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Before Opening a Support Ticket

Before opening a support ticket, please check if you can find the answer in the FAQ or in the site use forum.
Do not use a support ticket for questions that can be posted in the forum. For example if yu want to know the effect of a drug, then a support ticket is not the appropriate place. If you want to know how a site function works, then post in the site use forum.

How to open a Support Ticket

There are 3 ways to reach the helpdesk:
  1. Go to create -> ticket. (on mobile open the hamburger menu first)
  2. Help -> Helpdesk -> open new ticket. (on mobile open the hamburger menu first)
  3. Bottom of page -> Helpdesk -> open new ticket.
After that:
  1. Choose the appropriate category.
  2. Fill in all fields and clearly describe the issue.
  3. After you have opened a ticket, you will receive an email with a link to the ticket.
  4. You will receive an alert when a staff member replies to your ticket.
  5. Once you find that your ticket is resolved, please let the staff know that the ticket can be closed.

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