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Drugs-Forum now has a review section, where you can read and post reviews of rehab clinics, testing kits, lawyers, and more!

The Reviews section consists of:
  • Items: These are listings of products, services, or companies that can be reviewed.
  • Brands: These are companies that offer a variety of products or services.
  • Reviews: These are the actual reviews of those items, with pros and cons and a rating.
  • Q&A: These are questions and answers about specific items.
  • Discussion: This is for further discussion about an item, in its own forum.

Adding an Item

If you want to add a n Item to the reviews section then first check if the Item already exists. If the item is a company like a rehab or dispensary then first make sure that the company is still active. Google MAPS / Places is a good place to check this. Then proceed:

In order to add an item for people to review, start by hitting the "Add Item" button at the top right of most Reviews section pages. If you are adding a rehab, then this button says 'Add Rehab'. This is different for each category.


You will be prompted to choose what category your item belongs to. This is important for helping people find the item you are adding.


If the category doesn't exist in the category menu, you can request it by posting here.

Then fill out all the details about the item you are adding. (Remember that this is not a review - the reviews are separate from this description!)


The title should include the product name and the brand name where possible. (For example, "American Weigh Scales DIA 20mg scale" includes both the company and the product name. In other situations this might not be necessary - for example, "Michael J Reed" is a lawyer, so adding a product name doesn't make any sense.)
The title should not be too long, because otherwise it will not display correctly on various pages.


This should shortly describe the item in one line. For example: 'Inpatient Rehab in Sussex for women'
The tagline is also useful if the title of the item is too long by default.


Add descriptions and specifications to the details field. The official website for the product, service, or company you're adding is usually an excellent place for finding both descriptive text and images. Google places is highly recommended as well.

However, the description should not contain any hyperlinks. The only place an item should have a hyperlink is in the website address field for items that are companies (for example, law firms or rehab clinics.)

If the item is a company then add opening hours here. Most likely you can find these on Google Places.

Images & Files

Add at least one image. More is better. Images submitted here will go into the item's main image gallery. The first image added will become the main cover image. (After creation of the Item you can select a different cover image if needed)
You can add images by drag & drop or by clicking 'upload file'.

Image requirements:
  1. Do not add images with watermarks or links.
  2. For the cover image choose a somewhat square image. Preferably with White background.
  3. For the cover image choose an image that shows clearly what the Item is.
  4. Only use quality images. Preferably images that look professional.
Do not add thumbnails or full images into the Item Details field. The images will automatically display.
If the Item is a company like for example a rehab, then it will have a location. Fill the full address in here. Often it is useful to check the address on Google, so that you know that you have a correct address. If the address is correct then a map will display after saving the page.

Choose a brand from the drop-down menu. If the brand doesn't exist in the brand menu, you can create one.

Then add some tags. (To add tags, just start typing and auto-complete suggestions will pop up.)
Good tags to add are:
  1. The name of the product
  2. The name of the product + the word 'review'.
  3. The name of the category + the word review(s). For example 'vaporizer reviews'
  4. The name of the brand.
  5. The name of the brand + the word 'review'.

Depending on the category there may be various other fields. In this example, you need to select how precise the scale is:

If there are a lot of fields, then don't be overwhelmed. Most are optional and you do not have to fill these in. Try to fill in what you can and skip the rest. If a field is required then this is stated in red text.

Telephone, e-mail and website are important to fill in if possible. Most often these can be found from Google Places and the official website/ Facebook page.

Specifications will allow members to find the Item easier.

If there are specifications that would be useful for describing an item that aren't present when creating an item, you can request their addition here.

Then, you can save your item - or if you entered it in order to review it, you can choose "Save and write a Review about this item" and go straight to reviewing it!


Adding an Brand

On the brands page you can click the 'add brand' button.

On the next page fill in the following:

Fill in the brand name.

Brand Content
Fill in a description of the brand. You may want to write this yourself or use a description by the company itself. Check the official website of the brand.
Do not add any links in the text. Do not add images to this field.

Website URL
Only fill in the official website if the website is purely informational. i.e. not if its an online shop.

Applicable Categories
Select the category this brand applies to. For example: If the brand is a vaporizer brand, then select the category 'vaporizers'. Once this is filled it the brand will become selectable when creating a new product in that category.

Upload Brand Logo
Click this checkbox to add a brand logo.
You can use Google Images to search for a nice brand logo.

Click 'Add brand'
You will be prompted to upload a image file as brand logo.

Now the brand is created.

Click 'add tags' and enter a few relevant tags. Good tags are:
  • the brand name
  • the brand name + the word ''reviews'
  • the category name + the word 'reviews'

Claiming an Item


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