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The Report Post function is one of the most important tools we use here at Drugs Forum, as this board deals with a number of sensitive discussion topics. This forum function allows us to stick to the strict forum guidelines, which in turn keeps the forum running smoothly and free of potential problems.

Reporting a post puts it in a moderation queue where moderators can view Post Reports. Moderators check this queue often and act on post reports as quickly as possible. If more than one member reports the same post, it bring it to the top of the queue each time, which make it more apparent to the moderators that the post need urgent attention.

Why report posts

Reporting posts is one of the quickest ways to allert a moderator or administrator and get their attention to a troublesome thread or a post. This is why it is important that our members do their part by using this function.

Posts should be reported for any rule violation. If you are in doubt whether the post needs reporting or not, report it anyway.
We rather spend extra few minutes looking through the post rather than have a potentially dangerous or life-threatenning text live on our site.

Here is a list of some of the reasons for reporting a post:
  • Dissuading/stopping illegal activities
  • Keeping members and site visitors safe from incorrect information
  • Keeping spam of the board
  • Keeping he signal to noise ratio down
  • Reducing the workload of the staff
and generally helping this forum to remain live, active and helpful.

Some reasons to report posts

Below is a list of some activities that should be reported:
  • Harassment
  • Flaming
  • Suicidal posts or intentions
  • Bad/dangerous/incorrect advice
  • Trolling
  • Spam (Advertising)
  • Members trying to acquire personal information
  • Soliciting illegal substances
  • Commercial Links

How to report a post

Reporting a post is done by a single click on a Report Post link below of each post

Clicking this button will bring up a simple submission form. Fill in the text box with your best explanation of what you think is wrong with the post and click Report Post button.

We strongly advise that members report posts where relevant. This for everyone's benefit, including yours.

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