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Drugs-Forum is a harm reduction information hub and peer to peer addiction support community. Content is posted by community members. Drugs-Forum was founded in February 2002. Here you can view the Drugs-Forum.com History & time-line. Drugs-Forum is operated by the S.I.N. Foundation, a non-profit organization registered with the chamber of commerce in The Netherlands under registration number

SIN Foundation
PO box 31008
6503 CA Nijmegen
The Netherlands

The staff are volunteers and can be viewed here.

Legitimate Reasons for Anonymity
Members can post anonymous, because there are high risks involved with posting about drugs on a public website. Drug use still has a significant taboo. Especially in countries where the war on drugs is raging. Members fear for prosecution, loosing their job, custody, professional status or even getting killed. Anonymity is an essential requisite to allow for freedom of speech.

Trained Professionals
A number of members are trained professionals in their field of expertise. When a member claims to have expertise we require them to provide their credentials through private support ticket. If we do not receive appropriate response then we disallow such claims by the member. Unless explicitly stated and confirmed by staff, a member should not considered to be a professional.

We also partner with JustAnswer service, which is a network of trained professionals. We have several widgets that members can insert into a reply. Such widget will connect a member with a verified Medical Doctor, Lawyer or other trained professional depending on which widget is used.

What we do

At Drugs-Forum, we pride ourselves on the quality of the information and advice that we offer. In keeping with our mission to provide reliable information about drugs, all posts must meet high standards of quality. As a result of our strict moderation, Drugs-Forum offers a safe space for discussion of all aspects of recovery and drug use, both medical and recreational. There is very little flaming or abuse, and our membership includes researchers, harm reduction and addiction specialists, public officials, lawyers, physicians, representatives of NGOs, and mental health professionals. Drugs-Forum is highly regarded among academics, and it has been referenced in hundreds of studies and dozens of books. Research has also shown that Drugs-Forum can be used to predict drug trends.

Drugs-Forum encourages intelligent, thoughtful discussion of drug-related politics, and we strive to maintain an environment free from sensationalism and bias. Drugs-Forum also boasts a vibrant recovery community where senior members are always willing to lend an ear to those struggling to overcome substance abuse. Around 1,300 members utilize our recovery journals to document their progress towards sobriety and gain support from our recovery community. Drugs-Forum also saves lives through harm reduction-oriented peer-to-peer advice and helps members avoid life-threatening overdoses with up-to-date information about bad batches.

With thousands of people online at any given time, Drugs-Forum offers rapid answers to questions and a constant stream of interactive content. With around 260,000 members and millions of monthly readers, Drugs-Forum offers not only a wealth of information about drug use and recovery but a multitude of perspectives which create an environment of diversity and inclusiveness.

Mission statement

At Drugs-Forum, we recognize the need for unbiased information about drugs. Although drugs - substances which produce a psychoactive effect - have been used by mankind throughout history, the vast majority of discussions surrounding drug use today are blighted by scaremongering, political propaganda, and uniformed journalism. At Drugs-Forum, our mission is to provide an online community which supports its members and provides them with reliable, harm reduction-oriented advice and information.

Because this is our mission, we strive to maintain a neutral view of drug use, neither condemning nor encouraging it. We aim to provide an open environment where members can freely seek advice without fear of judgement. Because harm reduction is a core value at Drugs-Forum, we do not promote recreational drug use. We do, however, offer realistic advice about its risks to members who choose to engage in it.

With thousands of active members and millions of readers, we reach a large audience, yet we strive to reach an even larger one. At Drugs-Forum, we aim to reach an international audience with our message of harm reduction and recovery support, and we believe that we can do so by fostering an online community where current and former drug users are given a voice, regardless of which stage of drug use or recovery they find themselves in. Because we do not tolerate spam or abuse, Drugs-Forum is a place where all members are treated with respect and dignity. Please consider supporting this mission by donating to Drugs-Forum today.

Reputation & Authoritativeness

References in scientific studies.

  • The EU funded Psychonaut Web Mapping Project researched & extensively monitored over 200 websites for over 2 years and found that Drugs-Forum.com ranked #2 of top resources to provide accurate & timely information on novel psychoactive substances. [1]
  • Extensive research confirmed that Drugs-Forum is a "Key Online Resource" for accurate and timely information about NPS and online drug experiences. Drugs-Forum was ranked #1 and listed to offer 2.9 to 29 times as many relevant experiences than other sites. [2]
  • Drugs-Forum is one of 'the “leading edge” Internet forums' [1][2][3]
  • 'users supported each other and exchanged an extensive and cumulative amount of knowledge about NPS and how to use them safely.' [3]
  • 'the main characteristics of the discussions in general were a concern for safety and harm reduction, not for recruiting new users.' [3]
  • The EU psychonaut project has created at least 31 technical reports on novel drugs. These technical reports were compiled partly from data from Drugs-Forum. 'This information is considered of great interest for a range of health professionals.' Some of these reports formed the basis for subsequent peer-review publications. [1] For example the 17 page mephedrone report has 16 paragraphs for which Drugs-Forum is credited. [4]
  • Drugs-Forum is 'a valid source for estimating demographic and temporal trends in drug use.' [5]
  • Notably, many users declare to access drug fora (e.g. drugs-forum.com, etc) primarily to learn how to handle drugs more safely. [6]
  • The largest survey on mephedrone was filled in mostly by drugs-forum.com users. (34%) [7] shortly followed by another online forum. (32%)
Drugs-Forum.com is referenced in hundreds of scientific studies. According to a Google Scholar Search. [8]
Drugs-Forum is regularly used by researchers to gain study participants. [9]

References in books.

Drugs-Forum.com is referenced in a significant number of books about drugs. [10]

References in news articles.

  • 'As for any drug you are new to taking – I suggest you do a bit of research first as to what can possibly go wrong, I personally recommend drugs-forum.com which is very informative and has a variety of experiences on there.' - Swindon Advertiser [11]
  • Members seek to dissuade others from injecting fentanyl. - Wall Street Journal [12]
  • Promotional post by Darknet Marketplace Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht was rejected as spam. - Ars Technica [13]
  • Posts on drug harm minimisation site drugs-forum.com reveals that users of the drug NBOME have endured “terrifying freak out” experiences. - news.com.au [14][15]

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The quality of all content on Drugs-Forum can be rated by community members through these systems:

Post Quality Reviews (Reputation)
This system allows members to give anonymous reviews about the quality of a post by a specific member. The system is anonymous to avoid retaliation for negative reviews.
Threads that have a lot of negative ratings are considered for deletion.

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This system allows members to rate the quality of a total thread/discussion. Ratings are not anonymous.
Threads with a low rating are considered for deletion.

Content can also be reported for editing or deletion in case it breaches the rules.


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