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About Drugs-Wiki

The Drugs-Wiki is a collection of articles about Psychoactive substances, plants, animals, and various other drug related topics like Chemistry, Organizations, and more.

Articles in the Drugs-Wiki can be edited by any member of Drugs Forum, so long as they have reached a membership level of Silver or higher. Members can work together to help fill in sections or create new articles on any article of their choice. Edits to the Drugs-Wiki are moderated in order to prevent any abuse that may occur. Even if a member does not wish to edit a Drugs-Wiki article directly then they are welcome to suggest content or improvements in the discussion thread associated with each article.

The purpose of the Drugs-Wiki is to host high quality information on drug related topics, so that members and guests may refer to it for accurate and detailed information.

Drugs-Wiki syntax

Drugs-Wiki uses BBCode and WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get editor AKA forum editing box) for creating and editing wiki content.

With editing Wiki articles the BBcode editor toggle button in your editing box is very important. This is the button that looks like a page of a document on the right top of your editing box. It looks like this:

When you click the toggle button the content of your wiki is transformed back into plain text, without links or other parsed content.

For example: after the toggle button is clicked the link

Drugs Forum home page

will look like:

[URL="http://www.drugs-forum.com/"]Drugs Forum home page[/URL]

Which makes it easier to edit.

Drugs Wiki extends BBCode as follows:
You can create links to Drugs Wiki Articles through the use of the WIKI bbcode. The following example will create a link to a Drugs Wiki Article named 'Drugs Wiki FAQ':
[wiki]Drugs Wiki FAQ[/wiki]

If the article to which the link points does not exist, the link is shown in red color.

Example: nonexistent article

If you click a link to an nonexistent article, then you will be taken to the page where you can create the article.

Note: In most cases these links will be created automatically. You would only need to use this particular code if the autolink was not working to point to the correct page.

Adding Headlines

You can add headlines (headers) for sections and subsubsections to a wiki article by using the following BBCodes:
[h=1]Paragraph title[/h]
[h=2]Paragraph title[/h]
[h=3]Paragraph title[/h]
[h=4]Paragraph title[/h]

h1 is one level above h2, which is one level above h3, etc. This is how you get sections, subsections, etc.

Table of Contents

The tag [toc] can customize how an article's table of contents is displayed. Normally, the table of contents will appear below the first paragraph when there are at least four (4) sections created using [plain][h][/plain]. It takes any number of pre-defined flags as a value, separated using |. This tag cannot be used in regular posts, and will only parse in wiki articles.

Usage [plain][toc]value[/toc]
[toc]NO[/toc] prevents the default table of contents placement from occurring
[toc]FORCE[/toc] displays the table of contents even if there are too few sections, or even if the NO flag was used
[toc]BOOK[/toc] if the article belongs to a book, merges the other chapters into the table of contents
[toc]NONUM[/toc] removes the table of contents numbering, leaving only the bullet points
[toc][/toc] places a table of contents at the current position[/plain]

[h=2] Adding Images [/h]
Images used in wiki articles need to first be added to the [autolink]media gallery[/autolink].

When you want to add specific images from the [autolink]media gallery[/autolink] into a wiki, go to the entry of the image in the [autolink]media gallery[/autolink] and find the [plain]Share BB [IMG] Code:[/plain]

For example: In the wiki images section you will find a picture named bbcodeedit. In the [plain]Share BB [IMG] Code:[/plain] field, you will find the code to use: [plain][IMG]https://drugs-forum.com/media/bbcodeedit.58300/full[/IMG][/plain]

You can add this by ether linking it through the edit box's image function or by pasting (or manually typing) the code at the location where you want the image to appear.

[h=2]DIV BB code [/h]
The [plain][div][/div][/plain] tag allows you to wrap content in a block container and apply styles to that container. Attributes and styles are separated from the content using a pipe character |

Usage: [plain][div]value | your text[/div][/plain]

Example Usage: [plain] [div] style="border: 1px dotted green; background: yellow; color: brown; width: 100px; padding: 5px" | This box has a green dotted border, a yellow background, and brown text. [/div][/plain]

Example Output:

[div]style="border: 1px dotted green; background: yellow; color: brown; width: 100px; padding: 5px" | This box has a green dotted border, a yellow background, and brown text.[/div]

[h=2]Book BB code [/h]
This Wiki Code can be used by clicking this button in the editor. The tag [plain][book][/book][/plain] is used to create links to articles in the namespace called "Book". If the article does not exist, the link may appear in this [URL='http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showwiki.php?title=Special:Wikicodelist#book']color[/URL], and clicking the link will allow users to create the article. You can also use an optional parameter to "name" your link.

