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What are Drugs Forum groups?

Drugs Forum groups are a collection of existing members that have similar interests, common purpose, particular forum task or come from the same part of the world. Groups connect members that are dedicated or interested in a specific topic that does not have a specific forum. They also bring together members of same profession or activity. In addition, Drugs Forum groups can be joined for sharing advanced knowledge, for support (specific addiction, concerned friends and family) or for wanting to work on the same project.

Groups are not for discussion that is not about the group topic; chatroom type discussions (these can be posted in Some for all and Useless Chatter); things that belong on profiles, forums, blogs; anything in conflict with the rules; worrisome content.

There are four categories of groups and one uncategorised:
Drug-related groups - groups related to particular drugs or groups of drugs, such as Ecstasy group, Kratom group, Downers and sleeping pills group or Nootropics group

Forum crew groups - these groups are involved in carrying out particular tasks around the Drugs Forum. Forum crews range from Addiction Forums Crew to Wiki Writers group

Countries & states - here you can join your compatriots. Among the groups represented are American Members, Scottish People, Polska, Irish members, Canadians and more.

Off topic groups - this is a very broad group category, covering a large number of groups not related to drugs. Here you can join Buddhism, Chocolate Lovers Anonymous, Gamer Central, Journalists, or even Get it off your chest group

Uncategorised - everything else

Here's an overview of the Drugs Forum groups home page:


Click view all groups to browse through the list of all the DF groups.
From here you can also search and filter throught the groups by name, number of members, number of posts, etc.


How to join a group

There are two ways to join a group and the process depends on the type of the group you are planning to join.
For most forum crew groups you will either need to be invited by the group co-ordinator or will need to apply and show a sufficient knowledge in the group subject.


Other groups you can simply join by clicking a link on the group home page


If you receive an invitation to a group, you can accept or decline by clicking the link towards the bottom of the page (below the group threads)


How to access a group

Every group you join will appear on your profile page in the group membership panel. From here you also access the DF groups home page.


In addition, Groups home page can be accessed from: main navigation bar that is present on every page, and site links - available at the bottom of every page.

How to create a group

If you are a palladium member, you have the option of creating a group. Donating members are also able to create groups without the requirement of reaching palladium membership. (otherwise, suggest a new group here). Click on the link on the Groups main page and fill in the required information. You will have the following options:


After deciding on what type of group you want to create and what criteria the membership will be based on, you can move on.
Your new group home page will look something like this:


From here you can:

  • Edit group - Here you can change the group icon, the group description, the type of group (public, moderated, invite only), and the category.
  • Pending & Invited Members - Here you can invite members to the group.
  • Manage Members - Here you can remove members from a group.
  • Transfer Group - Here you can transfer ownership and moderation of a group to another member.

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