tpes f hpetesi. hi hpetesi usu exists t 'bdeie' ee i the high-ed f m pessues. This st es; sme bdeies ee pgess t fu-bw hpetesi. Withut heth diet (w st/sdium), egu exeise, d weight-ss, bdeie hpetesi ee it me seee hi estig stte f high bd pessue.
The kid f Bd Pessue spikes tht e ssited with dug side-effets ted t be ute, immedite-set, d this tpe f eeted bd pessue u i e---hwee, the pes with estig (hi) hpetesi is muh me ike t equie emege tetmet.
Hpetesie Uge d Emege epeset the WST situti whee pes expeiees high bd pessue s esut f dug mbiti f dugs' side-effet.
Thee e TS f ess wh pes's bd pessue bemes high. Exmpes iude: sdium d wte eteti, kide fiue--usig fuid-ed, edig t high-ume stte, es i the ei-gitesi-dstee sde, besit, geetis (fmi hist), pituit tum, e te stesis (hes f this e but 1/mii!) d the use tht is eet t THIS disussi is high bd pessue tht is used b iesed su te--meig tht the teies d/ eis beme tighte (k sstiti), d this dies bd pessue up due t fuid dmis--i.e. thee is w ess m f gie mut f bd t exist, theefe pessue ises.
With mm dugs f buse, High Bd Pessue is e mm side-effet f et eus Sstem Stimuts--i.e. ie, mphetmies, methmphetmie, meththie, MDM, ephedie...d esse kw s whih e bsed ud mm stimut-dug-hitetue--iudig mephede (4meth-meththie), the pipezies (BZP, TFMPP, et.), methe (bk-MDM), bute (bk-MBDB), MDP, desxpipd d pbb f sfe mesue, fShugi's Pheethmies shud be iuded i this ist!
I eh d ee e f these exmpe-dugs (d the es tht I did T meti beuse the he't bee diseed et!), the iese i bd pessue is used b diet utpuig f deie the dug itSEF ts the het/esses s if it wee deie. The effets f deie the het d esses is tht it wi speed up the het te d it wi sstit the esses, edig t iesed bd pessue. Mst stimut dugs use bd pessue eeti s esut f pim effet the eus sstem.
I gee, f dug t be ssified s stimut SPEED UPPE, these dugs wk b eig-up the bd's m smptheti eus sstem uti the use epts feeig JKED-UP D UTT T!!
m, the smptheti eus sstem ies i tiuus be with the psmptheti eus sstem. The smptheti is k "Fight Fight" d is ssited with huge muts f deie, eeg, pwe, tue isi, d the expeiee itsef is dditie (i.e. stut-tists, phutist-hbbies, k-imbes). The psmptheti sstem is me mew...its es e with digesti f fd, est, exti, seep, exig the bd esses, swig dw the het, et.
Is high-bd pessue dgeus?
ES. ES. ES. u bette beiee it is dgeus. Whe bd pessues eh thei 'imit,' expet t suffe mssie eeb su ijuies--esseti beedig stke... Sd beuse the usu be peeted.
Wht I d t st sfe with m bd pessue?
Fist f , u eed t get egu phsii's exmiti. Hee u wi fid u bs (estig) bd pessue, d the dt k f stge ditis tht might be edemi t u ge/e/pputi... if u bs bd pessue is ess th 130/80, the u d T he bseie high bd pessue. If u edigs e be 130/80, the u D he bseie HIGH bd-pessue. u shud be e efu with stimut-use d bu utmti bp uff s u test u w bd pessue whie test-dses f ius dugs. If u estig bd pessue is be 140/90, the u shud id stimut dugs...
mst imptt emmedti is tht if u dt pesibes u dug f u high bd pessue, the it wi wk if u TKE IT (EE D!)... this wi deese u ikeihd f hig pbems i the futue with stimuts d wi s sw dw the pgessi f u hpetesi.
Smptms f Eeted BP
Uftute, mst f thse wh he high BPs d d't kw it he SMPTMS! Tht's wh high bd pessue is ed the "Siet Kie."
-eibe, medium/k-idits f iesig BP fte tkig dugs:
Fee u tid puse (bew eithe e, hfw up the ek) W d get "fee" f u "m" puse temp d the "push" pessue exeted eh pusti... whie this is T eibe idit f u bd pessue, it is f bette th thig!
Best w t hek u w BP?
Best is t get usef utmti uppe m uff fm dugste ie. e with high bd pessue shud GET E! te: the uppe m uffs e me eibe th the "wist uffs."
Hw High is T HIGH?
If u'e tkig but mesued BP fte tkig stimut, the it e depeds t f ibes. F mst ug, heth pepe with the isk fts, the wi usu be be t tete mesuemets up t 160/80 withut muh w, d if smee wee t fid themsees t 180/100--ee i this situti, withut mpig pbems the smptms (hest pi, hedhe, dube isi, seizues, et), mst pepe wi tete this… the e BIG PBEMS begi t get ewhemig t 190's/110 d espei t 200/120 (EITHE UMBE!) d highe. This is mm ed Hpetesie Emege/Uge--d it shud be see i E.
F the ske f mpeteess, E wh dbbes it stimut dugs is uig isk f deepig seee, debiittig, emeget ditis s esut f thei dug use. Ee if u keep u bd pessue fi we-ted, this des't gutee tht u w't he stke, uptued eusm, het ttk, the ife-theteig mpiti f the dugs. s with mst fts, tetmet d mesuemet f high bd pessue, g with hepfu tips f di iig. u’ fee empweed t mge u high bd pessue.

[h"1"]uses f []PGEME[/][/h]
[IST]Stdd high bd pessue- I mst duts, thee is idetifibe, kw use f high bd pessue. Fm efeed t s "esseti" "pim" hpetesi, this diti deeps gdu e es.