Usage: [plain][book]value[/book]

Example Usage: [plain][book]FAQ[/book][/plain]
[plain][book=FAQ]Click here to view the article![/book][/plain]

Example Output:[book=FAQ]Click here to view the article![/book]

[COMMENT]Commented out as this function does not appear to be working correctly. It returns only the first four chapters of a book. Tested on different books with same results.
[h=2]bookindex BB code [/h]
The [plain][bookindex][/plain] tag will insert the Table of Contents for the selected book. Simply set the tag's value to the Book Title. However, the tag only works in wiki pages. It does nothing in regular posts.

Example Usage:[plain][bookindex]Book:Coca[/bookindex][/plain]
Example Output:[bookindex]Book:Coca[/bookindex]
[h=2]Footnotes and referencing[/h]
We like to see referenced claims. For this you can use the [plain][footnote] and [reflist][/plain] bb code. Generally any claim should be supported if it is not common knowledge, and when using someone else's ideas to support a claim requires that the idea be acknowledged with a reference.

This Wiki Code can be used by clicking this button in the editor.


The tag [plain][footnote][/plain] inserts a footnote into wiki articles. This will leave a numerical indication at the current position. In order to display the full value of the footnote, [plain][reflist][/reflist][/plain] must also be used. If [plain][reflist][/reflist][/plain] was used, clicking a footnote will highlight the footnote's full text, and the browser window will jump to it.

Providing an option for the footnote gives it a name. By using matching options, users can include the same footnote more than once without re-typing the value. This BB-Code will only parse in wiki articles, and it will not parse in regular forum posts.

Usage: [plain][footnote]value[/footnote][/plain]

Example Usage:

This text requires citations.[footnote]Example1[/footnote]
This text requires citations.[footnote=sample]Example2[/footnote]
This text requires citations.[footnote=sample][/footnote][/plain] [I](Note: This is a footnote for the same reference as the previous one, indicated by it having the same option - sample. The value is not required to be repeated after the first usage of the tag as the option will grab the information from the first usage of the tag with that option.)[/I]

Example output:

This text requires citations.[footnote]Example1[/footnote]
This text requires citations.[footnote=sample]Example2[/footnote]
This text requires citations.[footnote=sample][/footnote]

[h=3]Showing reference list with reflist code[/h]
Reference lists can be inserted into articles using this button (normally they are the last section of an article):


The tag [plain][reflist][/plain] inserts a list of footnotes into wiki articles. This prints the full text of the values of footnotes into the list. Providing a numerical value will separate the footnotes into the same number of columns. This tag cannot be used in regular posts, and will only parse in wiki articles.

Usage without value:[plain][reflist][/reflist]
Example usage without value:[reflist][/reflist][/plain]
Output without value:


Usage with value:[plain][reflist]value[/reflist]
Example usage with value:[reflist]2[/reflist][/plain]
Output with value:


[h=2]Horizontal line[/h]
If you want to insert a horizontal line into the article, then you can do this with the [plain][hr][/plain] bb code.

Usage: [plain][hr][/hr]
Example: [hr][/hr] [/plain]


[h=1]Wiki categories[/h]
You can put articles in categories, simply by adding a category to the category field on the Editing a page or create a page pages. In most cases the categories have already been created. Typing a few letters of the category you wish to add the article to will prompt you to select from a list of existing categories that are consistent with what you've typed. You can check what categories already exist by navigating to the categories section from the main wiki index.

New categories can be created by clicking the +New Category button, but please check with the staff first before doing so. If the information is too spread out across different categories it will make it more difficult to find it.

A page may be assigned more than one category if it is appropriate. For example, [autolink]anxiety[/autolink] belongs to the categories [autolink]Side Effects[/autolink] and [autolink]Mental Disorders[/autolink].

