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Accessing the Chat Rooms

New Chat Software is now in use please post help requests HERE.

The information here is valid as of 08/06/2016.

Chat is available to donating and Platinum members. Upon being promoted to one of these levels for the first time you will need to post in the forum topic linked above to have your chat account created.

When chat open's for the first time you will find yourself in the General Chat room. This room is obviously for General Chat.

Don't get discouraged if you go into the chat rooms and find that no one is there or chatting... a user may in fact be there but their name will drop off the user list after 30 minutes of inactivity. Just say hi and wait a few minutes, more often than not someone will drop by. Chat is often active for most of the day now.

To send a message, just type it into the box and hit the Enter key. Note that all forum rules also apply in the chat. Additionally in chat the following rule applies: Use the Sex and Sexuality room, and Drug's discussion room's for those respective topics.

You can access other rooms by clicking on the + symbol at the top of the page or by typing /rooms

This will show you a tab like this:


Column 1 Column 2
Chat Rooms Purpose
Drug Discussion Pretty self explanatory, but this is for talking about drugs.
Flaming Sarcasm For (jokingly!) making fun of people, good natured insults, and sarcastic mockery.
Recovery Support For addiction and recovery support and discussion.
Staff room Where we all talk shit about YOU! Just kidding - We really never use this room at all.
Music room For sharing music media.
Sex and sexuality Room For if you feel like being a little perverted. Sex talk.

Chat Formatting and Display Options


You can type /me at the start of a message to make it an action instead of a normal message.

Highlighting text in the text entry box and then clicking one of these buttons will put the selected tags around them, the formatting will then appear when the message is entered.

The weird white circle with a smilie icon allows you to insert different smiley emoticons into the chat. Clicking on a smiley will insert the text code into your input box. It will change to the graphical version once you send your message.

Posting link, images or media
The post link, post image and post media buttons allow you to insert links, images or video into the chat. Please ensure this isn't abused though, if you wish to post a lot of music video's use the music room, and obviously anything drug related or sexual in nature should be posted in their respective rooms and not general chat.

The spoiler button will allow you to post a message that is hidden beneath a button until the user clicks the button.

The Quote button lets you enter a person's name and their quote which will be posted as a quote in chat.

The uploading button opens a dialogue allowing you to upload image files including jpg, jpeg, gif, and png files with a limit of 6 Mb.

Tagging a user
You can tag a user by clicking on the @ symbol at the start of their user name, which will add the tag into your text entry box. When a user is tagged in this way the message will be highlighted to that user only on their chat screen.

You can whisper a user by selecting the whisper option from the small drop down menu next to their name on the chat user list. Alternatively you can type /whisper [username] followed by your message. You can reply in whisper by clicking the word whisper in the one sent to you. Whisper's can only be seen by the intended recipient and moderator's.

User list

The user list is displayed on the right hand side of the screen, there is a dot next to each user indicating their activity (Green = active in the last 5 minutes, yellow = active in the last 5-15 minutes, grey = active in the last 15-30 minutes. After 30 minutes a user drops off the user list, but they may still be in the room and able to view messages so an empty user list doesn't necessarily mean an empty room, just one that hasn't been active recently.).

There is also a small icon with a downward pointing triangle next to each user.

Clicking this will open options for interacting with other users such as whispering or ignoring users. You also have to option to leave a chat room by clicking this option on your own drop down menu.

Chat Options

The Options menu allows you to change some settings.


"Open in popup" will cause chat to open in a new browser window. This can be useful if you are tabbed away from chat but want to be able to keep an eye on if someone comes into chat and says hello.

"Add room" allows you to add a room to the chat site. Each user is allowed to create one additional room.

Mobile Chat

Chat works essentially the same on mobile devices as full size devices, the main difference is that the user list is hidden by default. There is an icon at the top that looks like a tee shirt that will open the user list in a pop up.


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