[*]Sed high bd pessue - esut fm: kide pbems, de gd tums, geit bd esse defets, seep pe, h/d dug buse, iudig e-the-ute meditis suh s bith t pis, d emedies, degestts, e-the-ute pi eiees d sme pesipti dugs[FTTEhttp://www.mii.g/diseses-ditis/high-bd-pessue/bsis/uses/-20019580][/FTTE]
[*]Isted ssti hpetesi - I whih ssti pessue ises be 140, whie the we umbe sts e the m ge, bew 90. This tpe f hpetesi, fud mst i pepe 65 d e, is due t fdig estiit f the teies.
[*]Migt hpetesi - us i ess th 1% f the pputi d is mst mm fud i ug bk me d wme s we s pegt wme dispig sigs f txemi. This tpe f high bd pessue shud be teted t emege fiit whe disti pessue ises e 130, usig smptms f dizziess, bu isi, hest pis, hedhe d fusi.
[*]esistt hpetesi - us i mst de, bese, feme, fi mei, he udeig iess, suh s dibetes kide disese d epesets 20-30% f the pputi. This tpe f hpetesi des t espd we t mediti, d thse wh suffe fm the diti e fte f thee hpetesi meditis me, fte with stig esut.[/IST]
[h"1"]Smptms & Tetmets f []PGEME[/][/h]High bd pessue, s kw s "The Siet Kie," fte hs smptms t , thugh sme pepe i the e stges f the disese he expessed feeigs f dizziess, hedhes s we s uwted sebeeds. [FTTEhttp://www.mii.g/diseses-ditis/high-bd-pessue/bsis/smptms/-20019580][/FTTE]
[h2]tu[/h][IST]St heth diet
[*]St phsi tie
[*]Miti heth weight
[*]e t pe bette with stess
[*]D t smke. If u d smke, stp[/IST]
[*]E ihibits
[*]gitesi II eept bkes
[*]ium he bkes
[*]ph bkes
[*]ph-2 eept gist
[*]mbied ph d bet-bkes
[*]et gists
[*]Peiphe deegi ihibits
[*]Bd esse dits (sdits)[/IST]
[h"1"]Guideies t Bd Pessue[/h]s metied befe, bd pessue is mesued i miimetes f meu (mm Hg). dig t uet dut guideies, bd pessue is tegized s m, pehpetesie, d hpetesie (whih is futhe diided it Stge 1 d 2, dig t seeit).
[IST]m bd pessue is bew 120/80 mm Hg.
[*]High bd pessue is gete th equ t 140 mm Hg (ssti) gete th equ t 90 mm Hg (disti).
[*]Bd pessue edigs i the pehpetesi teg (120 -139 ssti 80 - 89 disti) idite iesed isk f deepig hpetesi.
[*]uet guideies f hide e bsed peetie ges f hid’s bd size. Hpetesi is defied s ege ssti d disti edigs tht e gete th the 95th peetie f gede, ge, d height t est thee sis.
[*]Pe-hpetesi i hide is digsed whe ege ssti disti bd pessue ees e t est i the 90th peetie but ess th the 95th peetie. F desets, s with duts, bd pessue edigs gete th 120/80 e sideed pehpetesie. Iesig tes f hidhd besit he ed t iesig tes f hpetesi d pe-hpetesi mg hide d desets. thugh me hide e hig high bd pessue, eet studies idite tht pediti hpetesi is fequet udedigsed.[/IST][FTTEhttp://www.times.m/heth/guides/disese/hpetesi/bkgud.htm][/FTTE]
[h"1"]test Medi Ifmti, ides - []PGEME[/][/h]
[IST] itetie high bd pessue kwedge site, utes f the mei Het ssiti [Uhttp://wtheie.het.g/M_Pe.php?mdueSeethighbp] ted hee. [/U]
[*]tu ws t pe with high bd pessue b the M ii [Uhttp://www.mii.g/diseses-ditis/high-bd-pessue/i-depth/high-bd-pessue/t-20046974] hee. [/U]
[*]UK Bd pessue site[Uhttp://www.bdpessueuk.g/BdPessuedu/Thebsis/Whtishigh] hee.[/U]
[*]The M ii's sht fim bd pessue[Uhttp://www.mii.g/diseses-ditis/high-bd-pessue/mutimedi/wht-is-bd-pessue/id-20084747] hee. [/U]
[h2]Mbidit te[/h]
[IST]67 mii mei duts (31%) he high bd pessue—tht’s 1 f ee 3 duts.1
[*] but hf (47%) f pepe with high bd pessue he thei diti ude t.1
[*]e 1 f 3 mei duts hs pehpetesi—bd pessue umbes tht e highe th m, but t et i the high bd pessue ge.2
[*]High bd pessue sts the ti $47.5 bii eh e. This tt iudes the st f heth e seies, meditis t tet high bd pessue, d missed ds f wk.[/IST][FTTEhttp://www.d.g/bdpessue/fts.htm][/FTTE]
[h"1"]efeees[/h]The M ii: http://www.mii.g/diseses-ditis/high-bd-pessue/bsis/uses/-20019580
The ew k Times: http://www.times.m/heth/guides/disese/hpetesi/bkgud.htm
ti Het, ug d Bd Istitute: http://www.hbi.ih.g/heth/heth-tpis/tpis/hbp/tetmet
mei Het ssiti: http://www.het.g/HETG/ditis/HighBdPessue/PeetiTetmetfHighBdPessue/Tpes-f-Bd-Pessue-Meditis_UM_303247_tie.jsp
ete f Disese t d Peeti: http://www.d.g/bdpessue/fts.htm
[]desipti|ek f high bd pessue's uses d the dges theei.[/]

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