[h=1]Synonyms and autolinks[/h]
In many cases an article name will have a synonym. For example: [autolink]cannabis[/autolink], [autolink]weed[/autolink], [autolink]marijuana[/autolink], marihuana all mean the same and these words should link to the same article. Synonyms can be added to articles or sections to enable redirects and autolinks to the correct articles.

Examples: '[autolink]How to write a post[/autolink]' will redirect and autolink to '[autolink]Forum posting functionality[/autolink]'.
'[autolink]tagging[/autolink]' will redirect and autolink to the '[autolink]How to tag a thread[/autolink]' section of '[autolink]Forum posting functionality[/autolink]'.

Synonyms for articles are added to articles from the article options menu - Manage Synonyms.


Synonyms can also be created for sections and subsections of an article. To do that, click on the magnet icon for the section or subsection you wish to add the synonym for. Note: Unlike articles, autolinks are not automatically created to sections and subsections unless a synonym is added for them.


[h=1]Drugs-Wiki Editing[/h]
Editing the Drugs wiki can be done by silver members and up. Contributing to the drugs wiki is a very good way to gain badges and trophies and increase member status for promotions.

[h=2]Creating molecular images[/h]
Some of the members in the [URL='https://drugs-forum.com/forum/group.php?groupid=111'] Wiki writers[/URL] group are actively rendering molecular images for the Drugs Wiki. They need to be fitted with a watermark and copyright. This is how to do so:

[h="3"]Download the molecules and template you will work with[/h]
First you need the correct template (with watermarks and copyright) for the set of molecular images you are going to furnish. You also need the molecules. In this example, we will use the [URL='http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1245&pictureid=10641']Benzodiazepine Template[/URL] and [URL='http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=16109&stc=1&d=1281455417']Flunitrazepam[/URL] molecule. All available templates can be found in the [URL='http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=1113']Molecular templates[/URL] discussion in the Wiki Writers group and all available molecules as well.

[h="3"]Open the files in an image editing program[/h]
Here is a screen shot of Ulead PhotoImpact8, the image editing program in use. The [autolink]benzo[/autolink] template is open on the left and the molecular image is open on the right.

Note that this molecule is transparent. If it is not, you will have to make it transparent. There are tutorials available for how to do this in Photo Shop and other image editing programs.


[h="3"]Copy and paste the molecule on top of the template [/h]
The purpose of the template is to have a standard size and orientation for the contents of a molecular image.

3a. Right click the molecule. It should be highlighted. Select copy.


3b. Right click the template. Select paste. It should appear in the template positioned in the top left corner.


[h="3"]Merge all layers[/h]
Right now you have one transparent layer on top of another. The watermark is faint, but present in the background. You need to merge all layers and make the background opaque (white).

Press ctrl + shift + m. This will merge all layers.


[h="3"]Add the name of the molecule[/h]
Select the option to add text in your image editor. In PhotoImpact this is the 'T' in the left hand toolbar. Select the following parameters:

Font: Arial
Size: 24 point
Color: black, hex #000000


[h="3"]Position the name [/h]
The text name of the molecule needs to be positioned, in this case, at 10,288. This is 10 pixels from the left border, and 288 pixels from the top border. These numbers will be different for other templates. Please refer to [URL='http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=1113']Molecular templates[/URL] for correct values.


[h="3"]Merge all, save[/h]
Merge all the layers again to snap the molecular name to the background. Save, and you're done. Upload the image to the appropriate wiki.


[h="1"]Drugs-Wiki books[/h]
Drugs Wiki supports the organization of multi-article content into collections named Drugs [autolink]Wiki Books[/autolink].

A Drugs Wiki Book is a collection of Drugs Wiki Articles. When a Drugs Wiki Article is added to a Drugs Wiki Book, it becomes a Chapter in that book.

The order of the chapters can be changed by editing the corresponding Drugs Wiki Book.

Removing a chapter from a Drugs Wiki Book will not remove the article, it will just remove it from the book.

If a Drugs Wiki article is part of a Drugs Wiki Book, navigation links to previous and next chapters are added at the top and bottom of the article and a link to the main book at the top, so the visitor can go to the Book Index or to the previous or next chapter.

A Drugs Wiki article can only be part of one Drugs Wiki Book.

You can add an article to a book by using the 'Add New Chapter' button shown on the book page. This button only appears if the user has permissions to edit books.

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